Living Room Sessions

The stars & planets can feel so far away while astrologically they reflect the undeniable intensity brewing in our world right now. Living Room Sessions bring the sky back home while connecting community members in a meaningful way.

Living Room Sessions are hosted by Dru Ish in living rooms and community spaces across the country. Each session discusses astrology in relation to current world events while also exploring where these energies are manifesting in each person’s chart.

These workshop style sessions are designed to be affordable & accessible for both the novice and those who love knowing what it all means, while bridging the gap between our individualistic world and primal need for connection.

Dru Ish is a professional astrologer who has been reading the sky for over 20 years. She has a passion for being connected to community via meaningful threads and following the leads between seemingly unrelated people and events. She offers readings online and in person while touring with Jessika Fancy and their Astro Tattoo sessions. You can read more about Dru and her practice here and read blogs and follow her on IG.

If you would like to participate in Living Room Sessions in your community, sign up below. Due to the intimate setting, numbers are limited.

Sign up here! Spaces are limited

Upcoming events:

July 19: Calgary, AB

July 24: Winnipeg, MA


July 26: Minneapolis, MN

July: Chicago, IL

July / August: Montreal, QC

August: New York, NY

If you’d like to host in your living room and create space for connection, community and learning, please be in touch!

2018 Astrology workshop

Working with the Astrology of 2018


Astro Workshop add

With Venus taking us down to the Underworld in her pentacle creating retrograde cycle, and Mercury throwing us for a loop when it retrogrades in Sagittarius & Scorpio…while the Eclipse Cycle is changing signs…

…how do we keep going forward when the planets are taking us backwards?


What is this workshop about?

In this workshop, Dru will walk you through the astrological events of each month remaining in 2018.

It will offer you tools for how to work with the planets via understanding of where they are kicking up dust in your own chart.

We will break down the meaning of retrograde cycles, eclipse seasons, what it means to have both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and what all this intense planetary activity is building toward.

Participants who sign up will each receive a workbook tailored to their own astrological chart.


Sign up!

Sign up to have your chart included in workshop examples.

Limited drop-in spots available.



Cost & Time


Sept 24th @7pm

2 hour workshop + workbook



Neighborhood Quality Goods

4301 Main St, Vancouver, BC


Who is Dru Ish?

You can read all about me here, or come say hi in person, which is always preferable.


What’s happening in 2018?


~ Saturn retrograde – direct in Capricorn

~ Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

~ Uranus retrograde in Taurus

~ Neptune retrograde in Pisces



~ Pluto retrograde – direct in Capricorn

~ Venus retrograde in Scorpio to Libra

~ Uranus retrograde in Taurus

~ Neptune retrograde in Pisces



~ Venus retrograde – direct in Libra

~ Mercury retorgrade in Sagittarius

~ Uranus retrograde changing signs from Taurus to Aries

~ Neptune retrograde – direct in Pisces

~ Jupiter moves into Sagittarius

~ The Eclipse cycle changes signs



~ Mercury retrograde – direct in Scorpio

~ Uranus retrograde in Aries

~ Why staying in on NYE is a better idea this year


Everyone of all levels of Astrological understanding are welcome.


Limited spots.

Sign up now!


Eclipse readings @PsychicSister



Authenticity is a word we throw around as if it’s something we can purchase online. Actually identifying what it is & living it requires intense dedication, maturity & a willingness to not forsake our truth when growing pains challenge us.
This eclipse series is all about aligning us with our uniqueness, with our own personal expression of creativity & shaking the foundations of those things that need to be released so we can walk freely in that terrain.
#authenticity in a world that has so many outdated rules & systems that thrive off scarcity is not a walk in the park, but we’ve been given a glimpse & a push (by these eclipses) to have the #courage to step into our own version of what this is.
I’m in the chair today @psychicsister to chat about your chart, your challenges & what the cosmos is asking of you. There’s only one you, so you may as well turn it up!💃🏽✨
Call Psychic Sister to book a spot: 360.943.9595
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Relationship Astrology



Dreamy Sea & I will be talking life, love, connections & all the spaces inbetween, this Wednesday, February 14th, 2018.


Along with you chart we’ll take a look at some celeb examples to understand synastry, see what draws people together, and what combo’s can spell tumult and upheaval and which ones can bind you together for LIFE!


Call Psychic Sister to reserve your spot – 360.943.9595

ASTRO TATTOO pop up @psychicsister


We’re excited to be heading to Olympia for a night at Psychic Sister next Thursday, Dec 14th. Limited spots available!

Bookings and info:



If you’re in town, I’ll be co-running a class about SATURN IN CAPRICORN with the magical Deamy Sea on Dec 9, 7-9pm

Come on out n say hi!



360 943 9595
109 SE 5th Avenue
Olympia, Washington 98501

Saturn in Capricorn class



Come on out to @psychicsister next Wednesday, Dec 13 to join me & the wonderful DREAMY bid farewell to saturn in sagittarius 🏹✨😘
There’s so much wisdom in goodbye…& there’s been no shortage of lessons from Saturn in the last 3ish years. let’s hear it!
Bring stories of your adventures & the products of those steep learning curves…and we’ll talk about the road ahead as we plant seeds in this next phase of Saturn’s cycle. Did you just Saturn Return…or are you about to?


Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 1.04.42 PM



Jessika Fancy and I are combining our magic, offering 30min Astrology readings + small flash / custom handpoke tattoo based on your reading. 

We’re currently touring this project with upcoming residencies in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Nova Scotia & New Brunswick inAugust ~ September 2017.


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Venus Retrograde 2017

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.12.03 PM

🔮Every 8 years Venus turns retrograde in the same sign, highlighting issues of relationship, money, self-worth and what we value. In the retrograde journey, #venus descends into the #underworld where we are collectively faced with our own darkness in these areas. We are offered space to confront the hidden aspects of ourselves that we keep from the light of day, bury old wounds and re-assess how we want to move forward in existing relationships – both with ourselves and with others.

✨💸💘👌🏼 This 40 day challenge will offer you daily astrological tips based on the movement of the planets through this retrograde period, as well as guidance through weekly emails that aid you in tapping into your own personal Venusian issues and quirks. You will be able to track Venus’ movement through your own chart and see how themes have been arising throughout your entire life via this cycle.

Sign up now to join this 40 day adventure. 🎉

#venusretrograde #venusinaries #40daychallenge #40daysand40nights #relationship #relationshipgoals #love #money #allthethings #guidance #magical #astrology #venusretrogradechallenge ~ Image by @tashiko 👌🏼



You can place your chart over a map of the 🌏🌎 #earth & the planets act as kind of personal #leylines . It’s very cool! It’s called #astrocartography & it can help identify places that favour where you might want to live, or work, or do your art, magic & spirituality 🔮. • #astrologers forewarned #jfk about going to #dallas because it was a #pluto hotspot for him. • this is me in #joshuatree following a #venus line with a #dreambabe ✨💘✨ #cantgowrong #followyourheart #followthatvenusline #socool #astrology ~ & if you’re wanting a reading, you can just DM me. #easypeasy