Hi, and thanks for your interest in a reading with me.

Books are now open for February 2023 appointments. Please read below for booking instructions.

New clients, please complete the new client form below (only once). You will receive an email with booking instructions within one business day.

Details about each reading can be found on the Consultation page along with duration and pricing. All readings are listed with sliding scale options, which can be read about below.

Consultations take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 11.30am & 4.00pm. I am currently in Montreal, QC, so all times are listed in EDT / EST. A time zone converter can be found here if you live in a different area.

New clients start with either a Natal Chart reading or a Natal Chart + One Year Ahead combination reading. You are then eligible to receive 10% off your next Year Ahead reading. New clients may book a Saturn Return reading / package.

Return clients: Please contact Dru for availability for your follow up reading via email or the form below. Booking priority is given to return clients.

I remain available for Horary questions even when my consultation books are closed. No appointment is necessary. If you have a situation that you’d like some clarification on, please feel free to submit your question here.

Take care and I look forward to connecting,

~ Dru

Sliding Scale

All readings are offered on a sliding scale. Sliding scale options mean that you choose the tier of payment that suits your income. Life is not a level playing field and it is important to me that my services remain accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

The lowest price you see for each reading is the base rate. If you are in a financial situation that enables you to pay more than the base rate, please do. This is an honour system. There is no judgement in how much you pay, or difference in the service you receive. If you are unsure of how much to pay, suggested tiers can be found here.

If you are not able to pay the full amount upfront a payment plan is available in 3 instalments prior to the date of your reading, and a limited number of free check in readings are available each month for anyone experiencing financial hardship. Horary questions are free for refugees and incarcerated persons, or those facing incarceration.

Things to consider with sliding scale. The base rate is aimed at those who answer yes to the following:

Is your personal or family net income below $30,000?

Do you have accessibility issues / are of a minority that reduce employment opportunities?

Are you inhibited from accessing medical / employment / home insurance?

Are you without a degree qualification?

Is your housing situation unstable / are you renting / rent-eviction occurring?

If you answer yes to any of the following, please consider paying above the base rate:

Is your personal or family net income above $30,000?

Do you have stable housing / own property / investments?

Are you subsidised by an allowance / family / inheritance / trust fund / interest from savings / partner’s income etc?

Are you supported by medical / employment / home insurance?

Are you University / College educated?

Read testimonies from other clients here
Thanks for booking!
~ Dru
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