Antiscia light bath

The Sun reaching the final 29th degree of Virgo today activates a connection via light with the Vernal Equinox earlier this year. Via Antiscia, a relationship of shared, or equal light is occurring whereby there is the same amount of daylight reaching the Earth today as there was on March 20th, 2023.

This is curious to me as it has been since then that I have really been noticing the light. Some days it appears to have a different quality, and since then issues in the world seem to have accelerated, such as AI / technology, political discourse and exposure of corruption and power abuses. Many things are coming to light and appear to be getting faster.

Here is a photo I took on the Vernal Equinox this year when there was a New Moon at 0* Aries:

The celestial terrain that the Sun moves through this time of year brings another kind of relationship of light to me. Every year at this time the Sun’s light hits the neighbours’ window and reflects into our apartment. This specific configuration of light bouncing around gets filtered through some rabbit goo paper I put on the window and creates a beautiful light bath. It’s so great to wake up to, and a gentle way to greet the day.

Antiscia is an interesting calculation because it aligns signs that sometimes have no other relationship to one another: Aries & Virgo, Taurus & Leo, Gemini & Cancer, Sagittarius & Capricorn and Pisces & Libra. I personally love it because it takes me out of the chart and back into the physical terrain.

Calculations of Antiscia begin at the Solstice points of 0* Cancer and 0* Capricorn. On these days the Sun appears to stand still. In the days leading up to the Solstice, the Earth receives the same amount of light as the days following it, and this continues until the next Solstice. To calculate degrees, they must add up to 29*. For example, today the Sun is at 29* Virgo, and it’s Antiscia point is 0* Aries. When the Sun is at 15* Leo, its Antiscia point is 14* Taurus. When the Sun is at 22* Aquarius, its Antiscia point is 7* Scorpio, and so on. In this system, Aries cannot “see” Libra, just as Taurus cannot see Scorpio.

Firmicus left us with this regarding Antiscia:

The antiscions were handed down to us by the teachings of the Greeks…For both Ptolemy who follows no other scheme than antiscions, and Antiochus, when he says that Libra does not see Aries as if indeed in a mirror on account of the earth, which is in the middle, he indeed touched upon the scheme of the antiscions…”

Firmicus Maternus – Book 2:30 Holden translation, p79

Of Antiscia, Al Biruni writes,

Two signs revolving in the same parallel, North or South (equidistant from a solstice) are described as corresponding in course (in itinere), their day hours are equal to their night hours, and their ascensions are identical at the equator, such as Gemini and Cancer, Taurus and Leo. The correspondence is also by inverse degrees, the beginning of Cancer corresponding to the end of Gemini, and the tenth of the former to the twentieth of the latter.

Al Biruni The Book of Instruction

It’s hard to explain how the light feels and looks, so here are some snaps I’ve taken since March:

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