I am a consulting astrologer hailing from Melbourne, Bunurong country of the Kulin nation. My passion for astrology began as a youngster who was open to the curiosities of coincidence with a deep need to know why people did the things they did.

Being Sagittarian, raised by two Sagittarian parents, I devoured my mother’s astrology books for an understanding of why they loved to stay home and read while I was always one foot out the door in search of adventure. How could we all be the same sign yet so different? Here, I began to incorporate my psychic sensitivity with the ancient tradition of astrology. It spoke to me in profound ways, offering me compassion and understanding for life’s complexities and each persons specific needs.

As a 19 year old who was busting to break free, I left Australia with the intention of seeing the world through my own eyes. I traveled & studied for 12 years; my backpack always 3/4 full of astrology books because the internet did not yet exist. I embarked on a BA of Health Science: Naturopathy, lived in a tree, hitch-hiked, busked for money and rode a motorbike by myself across the top of India after feeling the impact of 6 deaths in 6 months. Astrology stayed with me throughout. I asked as many questions as I could of the various people I encountered, and watched my own life unfold against the backdrop of transits, progressions & planetary cycles.

Having a deep respect for lineage and astrology as an oral tradition, I put the backpack down in 2008. After the previous 12 years of self-study I pursued formal astrological education completing a 4 year Advanced Diploma in Astrology as Personal Cosmology, Relationship Astrology, Natal Chart Delineation and Predictive Astrology. I am currently devouring the deep roots of my lineage with ongoing studies in Hellenistic Astrology under the guidance of Demetra George. I currently write astrology based articles and travel with Jessika Fancy and our Astro Tattoo project.

With a queer view, it is impossible to see the world as a level playing field. Intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality all influence the choices we make and the opportunities that are available to us. The fusion of queer theory and astrology is not new; Queer Astrology gives us a framework with which to deconstruct the oppressive confines of capitalism, patriarchy, heteronormativity and white supremacy. In this, it is available to everyone and encourages us to remember that we are the magic in everyday life. Carving out space to dream in a busy world is not only o.k., it’s imperative to survival.

Astrology is not separate from life. It is the lens through which I seek meaning and understanding. As your Astrologer, it is my intention to inspire a curiosity in you about the uniqueness that you are; to lay out a map through the often mysterious terrain of life so you feel equipped to tackle your own challenges.

I offer a range of consultations and workshops which are accessible via Skype.

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Pronouns: They / Them