21 Day Mercury Retrograde Challenge!



There is often a lot of talk about battening down the hatches, taking cover and being prepared for when the Mercury Retrograde cycle happens upon us. While I can appreciate the awareness that so many people have of this planetary cycle and its tri-yearly apparent backward motion, it seems poor Mercury has succumbed to a bit of bad press and the shit end of the pop-astrology stick. It really isn’t something to dread. Sometimes it delivers frustrating situations, yeah life does that, but really, it can be utilized as a great time to look at the things that are frustrating us and review the recent past. If you’re aware of it happening, you can consciously use the time to benefit you.


What is the challenge?

I’m going to actively engage with this Mercury Retrograde energy and give it space to breathe in my life. For the next 21 days I’m going to focus on what Mercury offers in the area of my life it’s kicking dirt up in, and I invite you to join me. You can post screen shots of your chart if you’re confused and I will, in turn, point you toward the house/s (areas of life) it is activating.

Over the next 21 days I will post information about Mercury; the myths that underpin it, what retrograde motion means, how this time can be used as positive resistance, the areas of life that Mercury governs and what it means to be in the air sign Aquarius. The challenge is to USE this energy. Have an active, conscious relationship with Mercury and find out what Mercury Retrograde really means for you.


How do I participate?
Join the event here on Facebook , post your questions, share your Mercury retrograde stories and challenge yourself to be consciously aware of this area of your life for the next 21 days. Mercury governs communication, information, conversations, coincidence, synchronicity and as well as things in motion. Mobilize your Mercury!

This is an open invitation. Invite your friends, partner, boss or make a Mercurial connection with someone you don’t know.


How do I know which area of life to focus on?

Depending on the time and location of your birth, Mercury will be trotting backwards in a certain area of your birth chart. This is where you can focus in and use the retrograde period to revisit issues of that area of life. If it occurs in your 9th house it can be a time for you to put a spark of adventure back into your life. If it occurs in your 5th house it’s time to get creative! If it occurs in your 12th house take this time to retreat from the world and focus on dreams and your inner landscape.


How do I find out where Mercury is in my chart?
You can plug in your deets here: www.astro.com and see where 1-17 degrees of Aquarius lies. On January 21st Mercury went retrograde at 17 degrees Aquarius and will “go direct” on February 11th at one degree Aquarius. This is the area of your chart that you want to focus on.


What is Mercury about?
Mercury is genderless and associated with the myth of Hermes, the wing-footed messenger of the Gods. It moves very quickly through the zodiac, faster than any other planet. In this, it dances every 88 days with each of the other planets, both in the (now) sky and around your own personal chart. It adapts to its environment before it’s off and moving again. Call it adaptability, mimicking, shape-shifting, impersonating or magic, Mercury’s energy is temporary, swift and light. It’s non-committal, cold and unemotional. It wants you to think about things and engage your child-like curiosity.