Astro Tattoo birth data

Hi! We’re looking forward to your session. For you to get the most out of this experience, please be aware that your birth time is an integral piece of your astrology puzzle, and having an incorrect birth time can result in an incorrect reading.

Please complete every section in the form below. Completing this form incorrectly or incompletely can result in forfeiting your appointment. Please complete only what is asked of you on each line. Do not, for example, state the hospital you were born in instead of Country/State/City!

If your birth time is an estimate, please offer an explanation around this in the space provided i.e.; “I was born just after sunrise” “It was around lunchtime” or if you have no idea please let us know this, too. If you can access your birth data from parents or family members please do so, as your reading will be more accurate.

Please read fully the FAQ which contains our Refund / Cancelation Policy so that you are aware of what to expect and what you are agreeing to.

Thanks, and we look forward to connecting soon!

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