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Having a reading is like being given a personalised map. It shows the road through the seasons of life and helps us understand our individual potential.
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Venus Retrograde 2020

Every 8 years Venus retrogrades through the same sign highlighting issues of relationships, money, values and desire. In the retrograde journey, Venus descends into the underworld for 40 days and 40 nights where we are collectively faced with our own shadows.

This year Venus will retrograde through Gemini while contacting Neptune, Mars, Mercury and the Moon. As Gemini rules the lungs and Venus compels us to socialise, this Rx cycle has the potential to move us through this time consciously or take us backwards in our response to the current pandemic.

Registration remains open throughout the cycle

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An ASTRO TATTOO session is an astrology reading by Dru Ish followed by a custom handpoke tattoo by Jessika Fancy.

“My mind and spirit are still buzzing after the most insightful and beautiful astrological reading I’ve ever received, and the stunning intuitive design, connection and care I got with my stick and poke tattoo.”

~ R.A. Astro Tattoo Sessions
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The astrology of social distancing 2020

Saturn is digging in its heels at the final degree of Capricorn. The last degree of any sign in the Zodiac is never easy terrain; the Anaretic, or Critical 29th degree, holds immense potency, intensification and stress. As Saturn goes through this chrysalis, the Capricorn dialogue of the recent past centring commerce, capitalism, “the rich” now shifts toward the Aquarian narrative of life itself; togetherness, solidarity, community, being connected in isolation.

Saturn, 20 June 2019: NASA Hubble Space Telescope
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