Astrology apps & AI community survey

This survey below is currently open, posing questions to the astrological community about the use of apps, astrology programs, AI and social media. It takes around 5 minutes to complete. All contributions are private and confidential.

Results from the Astrology and Social Media survey can be viewed here.

Please consider sharing this survey link in your social and professional circles so we have a broad range of inter-generational and international contributions.

Accredited organisations refers to astrological organisations that offer certification, ethical frameworks and act as a governing body. More information can be found here.

AI refers to artificial intelligence.

What is your age?

Which of the following best describes you:(required)

How many years of astrological study have you currently completed:(required)

How long have you been a professional astrologer, seeing paying clients?(required)

In your opinion, how many years of study is required to be a professional astrologer, seeing paying clients?(required)

Choose which of the following best describes you:(required)

Where do you predominantly source astrological educational material?(required)

Which astrology program/s do you use?(required)

Are you currently a member of an astrological organisation?(required)

Have you ever calculated and hand drawn a chart (*the only use of technology here being a calculator)?(required)

Which of the following do you own in hard copy?(required)

If you use an Ephemeris, which format do you use:(required)

In your opinion, does astrology education require a teacher / mentor?(required)

In your opinion, does viewing and receiving astrological material digitally alter how the material is received and understood?(required)

In your opinion, is AI generated text a legitimate substitute for astrological texts?(required)

Do you consider memes a valid source of educational material:(required)

Do you foresee astrology books being redundant in the future?(required)

When using social media for your astrology business or practice, what features most in your content:(required)

How often do you take breaks from social media?(required)

In your opinion, is social media a valid means of astrological education?(required)

In your opinion, is social media having an impact on the practice of astrology?(required)

Have you had an account impersonating you on social media?(required)

How many times have you been impersonated?(required)

What was the psychological impact of impersonation upon you?(required)

Was your issue resolved and the imposter account/s removed?(required)

In your experience, what has been the most challenging thing about inter-generational dynamics within the astrological community? (required)

Has social media improved or created more difficulty in your inter-generational community or colleague connections?(required)

Which devices do you currently use for your astrology?(required)

Which apps do you currently use for your astrology?(required)

What is the main reason you currently use astrology apps?(required)

In your opinion, how much influence does big tech have on astrology?(required)

Would you use AI generated text to produce astrology content for your business / practice?(required)

Do you consider it ethical to utilise AI text generator to produce astrology content?(required)

Do you have any concerns about AI use with astrology?(required)

In your opinion, is AI sentient?(required)

In 2023, would you put a microchip in your body if it could offer you constant access to astrological information?(required)

Since January 2018, what is the longest stretch of continuous time that you have not engaged with ANY of the following: mobile / cell phone, computer / laptop, tablet / iPad, iPod, VR, touch screens, watches, all personal electronic devices.*This does not include home appliances, medical aids & vehicles, but it does include using devices for work or pleasure outside of your astrology practice.(required)

If you were to not go online or use devices for 6 months, how do you foresee this impacting your astrology business or practice?(required)

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