Elvis was an Earthy Capricorn!


It’s 40 years since Elvis died, and he’s one person who continues to gain posthumous fame.
I love watching him dance…that Sun, Mercury, Venus in Capricorn earth energy that is intensified by an opposition to Pluto…being able to flow with ease through the body via that Pisces Moon. Oh my! If you’ve ever stretched like this, you know how these movements can ground you. This guy was channelling while performing. No doubt he was mesmerizing to watch live. ⚡️🕺🏻💫💓 #Pluto is on Elvis’s Sun right now, and he’s Uranus returning. My bet is that come his 100th birthday we’ll see another peak in the never ending life and career of Elvis. 🌺✨🌸✨💐✨🌼
#suspiciousminds written by Mark James 🎯

#writteninthestars#destinedtobefamousforeverrrr #elvislives#elvisastrology #elvisanniversary#elvis40thanniversary #elvis 💘
#plutosun #uranusreturn #letssee 🕺🏻⚡️🌹

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