All the feelz


Moon in Scorpio today is ushering in the feelz to remind us that we’re mid-eclipse season. Emo waves may roll in one after the other as we approach the next eclipse in dreamy, watery, mystical Pisces ~ Sept 16. Keep an eye on what is hovering just below the surface as this eclipse will present us with opportunities to address old wounds & encourage us to love in a new way. Not errything is always so obvs with Pisces, so if you’re feeling unclear about what’s niggling you, take some time out for yourself, sit by water, have a bath or snuggle up with your bae & work through things gently. The waters are deep & they’re stirring, so remember all the things that keep you connected. Mmmmmwah #canthide #catchawave #drowningnotwaving #eclipseseasonundertow#divedeep #iloveyou

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