Astrology Building Blocks

The Elements

Astrology contains 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water which give a certain flavour to each sign. We need only think of the physical element to grasp its expression.

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The Elements – Dru Ish

The Elements videos

I made some videos about each of the elements, using footage from my travels. It has been a wild journey in itself looking back at what feels like another life.

Watch videos on the Elements by Dru

The Elements videos by Dru Ish


Each of the Zodiac signs have a mode of behaviour; Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable.

Cardinal energy is based in survival. Fixed signs are the cornerstones of support in society. Mutable signs are all about information gathering and processing.

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4 seasons. Image by Jessika Fancy
4 seasons. Image by Jessika Fancy
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