Astrology & social media survey results

The Astrology and Social Media community feedback has been analysed and the results are now live. There was a great response which illuminated various issues; what astrologers are doing online today, how we see each other, affiliations with astrological organisations and the likelihood of going viral or being cancelled are just a few.

You can view the analysis here on my website which includes extra comments submitted by those who contributed, or on Skyscript where you can also join the conversation on the forum.

There is so much more that can be drawn from these results. With the injection of AI there are now some important conversations to be had with each other. When this survey was released last year, AI had not descended on our world. Within 6 months we are now posed with a whole new set of parameters and ethical questions.

Based on this and the text responses from participants in the survey, I have created Part 2 of this research looking at Astrology Apps and AI. It’s a 5 minute survey covering some new ground. Please consider completing it, and sharing both, these results and the new survey in your social circles and with your favourite astrology podcasts so we can discuss them publicly.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the results!

Take the survey: Astrology apps & AI

Astrology apps and AI community survey Dru Ish
Astrology apps and AI community survey by Dru Ish

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