Eclipse Season ~ August 2016


With the Sun bowing out of Leo gracefully & into dutiful, hard-working Virgo to join the party with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter ~ it’s not a bad time to treat yourself to an appreciative look at the hard work & emo-labour you’ve poured out in the recent past. Saturn and Mars are hella on our tails to make sure we’re focusing our energies in the best direction…so if you’re feeling the pinch, be gentle with yourself, kick back & assess where the flow might be easier or more inline with the outcomes you want…then apply yourself with all you’ve got. The eclipse on Sept 1st will highlight anything that slipped under your radar & make clear any confusions…so just keep going. Be adventurous, loverz, with yourself & those you love. There’s space now for building & reaping.


#yougotthis #livethedream #chooseyourownadventure #eclipseseason #marsinsagittarius #marssaturn #iloveyo


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