Calling us home

This Cancer Moon is calling us home. We’re winding down to the dark moon / new moon phase of the lunar cycle, & Cancer is opening up its doors & offering us a feed to nourish us along the road.

It’s the darkmoon that calls us inside to reign in the energy of the last few months. The realisation that Leo season is over, & that Virgo season means observing the crop of our recent past & deciding on what to make of it & how we can put our energy to work in a way that is productive & useful.

Be gentle with yourselves, loverz. This Virgo dark moon is also an eclipse & therefore there’s a lot of energy coming at us & through us. Virgo wants to assess so that it can create order & ritual out of our mundane reality. Take this loving cancer moon energy & put your ducks in a row. See what you’re working with. Look at the crop of your recent hard work, the small nugget you got in therapy that was a shining realisation, the dream that clarified some confusion or the awareness of a pattern that needs to end because you’re tired of the same loop that’s going around your brain…& give yourself a pat on the back.

The crop is ready. Virgo paves the way for us toward ‘doing it together’ sign, Libra. Make the most out of this harvest time to make it easier for your future self.


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