Saturn in Sagittarius foot in my ass!

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 3.00.47 PM


👋🏼Hey-Hi-Hello from ☀️CALIFORNIA☀️

I’m taking this saturninsagittarius foot in my ass very seriously! Hitting the road with m’babe Jessika Fancy, making our dreams our lives, & basking in all the beautiful nature along the way 🏹🚐💨💘🌲🔥⛰ is amazing! Perfect timing.
🔥😷 The fires in Cali meant we had to re-route, so we’re taking our #astrotattoo biz to Joshua Tree & LA…then we’ll make our way up to the Bay. Check in at our Astro-Tattoo page for upcoming dates.
💓⛰There’s nothing quite like sleeping on Mt Shasta for 3 days & drinking the water from the earth…to then be sleeping next to a 950yr old Redwood the next🌲💓

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