Rumours turns 40!



Every 8 years Venus goes retrograde in the same sign for approximately 40 days and 40 nights. This means that every 8 years we’re visited by similar themes as Venus takes a slow walk through the underworld of that area of our chart. Venus will turn retrograde in Aries on March 5th.

40 years ago today Rumours was released. #happybirthday 40 years ago today, Venus had just moved into Aries, preparing to go retrograde, as part of the same cycle we’re in right now. This means that Rumours is a part of the mass tapestry of events that reflect this particular Venus cycle; love, loss, relationships, breakups, divorce, shared resources, striving for independence, fierce witchy women. Venus also retrograded at that time over the #ariesascendant of Stevie Nicks. #interesting

Rumours was the product of emotional turmoil, perseverance, intense interpersonal relationships and Pluto in Libra ~ the bold face of changing relationship dynamics on a collective level. Notice any Venus in Aries themes in the song names? #goyourownway #dontstop #silversprings #youmakelovingfun #golddustwoman #songbird

Starting March 5th I’ll be hosting a 40 day Venus retrograde challenge – offering daily astro-guidance through the 40 days and 40 nights of this retrograde cycle. No prior astro knowledge is required, just the intention of walking through this process with conscious awareness of events and actions in your own life.

#wewillneverbreakthechain #goyourownway #venusretrograde #venusinaries #venusretrogradeinaries #retrogradeseason #rumours #fleetwoodmac #Stevienicks #forevercrush #shatteryourillusionsoflove #pickupthepieces #piscesseason #40daysand40nights #40daychallenge #shadowphase #plutoinlibra #1977 #february4 #onthisday

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