The Elements videos

The Elements videos by Dru Ish

The Elements are some of our greatest teachers. Making these videos about each of them, using footage from my travels, has been a wild journey in itself looking back at what feels like another life. Click on the image below to watch each Elemental video. Click on the image to watch each Elemental video

Venus Retrograde in Gemini – Lindy Chamberlain story

Lindy Chamberlain and Venus retrograde in Gemini

In the 1980's, people were polarised regarding Lindy Chamberlain's innocence. Even Meryl Streep made a movie about it. I remember being a kid and having conversations about it at the park in-between cricket innings. Literally everyone was talking about it, but few knew how the collective Venus story was being spun and projected onto one …

Mercury Rx in Libra ~ remembering our interconnectedness

Mercury Retrograde in Libra - Remembering our interconnectedness -

Mercury the messenger is applying the breaks, preparing to turn retrograde. It will backtrack over the terrain we’ve been trekking through since September 7th, revisiting connections, relationship dynamics, agreements and disagreements, asking us to draw a line in the sand where we have compromised our own boundaries seeking peace over authenticity. So much has happened …