Go with the flow.

Anastasia Kisse of Bulgaria performs with ball at 2011 Holon Grand Prix at Holon, Israel on March 4, 2011. (Photo by Tom Theobald)


There’s a lot of mutable energy in the sky right now. It’s adaptable, changeable & can go with the flow ~ so choose your direction. This mutable emphasis gives us the opportunity to bend instead of break…to reach for limits we might not otherwise…& to be flexible in the places we’re usually rigid. Give it a shot! Zone in on what you’re passionate about while the Moon is in Scorpio & Mercury is sending really clear messages to Pluto today, & be adventurous with your energy tomorrow when the Moon moves into Sagittarius.


#bodiesareweird #whatwouldyoubendoverbackwardsfor #whereisyourlimit #stretchbeyondyourcomfortzone #chooseyourownadventure #mutable #scorpiomoon #mercurytrinepluto #sagittariusmoon #olympics #makeawish #moon #scorpio #sagittarius #leo #leoseason #astrology

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