My journey with astrology began as a youngster who was open to the curiosities of coincidence, with a deep need to know why people did the things they did.

I am a consulting astrologer hailing from Melbourne, Bunurong country of the Kulin nation, currently practising on the unceded Indigenous lands of The Kanien’kehá:ka Nation, Tiohtià:ke/Montréal.

Hi, I’m Dru, and I’m of the trees.

Born on my Dad’s birthday, I found it curious that he loved to stay home and read while I was one foot out the door in search of adventure. From here, I began melding together personal points of intersection with the ancient tradition of astrology.

As a teenager busting to break free, I left Australia with the intention of seeing the world through my own eyes. I travelled & studied for 12 years; my backpack 3/4 full of astrology books. I embarked on a BA of Health Science: Naturopathy, lived close to nature and rode a motorbike by myself across India after feeling the impact of 6 deaths in 6 months. Astrology stayed with me throughout. I learnt by testing the knowledge against lived experience, seeing how it expressed in people and situations. I asked many questions of the various people I encountered, and watched my own life unfold against the backdrop of transits, progressions & planetary cycles.

Listening to the rocks. Sedona, AZ

Having a deep respect for lineage and astrology as an oral tradition, I put the backpack down in 2008. I applied the previous 12 years of self-study to formal astrological education, completing a 4 year Advanced Diploma in Astrology as Personal Cosmology, Relationship Astrology, Natal Chart Delineation and Predictive Astrology. Since 2016 I have been exploring the roots of this lineage with ongoing studies in Hellenistic Astrology under the guidance of Demetra George, through one on one mentorship and her 3 year intensive program. I have since stepped into the magical river that is Horary, graduating from the School of Traditional Astrology with the Practitioner Level Certification.

I have a blog, a newsletter & an Instagram page that I update when the wind is at my back. BP (before the pandemic) I travelled with Jessika Fancy and our Astro Tattoo project. We crossed North America several times, and drove our van up the east coast of Australia and down the east coast of New Zealand, completing over 500 sessions. Photos from our travels can be viewed here.

I offer readings on a sliding scale covering a scope of Natal charts, looking at your Year Ahead, Saturn Return readings, Children’s charts, Relationships and Horary questions. Hit me up! As my learning was initially based in experiential research, an essence of this is always present. I work from the premise that you already know who you are, and astrology then acts as a map, or a series of signposts, that support you along your way. To read more about what to expect from a reading with me, follow this lead.

With a queer view, it is impossible to see the world as a level playing field. Intersections of class, gender, race, sexuality, geographical location and politics all influence the choices we make and the opportunities that are available to us. My experience of astrology with queerness informs the shape of my practice. We are living embodiments of our charts and we each deserve to experience that fully.

Astrology is not separate from life. It’s a lens we can look through that offers shape to meaning, and understanding to our queries. As your Astrologer, it is my intention to inspire a curiosity in you about the uniqueness that you are.

Feel free to say hi, read more about me and my practice here, and check out the readings I offer.

~ Dru

They / Them

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Jessika and I travelled with our Astro Tattoo project from 2017-2020, completing over 500 sessions!

Following are some photos from my personal album…

Love me some naytch
Happiness is a full tank
Take it to the limit
Hanging with the benefics in LA
midnight oil dusty dirty centaur
Dusty desert centuar
7th house
As long as I can see the Light – CCR
My horse
Birthday Vortex
Mrs. Mangle
What's on TV? Noah Purify gay magic
What’s on TV? Noah Purifoy gay magic
Venus rising
Nothing compares to a Full Moon in the desert
Luna illumination ~ Joshua Tree
Gets me every time.
Dusty dirty centaur rode all day
Fluff n stuff
Blue Lagoon
Hit me up if you want some furniture
The Mississippi Delta was shining like a national guitar
Rack ’em up, Elvis. One shot on the black.
Roll me in Venus in Sagittarius
Roll me in Venus in Sagittarius