As your Astrologer it’s my intention to inspire a curiosity in you about the uniqueness that you are.


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Having a reading is like being given a personalised map. It shows the road through the seasons of life and helps us understand our individual potential.
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I am a consulting astrologer hailing from Melbourne, Bunurong country of the Kulin nation, currently practising on the unceded Indigenous lands of The Kanien’kehá:ka Nation, Tiohtià:ke/Montréal. My journey with astrology began as a youngster who was open to the curiosities of coincidence with a deep need to know why people did the things they did.

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An Astro Tattoo session is an astrology reading by Dru Ish followed by a custom handpoke tattoo by Jessika Fancy.

An Astro Tattoo Long Distant Relationship (LDR) is an online astrology reading and artwork delivered to your door.

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Schitt’s Creek: the Saturn-Pluto antidote


Schitt’s Creek reflected 2020 back to us. It showed us how intense loss, upheaval and hardship can transform us and birth the potential for love and new beginnings. The astrology of Schitt’s Creek suggests it was destined to be the healing balm we didn’t know we needed.

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