As your Astrologer it’s my intention to inspire a curiosity in you about the uniqueness that you are.


Having a reading is like being given a personalised map. It shows the road through the seasons of life and helps us understand our individual potential.

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My journey with astrology began as a youngster who was open to the curiosities of coincidence, with a deep need to know why people did the things they did.

I am a consulting astrologer hailing from Melbourne, Bunurong country of the Kulin nation, currently practising on the unceded Indigenous lands of The Kanien’kehá:ka Nation, Tiohtià:ke/Montréal.

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Horary questions

Horary is a specific branch of Astrology whereby the astrologer casts a chart for the moment a question is received. Practised for centuries, it works on the premise that you are part of the unfolding Cosmos; if you are moved to ask a particular question, the answer also exists in that moment which can be read in the chart.

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Mars Retrograde in Gemini 2022

Mars initiated its retrograde passage this year when the veil between worlds was thinnest. It’s a time when nature is losing leaves and we are drawing our energy inward, preparing to close the life cycle birthed in Spring.

Numerous cultures around the world mark this calendar time as a period to honour the dead. The sky reflects this with the Heliacal rising of the nebula, or open star cluster, The Pleiades. Traditionally used as an eyesight test for archers (Brady p.237), the symbolism of this cluster rising can translate into relying on insight, our third eye and seeing in the dark, over what appears on the surface. This serves as reinforcement for Mars who will be crossing thresholds in its passage through Gemini.

The Pleiades – an open star cluster. Image source Wiki Media Commons
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