Always here.

Mercury is so fast; twitchy, switchy & fleeting. Having passed through the eye of the needle (across the face of the Sun) and out of bounds, Mercury’s attributes can run rogue.

Mercury has switched qualities from being an ‘evening star,’ setting after the Sun, to rising before the Sun as a ‘morning star’. We only have to think about our own energies in the morning v’s the end of the day to grasp this. Some have coffee first thing, some check the socials or the news; morning Mercury is thirsty for information, eager to get going and be active in the light of the Sun. By evening, we’re talking about how our day was, closing down & going inward as the Sun sets and the Moon guides us into the night.

During this time our minds can be busy with chatter, thoughts racing a mile a minute with compromised ability to focus. Being in Scorpio it has the potential to dig up some old hurts, deep seated resentments & expose us to deep emotions that need to be dealt with.

That’s what retrograde cycles do, they take us backwards. We re-wind, reassess, renegotiate & rectify. So, if you take a few moments to be still amongst the movement, what is vying for your undivided attention? What, or who, is pulling at your heart strings? Is it pulling you backward to a repeating pattern that needs to be released or is it igniting passion in you to burn the house down and start again.

The Nov 11 post offers horoscopes, alerting us to where Mercury is asking us to sleuth around. This is such a valuable time to be really honest with ourselves. Scorpio suffers no fools and it has razor sharp, crystal clear vision when it’s not invested in revenge or inflicting pain. To come from the heart of Scorpio requires us to sit in the vulnerability of our own pains & loses.

Ultimately, wherever we go there we are. Let Mercury guide you to the heart of your own Rx issues and pause before retaliating or reacting. If you can, the diamonds you’re looking for will be uncovered, whether they’re what you want to see or not.

Go deep or go home!

Wherever you go, there you are. Ramana Maharishi: Absolute Consciousness.

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