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Having a reading is like being given a personalised map. It shows the road through the seasons of life and helps us understand our individual potential.
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An ASTRO TATTOO session is an astrology reading by Dru Ish followed by a custom handpoke tattoo by Jessika Fancy.

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“My mind and spirit are still buzzing after the most insightful and beautiful astrological reading I’ve ever received, and the stunning intuitive design, connection and care I got with my stick and poke tattoo.”

~ R.A. Astro Tattoo Sessions
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The ties that bind.

Mercury Retrograde links Boomers to Gen X & Millennials.

Here’s the astrology of how they all cohabitate in Scorpio.

Mercury retrograde is a phenomenon that occurs approximately 3 times per year, every year. Having gained recent popularity due to a surge of interest in spirituality amongst Millennials, it is technically not classified as a “big hitter” in astrology. This most recent retrograde however, was more than just the brilliant eclipse across the Sun. It stirred the generational pot, activating unconscious ties between Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. It triggered both their similarities and disparities, prompting an already existing aggravation into mass protest across the globe, and a surge of memes, articles and analysis online.

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