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This Lunar Eclipse is packed full of 11:11 juice! The Sun at 11 degrees Aquarius opposes the Full Moon at 11 degrees Leo. Can you see it??? 🌕❤️🌕

Nothing in astrology ever happens in isolation, so when we deal with Leo (our selves, our personal spark and creativity) we also have to consider its effect in the community, the wider world and how we as individuals make up society (Aquarius). The eclipse that occurred last year in August was the first of this Leo-Aquarius series, & they will continue until November 2018.

Each eclipse is part of a Saros cycle that has its own flavour and feel; some land like welcome visitors, some destroy all the furniture. This particular series asks us to focus on ideas, dreams and visions, to follow that lead toward what authenticity is for each of us. Listen to what is asking to be born.

Eclipses happen 6 months apart and blow up the same part of our chart every eclipse season (Solar & Lunar back-to-back). We can look to see where Leo and Aquarius fall in our chart to understand where all this eclipse energy is directed. We may not have planets in those houses, but the houses represent the areas of life that the shuffling is occurring in.

What came up for you last August that is stirring again in a slightly altered state? What would change if you were to lead a completely authentic life? What’s stopping you?
@mizchartreuse – do you want to chime in with some twin flame 11-11 wisdom? 💓💓


additional 11:11 wisdom from the ASTRO FLOTUS

“11 symbolizes:
* higher intuition and insight
* duality transcendence
* a gateway to higher dimensions
* instant manifestation
* time loops and matrix glitches
* energetic portals
* illumination and transformation
* a call to master your own life
* the ONEness of the universe

The 11:11 signal is a gateway to new levels of existence. The subtle hint that becomes increasingly pervasive is an invitation to recognize how miraculous everyday life can be.
On this day especially, use the recognition of the 11/11 to become a master of your own affairs—focus your attention on your highest self-expression for the most good. Remember who you truly are as a limit-free being. 💎”

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