Astro Tattoo FAQ

Q. How can I be a part of this?

A. Complete this form and we’ll send you everything you need to know about pricing, location & dates.

*If you message us regarding a city we’re not currently booking, we won’t respond immediately but we’ll file your deets on a waitlist for when/if we are on our way.

For those not wanting a tattoo, we now offer Astro Tattoo LDR!

Q. What happens in the session?

A. Dru will read your astrology chart for half an hour. Following your reading, Jessika offers you the opportunity to draw an oracle card to add another dimension to your session. The cards are very healing and offer gentle, compassionate guidance. Jessika explains the symbolism of your personal drawing that she has created intuitively, based on the themes you’re working through and what came up in your astrology reading. You decide where on your body you would like it placed.

This video explains the Astro Tattoo process:

Video made by our dear friend, Sal, at Zori Media

Q. How can I prepare for my session?

A. The more open and receptive you are, the better your session will be. Your body will take the tattoo better if you are hydrated, so please drink plenty of water during the days leading up to, and the day of, your session. Please think about accessible places on your body where you might like the tattoo.

We have a strict no drugs / alcohol policy. While how you take care of your body outside of the session time is your responsibility, please do not drink alcohol / smoke / vape while your session is taking place. Please offer yourself what ever will help you be present and comfortable during your session.

Q. What if I don’t know my birth time?

A. Making a little bit of effort to find your birth time will make a major difference to your reading. While not everyone has the privilege of knowing their birth time or access to family to ask, if you can find out then we ask that you do. An incorrect or unknown birth time will limit your reading, which is a given for any astrological reading – not just this process. Asking questions such as, “Was I born in the morning / evening? Before or after sunrise / sunset? / Before or after breakfast / dinner? Did someone have to hurry home from work?” People tend to remember events and nature’s time markers more so than clock times.

Q. Can my friend / partner come while I have the Astro Tattoo?

A. If your friend/partner is not participating in the Astro Tattoo session, we ask that they do not join you. Considering the nature of the work and how personal it is, having someone present who is not involved changes the dynamic quite considerably. If you are not comfortable coming to the session alone, please consider participating at another time.

Q. Can my friend / partner and I have a session together?

A. Yes! A joint session means each person will have their own reading and own tattoo, but that you’re present for each others’ session instead of coming at two separate times. While we do offer and encourage joint sessions between friends / partners / family,  we do not encourage pressuring someone to partake in this process.  Please refrain from bringing another person because you don’t want to come alone or pressuring someone to come because you think it will be good for them. A reading is a very personal experience and a tattoo is forever. 

Q. How long does a session take?

A. Each session takes approximately 1.5-2 hours. Joint sessions take approximately 3 – 3.5 hours

Q. What will the tattoo look like?

A. No one knows yet! Jessika listens in on your reading and draws intuitively, based on what comes up. The tattoo is personal to you and your process. If you connect with Jessika’s art and the images from previous Astro Tattoo’s, you can trust that the image that presents is meant to be yours.

No Astro Tattoo will have culturally appropriative, racist or hateful imagery contained within it.

Q. Who decides where the tattoo goes?

A. Your body. Your choice.

Q. Are handpoke tattoo’s safe?

A. Yes. Jessika uses high quality ink and needles, with a meticulous approach to sanitation. This article answers questions and address’s many misconceptions.

Q. What is the Cancellation / Refund Policy?

The Cancellation & Refund policy can also be read here.

A percentage of the total cost of your Astro Tattoo is taken at the time of booking to secure your appointment. As stated in your introductory email, this deposit is non-refundable. We do not, however, withhold your deposit if the appointment time you requested is no longer available.

We reserve the right to withhold your deposit under the following conditions:

1 – If you fail to show up for your appointment or cancel your appointment.

2 – If you fail to complete your birth data form or complete it inaccurately 48 hours prior to your session, as stated in your introductory email. (We value each session which requires prior work to be able to offer you a valued service. Without your birth data, we cannot prepare before you arrive).

3 – If your communication is abusive, aggressive or gives us reason to question our safety and ability to complete this work.

4 – If you present any reason for us to not be able to complete the session.

Q. Do you offer sliding scale options?

A. The cost of the session is derived from the current industry standard of an individual tattoo and an individual reading. While each session is offered as sliding scale (paying what you can beyond a base rate), in each city we visit we offer a certain number of spots specifically for QTBIPOC (queer -trans – black – indigenous – people of colour) folks at an alternate sliding scale rate. As a queer artist and queer astrologer, we offer our services to everyone, unbiased. While there are innumerable points of intersection and oppression, we choose to offer sliding scale options specifically to people who identify as QTBIPOC only.  Please ask about this when booking if it applies to you.

Q. I’m not LGBTQ. Can I participate?

Yes, of course! It’s important that you understand that we are both queer, very queer. Being queer is not just a status of sexuality or gender – it defines our politics, ethics, understanding of intersectionality and privilege, and where we direct our energy. If any of this conflicts with your life values, or if any of it is new to you, please take the time to research any of the above topics and decide from there if this is for you. We have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech. If you’re unaware of the complexities of other people’s lives, please refrain from discussing this during your session. If you have never met us personally, please refrain from using gendered language such as ‘Ladies’ etc. Our names work just fine 🙂

Q. Can I have a reading without getting a tattoo?

A. Absolutely. Contact Dru or select “consultation” from the drop down menu above. Consultation times will take place outside Astro Tattoo sessions times slots.

For those not wanting a tattoo, we now offer Astro Tattoo LDR!

Q. Can I get a tattoo without having an astrology reading?

A. Absolutely. Contact Jessika to arrange your appointment. Consultation times will take place outside Astro Tattoo sessions times slots.

Q. Do you offer group sessions?

A. Yes! This is a separate process to when we offer sessions to the public. The group will offer a place to host & cover travel costs, depending on location. Each session take aprox 1.5-2 hours, so group sessions are limited to 4 people max. There will be a break between each session and a lunch / recharge break somewhere in the middle. Please discuss between you all if you are comfortable with each group member being present during your session, or if you prefer privacy. Each group member needs to read the FAQ page and complete the birth data form. Please contact us for further details:

Q. Where are you located? I don’t think I’m in the same city.

A. We completed a tour of Australia and New Zealand early in 2019, explored the southern end of the USA through summer & are now heading back to the Pacific North West for our final visit of the year before heading east across continent: Montreal & NYC.

We offer sessions in places based on requests from people wanting to be a part of this, so if you are interested let us know where you are and we just might swing by. Our dates and locations are updated regularly here.

We appreciate your effort to making the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. You can read people’s review of their Astro Tattoo session here.

Can’t wait to meet you!

~ Dru & Jessika

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