An ASTRO TATTOO SESSION is a combination of an astrology reading by Dru Ish, followed by a custom handpoke tattoo, derived from your reading, by Jessika Fancy.


DEC 21 – JAN 2



Our dear friend Sal at Zori Media participated in our Astro Tattoo sessions and worked with us on making this new promo video. Check it out!



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Appointments available for individuals, couples and groups.


Read what people are saying about their experience HERE!





We toured this project across Nth America in 2017 and will continue to announce dates & locations across Nth America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe in 2018/19.


Dec / January  ~ Melbourne, AUST

February  ~  Christchurch, Dunedin, NZ

March – April ~ Sydney, Byron, Brisbane AUST

July – August ~ London, Edinburgh, UK – Dublin & Cork, EIRE

September ~ Montreal, QC

October ~ Possibly NYC / East coast USA



January ~ Vancouver, BC

February ~ Vancouver, BC, – Olympia, WA – Portland, OR

March ~ Vancouver, BC –  Olympia, WA

April ~ Vancouver, BC – Portland, OR

May ~ Victoria, BC ~ Salt Spring island, BC – Olympia, WA – Portland, OR

June ~ Portland, OR – San Francisco, CA

July ~ Denver, CO

August ~ Portland, OR

September ~ Vancouver, BC

October ~ Portland, OR

November ~ San Francisco, CA – Los Angeles, CA

December – January 2019 ~ Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, AUST



April – June ~ Vancouver, BC

July ~ Calgary, AB – Winnipeg, MB

August ~ Montreal, QC –  Toronto, ON –  Ottawa, ON – Fredericton, NB

September ~ Winnipeg, MB –  Calgary, AB – Vancouver, BC

October ~ Portland, OR – Joshua Tree, CA

November ~ Los Angeles –  San Francisco, CA – Oakland, CA

December ~  Portland, OR – Olympia, WA –  Vancouver, BC







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Bookings available for individuals, couples and groups.

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For group / event hosting, contact here


Read what people are saying about their experience.


We have a list of FAQ here . This can help familiarize you with the process.




What are people saying about their experience?


“this whole experience was so magical and affirming. it is so amazing to be seen and also so terrifying. the clarity and truth of it all was so, so refreshing and invigorating. i have never had a reading done before and dru brought so much love and respect and honesty in showing me what i don’t want to see, but what i need to see. jessika is an amazing and magical being, capturing and bringing forth an image that will be a constant loving reminder of who i am and what i can bring to the world. because of this experience, i am compelled to move forward. it has brought me that much closer to owning my own wisdom and intuition. i will be reflecting and using this experience for years to come. thank you both for this incredible experience.” ~ C.F.


“There is just something magical about Jessika and Dru as individuals, but bringing them together creates an experience that I am forever grateful to have been a part of. One of my best friends booked an appointment for both of us the day after my birthday, and I didn’t have any expectations going into this. My reading with Dru nearly brought me to tears. Dru is like a ray of sunshine. There is just an incredible energy to Dru, and I left my session with a sense of closure, and feeling like I have the ability to let go of the things that have plagued me for so long and to move forward with my life and allow myself to be happy. Jessika was so attentive, and I knew the moment I drew my card from the oracle deck that I would let her tattoo whatever she wanted on me, because I already trusted her. I couldn’t be happier with the tattoo, and I have it in a visible place as a daily reminder of the thoughtfulness that Jessika had when drawing out the design to relate to my chart and reading. This was just an amazing experience, thank you to both of you.” ~ DV


“My astro tattoo experience was just over a year ago, and moments from it are still crystal-clear to me when i look at my tattoo. it reminds me that i’m deeply connected to magical queer ancestors and community, that my boundaries matter and can be honoured, and that my dreams are possible. if the opportunity to participate comes your way, i think you should take it.”  ~ TLT


“This was a transformative experience. Dru is warm, empathetic and compassionate and Jessika is thoughtful, creative and graceful; together they are the dream team! I didn’t know it ahead of time, but Dru’s reading was exactly what I needed at this point in my life. I realized I have been suppressing instinctual behavior because it didn’t align with societal or family expectations of me. This has been a barrier in my journey to live authentically and joyfully every day. Knowing my strengths and capabilities, I feel renewed and refreshed. Jessika’s art captured everything I need to constantly remind myself of what I need to not just survive, but thrive. I love this powerful image and the story it tells. Through this experience, I am empowered to be the change and to live my purpose with meaning. Thank you, Dru and Jessika!” E.K.


“Thank you for the session and what you both shared. I was NOT expecting the depth of the reading and have never had my chart read, actually; Dru you have such a fucking gift it’s fucked up what the fuck tho seriously.” ~ H.R.


“These two have amazing gifts to share with you and the world. My reading was both affirming to what I’ve been feeling in my life and empowering with ways to move through it. Jess captured the essence of what energies I was needing to call in and gave me a perfect talisman for navigating this phase of my chart. Thank you both for holding space and offering the world your authentic selves through art and astrology! Highly recommend!” ~ C.L.


“Dru & Jessika are so kind and talented! The 30 minute reading was more enlightening than I had even hoped, I learned so much about birth charts, the cycles and seasons of life, and more importantly how I got to where I’m at and what I can do to move forward. I love that my new tattoo tells this story in a simple and beautiful way. It will always be with me and I will never forget this deeply meaningful experience!” ~ D.M.


“What a beautiful experience this was. Beyond anything that I ever expected, a healing and therapeutic session that put into context everything the universe was throwing at me. Dru and Jessika are the kindest souls and deserve all the good things that come their way! This experience cannot be understated!!!

Much love!”



“Oh my gosh you two…my tatto has been spinning spells with me…into my thoughts and reactions…and into my focus.  Also i love my adaptogenic filter! Filtering what comes in and making sure I don’t over-filtering/over-sensor my expression and what I share…what a good tool.  It supports my internal strength, intuitive process, relationship boundaries, and feeds a strong outward expression…it encourages it to be bigger.  All the parts a mutually supportive.  Such a phenomenal medicine you two are offering! Thank you!” O.B.


“My tattoo has been a presence of spell work that continually arises more prominently in my consciousness tools and lessons about personal purpose and healing; help nudge or assist my intuition; and spark larger resonance …it’s such good spell work…I’m super grateful” O.B.


“This experience was exactly what I needed and truly came at the right time (doesn’t it always?). Both Dru and Jessika have an incredible (and complimentary) energy, and are very welcoming and gentle. Dru’s reading was so accurate and hit me right in the feels, with different threads and themes of my life made quite clear. Jessika’s intuitive hand poke brought it all together, and is more beautiful and meaningful than I could have imagined. Thank you both for calming my anxious mind and providing me with an unforgettable experience. Can’t wait for our paths to cross again!” K.P.


“These two are something really special. On a whim I decided to do an astrotattoo session. I was (am) in a period of major personal transition in career and home life. I was hoping for a reframe on these challenging questions and got some incredible perspective. Dru and Jesika shared their space and talents with me and I felt held and supported in what was a wonderfully insightful and at times challenging reading. I needed all of it.

The tattoo is beautiful. The experience was important.” J.W.


“Absolutely amazing experience! Dru and Jessika are both so kind and welcoming. My astrological reading was bang on, and gave me a lot of insight into what has been happening for me over the last few years, as well as some things to look forward to. This was my first tattoo, and I couldn’t love it more! Already thinking about another trip to Vancouver to get a second tattoo with Jessika! Thank you both so much for sharing your gifts with the world, you are pure magic!” S.H.


“What a wonderful experience ! My boyfriend and I enjoyed every aspect of it. Jessika and Dru were so lovely and welcoming. Our astrology readings were inlightning and very relatable, and we loved the tattoo’s by Jessika” B.A.


“I’m currenrly going through a lot of transitions in my life and was nervous going into my reading/tattoo but my experience with Dru and Jessika was so comfortable, enlightening, healing, and affirming. If they are passing through a town near you, definitely book an appointment with them!!” L.A.A.


“I absolutely loved my experience with Dru and Jessika! I’m fairly new to astrology, and Dru took the time to explain my chart in a way that I could understand, but not in a condescending manner. I was blown away at the accuracy of my chart. Throughout the reading, I found myself getting a better understanding of myself and who I am as a person, and why. Dru helped connect the pieces of myself into the larger scope of my whole self and I left feeling like I knew what I need to work on and what to keep in mind as I move through life. And then having Jessika draw my tattoo just felt so natural and healing, and I absolutely loved what she chose for me. Every time I look at it I’m reminded of the things I need. I HIGHLY recommend this (I even got both of my roommates to get an appointment). Thanks again guys!!!” C.


“I love Astro tattoo! This is one of my favorite metaphysical endeavors this year. The astrology reading was intense, accurate, gentle, and on point. Dru was able to help me understand and decode the message’s the university sent me, and wasn’t afraid to challenge me in ways that could help me grow. They also have an artillery of metaphors to help me understand my path according to the star charts. Then watching Jessica create an intuitive tattoo and manually ink me, was such a joy! She has such a gentle touch, and is so careful. I love my tattoo and its placement, and it reminds me of my potential, my past, and my true self. I’m so excited for the next round! I hope that they come back to Los Angeles!” C.K.


“My Astro Tattoo session with Dru and Jessika came one week after a major life change that was ungrounding and painful. Dru’s interpretation of my chart left me feeling like even though things were not easy, I was on the right path. I was able to shift my focus from my circumstances to my larger truths. I came out of the reading feeling confident in my intuition and trusting that everything that was happening for me was opening up doors for something better. She is a gifted and wise astrologer, and opened my eyes to aspects of my inner world that had been sleeping.
My tattoo session with jessika was gentile and comfortable. The design she created for me was stunning. I am so greatful for this beautiful and powerful reminder to trust myself and stay true to my own beauty, my own needs, and to allow my intuition to guide me. Who doesn’t need a permanent spell for self love and trust in ones heart? THANK YOU BOTH! 🖤🖤” M.L.


“My partner and I went together for an astro tattoo. They started with Dru doing an astrology reading for me while Jessika used that reading to create a very intentional tattoo. My tattoo has already helped me so much in grounding myself. Dru is a phenomenal astrologist, the way they can understand a chart and accessibly explain what the meanings are is in incredible. Dru showed me that my 30 year cycle begins again on Halloween and so much more, I really connected with their reading.

After I went my partner had the same process done and learned so much about their placements, affirming a lot of how they have felt their life, it was really beautiful. At the end they spoke to how our charts match up together as a couple and really helped us have a deeper understanding of our relationship.

Jessika and Dru are so thoughtful and intentional throughout the whole process, I can’t wait for them to come back to Portland!” H.


“I wont forget my session with Jessika and Dru. Not because I have it imprinted in my body, but because it re-aligned me with my path & gave me energy to get back on track. I was really needing guidance and this was the perfect remedy. They were recommended by a friend who did it before me & the whole experience far exceeded my expectations. Thanks Jessika and Dru. Highly recommended.” A.Z.


“DO THIS. It’s fucking brilliant.” R.D.


“Dru and Jessika are a beautiful pair and they have created an inspired offering to their extended communities. They each carry the gifts of insight and awareness and combine their skills in a seamless and meaningful way. I loved the astrological reading and love my tattoo. They are each stand alone experiences and together they are magik.

Thank you both for the work you do!

You will be delighted if you chose to have an astro tattoo! It’s the perfect combination of playfulness, art making and insight.” C.B.


“The reading that Dru gave me blew my mind! The dates that it outlined in my life were over the top accurate and elucidated vivid memories of the most significant events of my life. Dru is so sharp and compassionate and loving when she does a reading. The wealth of knowledge she delivers effortlessly is like a warm breeze you can’t believe you’re feeling on a cold day. So amazing to ride and so magical. A fountain of information and wisdom. What a gift! Future predictions also gave me much needed hope.

Next comes Jessika! After being present and witnessing Dru’s reading, Jessika reveals a drawing and text that she has prepared thoughtfully in advance. The drawing is beautiful. We talked about it’s meaning and significance for me and they both provide encouragement and empowerment when needed.

The tattoo is beautiful. I love it. What a lovely, warm and connected experience. These two are truly gems. It is an honor to participate in their magical, artistic practice. Thank you Dru and Jessika Fancy.” T.L.


“Ritualizing important steps and cycles has always been part of the human experience. Since the dawn of time, humans have used their bodies to mark various periods. Rites of passage have always existed and are an essential part of integrating the lessons and experiences in our lives.

I was very enthusiastic about this project and I really wanted to be part of it. The whole experience surpassed my expectations. A practicing astrologer myself, I didn’t expect the surprisingly clear insights coming from Druish. Her mastery of astrology combined with her ability to hold space and her warmth made it easy for me to open up.

Jessika was both perceptive, considerate and extremely skillful with the tattoo design and execution. I was really happy with the result and it healed quickly. I would definitely repeat the experience!” E.M.


“I had a very enlightening experience with Dru & Jessika and I would recommend it to anyone looking for guidance, meaning or great human experiences. Dru & Jessika are both calm and warm, they welcome you in their space with goodwill. Dru’s reading helped me identify what mattered most in my life, she managed to boost my self-confidence and clarify my goals. Jessika gathered all of that in a beautiful drawing which now stands as a comforting reminder of my strengths and desires on my wrist. Thank you again to the both of you :)” M.H.


“My experience was wonderful. I felt that you both were holding space for me the moment I walked into your home, and that we were all equally engaged in the unfolding together. Both the reading and the tattooing were calm, genuine, and supportive. And I personally felt that I received such strong and intentional insight into my self, life, and path, despite the reading only being 30 or so minutes, and then the tattoo, manifested through close listening and reflecting, captured it all so succinctly and thoughtfully. I’m actively applying what I learned, and am taking great solace in this new marker, reminder and little beacon on my body.” E.L.


“Hey Vancouver friends! I wanna share with you an amazing and unique experience I had last night! Mini Astro reading +++ an intuitive stick and poke tattoo combo. I feel blessed to have had such a magical encounter with 2 lovely and deeply talented humans. If you’re looking for a very personalized experience and a little extra magic and insight into your life, I highly recommend.” J.K.


” Jessika and Dru were warm, welcoming, lovely folk! Dru’s reading was well researched. Detailed, yet concise, and very on the mark. The tattoo Jessika drew for me was absolutely perfect. Encompassed everything that was important to me to remember about the reading. I am so happy with the experience, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a beautiful, personal experience with a built in reminder!” S.S.


“The opportunity for an astro-tattoo session with Jessika and Dru arose just as I found myself in critical need of wisdom and guidance. I came away from my experience feeling invigorated by their insights and genuinely supported in my journey ahead. It helps tremendously to have come away forever marked by a symbol of my work in this lifetime. Thank you, Dru and Jessika, for all the love you give in doing your trailblazing work.” M.B.




Q. How can I be a part of this?

A. Contact and we’ll send you everything you need to know.


Q. What happens in the session?

A. Dru will read your astrology chart for half an hour. Following your reading, Jessika offers you the opportunity to draw an oracle card to add another dimension to your session. The cards are very healing and offer gentle, compassionate guidance. Jessika explains the symbolism of your personal drawing that she has created intuitively, based on the issues you’re working through and what came up in your astrology reading. You decide where on your body you would like it placed.


Q. How can I prepare for my session?

A. The more open and receptive you are, the better your session will be. Your body will take the tattoo better if you are hydrated, so please drink plenty of water during the days leading up to, and the day of, your session.

We have a strict no drugs / alcohol policy. While how you take care of your body outside of the session time is your responsibility, please do not drink alcohol / smoke / vape while your session is taking place. Please offer yourself what ever will help you be present and comfortable during your session.


Q. Can my friend / partner come while I have the Astro Tattoo?

A. If your friend/partner is not participating in the Astro Tattoo session, we ask that they do not join you. Considering the nature of the work and how personal it is, having someone present who is not involved changes the dynamic quite considerably.


Q. Can my partner and I come for a joint session?

A. Yes! A joint session means each person will have their own reading and own tattoo, but that you’re present for each others’ session instead of coming at two different times. While we do offer and encourage joint sessions between friends / partners / family,  we do not encourage pressuring someone to partake in this process. If someone hasn’t come to this process in their own way, it is very obvious in the session itself. Please refrain from bringing another person because you don’t want to come alone.


Q. Do you do group sessions?

A. Yes! Each session take aprox 1.5-2 hours, so group sessions are limited to 5 people max. There will be a break between each session and a lunch / recharge break somewhere in the middle. Please discuss between you if you are comfortable with each group member being present during your session, or if you prefer privacy. Each group member needs to read the FAQ page and complete the birth data form. Please contact us for further details:


Q. How long do the sessions take?

A. Each session take approximately 1.5-2 hours. Joint sessions take approximately 3 – 3.5 hours


Q. Do you offer sliding scale options?

A. The cost of the session is derived from the current industry standard of an individual tattoo and an individual reading. In each city we visit, we offer a certain number of spots specifically for  QTBIPOC folks at a sliding scale rate. Please ask about this when booking if it applies to you.


Q. I’m not gay/queer. Can I participate?

Yes, you can. It’s important that you understand that we are both queer, very queer. Being queer is not just a status of sexuality or gender – it defines our politics, ethics, understanding of intersectionality and privilege, and where we direct our energy. If any of this conflicts with your life values, or if any of it is new to you, please take the time to research any of the above topics and decide from there if this is for you. We have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech. If you’re unaware of the complexities of other people’s lives, please refrain from discussing this during your session.


Q. Can I have a reading without getting a tattoo?

A. Absolutely. Contact Dru or select “consultation” from the drop down menu above.


Q. Can I get a tattoo without having an astrology reading?

A. Absolutely. Contact Jessika to arrange your appointment.


Q. Who decides where the tattoo goes?

A. Your body. Your choice.


Q. What will the tattoo look like?

A. No one knows yet! Jessika listens in on your reading and draws intuitively, based on what comes up. The tattoo is personal to you and your process. No Astro Tattoo will have culturally appropriative, racist or hateful imagery contained within it.


Q. Are handpoke tattoo’s safe?

A. Yes. Jessika uses high quality ink and needles, with a meticulous approach to sanitation. This article answers questions and address’s many misconceptions.


 Q. Can I purchase the Visions Crystal Oracle Deck?

A. Absolutely. You can either order through Jessika’s website or pay cash/e-transfer in person at your session.

The following stores currently stock the deck also:
Neighborhood Quality Goods ~ 4301 Main St, Vancouver, BC.  (604) 876-2000

Good Omen ~ 34 Sixth St, New Westminster, BC. (604) 525-0901

Likely General ~ 389 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON. (647) 351-4590

Sea Grape Soap ~ 319 NE Wygant St, Portland, OR. (419) 972-1792

Field day ~ 329 19th St, Oakland, CA. (510) 338-6624

The Vajra ~ Broadway Ave E, Seattle, WA. (206) 323-7846

Rose Gold ~ Seattle, WA.

Psychic Sister ~ 109 5th Ave SE, Olympia, WA. (360) 943-9595 / 1829 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR (971) 420-2962


Q. Where are you located? I don’t think I’m in the same city.

A. Right now we’re on the road with this project across Nth America. We will be stopping in places based on requests from people wanting to be a part of this, so if you are interested let us know where you are and we just might swing by. Our dates and locations are updated regularly here.


Refund Policy

A percentage of the total cost of your tattoo is taken at the time of booking, to secure your spot. As stated in your introductory email, this deposit is non-refundable.

We also reserve the right to withhold your deposit under the following conditions:

1 – If you fail to show up for your appointment or cancel your appointment.

2 – If you fail to complete your birth time form or complete it inaccurately 24 hours prior to your session.

3 – If your communication is abusive, aggressive or gives us reason to question our safety and ability to complete this work.


We appreciate your effort to making the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.