Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 2.24.44 PM


Mercury is retrograde & the view behind is just as busted as the mirror itself.
Every Retrograde cycle gives us opportunity to review the past, to get so irritated with complications that we change things…& this cycle, being in hard working #virgo wants us to get real…to put our feet on the ground & put those busy-Virgo-brain thoughts into action.

Mercury has close ties with Neptune this time around, prompting us to work meticulously through the smoke & mirrors to see what our dreams are really made of…who’s back are they built on…& what lies behind the reality of dream building. Every colonised country has a nationalistic dream that encourages us to not look backward, to not question the foundations underfoot & to defend that dream that is rightfully yours.
🛑 Stop. Go back.
This Mercury Rx ends its journey at a #leointersection with #Mars. All of this plays into the narrative now. Intersections are where we find the most violence, both politically & physically (on the road). Contrary energies converge at one point & in times of our greatest challenges, all lights are green. 🚦
#leoseason is often loud & unavoidable, & this particular season has the dial turned up to 10 so you don’t miss the memo! If your dream is built on white supremacy, peace-out-blinkers, yolo moments of self importance, living & supporting the colonial dream, you know your foundation blocks are wobbling right now.
All over the planet POC are reminded on the daily that they are not safe in their home, on their homelands, while under protection of the law & under white law. Nothing on the news right now is new, it’s been conveniently hidden behind the obnoxious noise of #systemicracism & the white dream. #youvebeenliedto
There’s no avoiding responsibility – both personally & politically…& when this Rx cycle ends you will need to know which way your sword faces & to what lengths you’ll go to defend the side of history you’re standing on. ⚔️ #fuckwhitesupremacy#blacklivesmatter #whichsideareyouon#alloppressionisviolence #justiceforelijah#nojisticenopeace #eclipseseason#mercuryretrograde ⚖️

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