My journey with astrology began as a youngster who was open to the curiosities of coincidence, with a deep need to know why people did the things they did.

I am a consulting astrologer hailing from Melbourne, Bunurong country of the Kulin nation, currently practising on the unceded Indigenous lands of The Kanien’kehá:ka Nation, Tiohtià:ke/Montréal.

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This was my 2nd reading with Dru and it’s hard to describe how incredibly warm, genuine, present, and grounding their energy is. They are so skilled in their work and how they communicate; they take sincere time in researching and sharing all of their knowledge of the cosmos and human nature. I always leave with a clearer head and heart.” ~ A.W.

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Mars in Scorpio: The war begins at home

The word vulnerability comes from the Latin vulnerare, meaning “to wound, hurt, injure, maim.1 In today’s vernacular it translates to being open to hurt, with a splash of emotional transparency. While war, attacks and bloodshed have been a constant staple in the human history passed down to us, we are currently transitioning into a new era where the baggage of inherited trauma is too cumbersome to carry forth.

Astrologically, Mars oversees attacks, wounding and discord. On November 18, 2023 it initiated a new cycle, spearheading a deep dive into our relationship with vulnerability and all that Mars governs. In these early stages of this cycle we’re seeing Mars active in warfare, protests, boycotts and calls to action on the world stage, but what about when home is a place of unrest, violence and harm? Where do we turn when our place of safety is vulnerable, or posing threat?

This cycle will unfold over the coming two years with a focus on reconciling what is disparate, wounded, hurt and unhealed within us. If we can remain open to where wounding lies, and how it bleeds into other areas of life, we can find the spark in the ashes that births new life, new patterns. If you’ve been waiting for the lights to go green, this is it, but like in traffic the safest way to proceed is to count to 3 before advancing. When Mars is involved, there’s always extra potential for calamity.

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Is the artificial shaping of a real world leading to Mercury Poisoning?

Collectively, we’re on the precipice of monumental change with the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Where that change will lead us and how it will present is yet to be seen. The only thing guaranteed is that it will be irreversible. Over the years technology has gravitated closer as it integrates into our physical bodies. Grandparents sat around gramophones listening to the cricket on Sundays. Parents watched TVs transition from black and white to colour. Today, we walk around with computers at the end of our arms, while brain chips are developed on monkeys and Mars is being prepared for colonisation. AI is catapulting us: our future ancestors will live in a world we haven’t yet imagined. And what might we expect for astrology?

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