Taurus-Scorpio eclipse video

Slash – November Rain. Guns & Roses

Eclipse season has landed with some Slashing November rain 🎸 & some surprise turn arounds. I have made a video (posted below) of some of the world events that accompanied this eclipse: flash floods, landslides, food shortages, clemency & acquittals are all part of this ongoing narrative.

Wherever you find the Taurus-Scorpio axis in your chart is where these energies will land. We can also think back to what was going on in 2003-2004 for how we might fair through this terrain. 🙃

With so much energy in fixed signs we can expect the changes to be abrupt, & disruptive to that which offers us safety & security. Let’s see how the world changes over the next 2 years.

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Mercury Rx in Libra ~ remembering our interconnectedness

Mercury the messenger is applying the breaks, preparing to turn retrograde. It will backtrack over the terrain we’ve been trekking through since September 7th, revisiting connections, relationship dynamics, agreements and disagreements, asking us to draw a line in the sand where we have compromised our own boundaries seeking peace over authenticity. So much has happened in that short period of time, and so much will likely happen in these next 3 weeks.

Each Mercury Rx this year occurs in the Air signs. This one unearths what lies below the Libran desire for diplomacy and mutual gain. Where we have previously been tip-toeing through difficulties and polarising view points, we are likely to see in this time frame a recalibration of our own relationship to justice and fairness, and a clear view into how imbalance and disconnection from each other pervades all areas of our lives.

Mars, the fearless warrior, is also in Libra during this time, bringing issues out into the open on October 9th. This might not be the clarity we want, though. Mars in Libra holds a contract that details the finer points of collaboration. It doesn’t wield a sword with hot-headed aggression, using brute force to get what it wants. It fights for justice and fairness because it is clear and to the point about what is out of alignment.

Venus, who holds the Libran cards, is powerful in unseen ways during this time. Moving through Scorpio, Venus and Mars are mutually connected, sharing resources and supporting one another. So what’s been going on behind the scenes? Any shady deals that have been struck under the recent Pluto-Mercury square will be spotlighted and brought out into the open through this Rx scrutiny. When Venus moves into truth seeking Sagittarius on October 7th we will be better equipped to know what we’re dealing with and from October 18th onwards we’ll be better able to act on it.

Personally, I love Mercury Rx times. Like 2021, they’re a reminder that chaos resides closer than we have been lead to believe and the notion of control is just a smoke screen. This doesn’t mean we’re without agency, though. There is a flow we can tap into that is not guided by fear and scarcity. We are nature and, therefore, part of an incredibly intelligent system of interconnectedness that leaves no one and no thing out. The choices we make, the thoughts we invest in, the energy we share reverberates instantaneously. Like this river, the past, present and future are all here with us through these testing times. Where you draw the line in your own sand will have lasting impact beyond your personal sphere, and the challenge can be staying in your own centre. Some might call this the heart space. Whatever words you give it, see you there through this Rx journey!

Important dates in the Mercury Rx cycle

September 7th Pre shadow phase begins, Mercury at 10* Libra

September 27th Mercury stations retrograde at 25* Libra

October 5th – 7th The Moon enters Libra Oct 5th, joining Mercury, Mars and the Sun. Watch what comes to light through the messages you receive over the coming days.

October 7th Venus moves into Sagittarius

October 7th Mars moves through the heart of the Sun beginning a new cycle

October 9th Mercury passes through the heart of the Sun – midpoint of the Rx cycle

October 18th Jupiter stations direct, giving Venus the green light

October 19th Mercury stations direct at 10* Libra

November 3rd Post shadow phase ends, Mercury reaches 25* Libra

Dan Levy takes Venus to the Met Gala

Dan Levy takes Venus in Scorpio to the Met Gala
Dan Levy takes Venus in Scorpio to the Met Gala

Dan lit up the Met Gala with Venus last night!

Working with Irish designer Jonathan Anderson, the two created a statement about LGBTQ history and “queer love and visibility.” Dan sure was visible!

While Venus crossing the Ascendant is not usually a life changing event, it’s interesting to watch how socialising, pleasure, connection, fashion and colour express when this transit occurs. It’s usually a good time for relationships, and in this case we see a collaboration of 2 artists making a statement about the reality of life and death (Scorpio) and the LGBTQ communities fight to exist: “the resilience and the love and the joy.”

Dan has such an interesting chart. There is a mix of unavoidable visibility contrasting an intense shyness. It must be hard to calm those Virgo nerves when you’re introverted and about to walk out, very boldly, in front of the world. You rocked it, Dan! 😍

Dan Levy makes his Met Gala debut as Venus crosses his Ascendant.
Dan Levy makes his Met Gala debut as Venus crosses his Ascendant.
Dan Levy makes his Met Gala debut as Venus crosses his Ascendant.
Dan Levy makes his Met Gala debut as Venus crosses his Ascendant.
Dan Levy makes his Met Gala debut as Venus crosses his Scorpio Ascendant.
Dan Levy makes his Met Gala debut as Venus crosses his Scorpio Ascendant.
Dan Levy makes his Met Gala debut as Venus crosses his Ascendant.
Dan Levy makes his Met Gala debut as Venus crosses his Ascendant.

September Museletter

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I use technology and realised I never intended for most of my social life to be online, but now it is. Recognising this, the internet is obviously a mirror for what we can do without it. As we reduce conversations to sound bites, social justice issues to hashtags and externalise ourselves as bitmoji’s, our view of reality becomes increasingly narrow and intolerance festers.

I’ve been actively engaging with the ‘web’ of connectivity that existed before, and outside of, the internet and have become more aware of what I “plug into.” To use the internet, or a third party, in place of developing my own ability to connect reiterates the old Earth paradigm that we’re moving out of.

Another theme I’ve heard reiterated of late is that many are having difficulty manifesting the vision, grounding plans, and being able to bank on an outcome. We’re in the midst of so much change that’s it’s more important than ever we are able to hear ourselves.

In the past 200 years top down models of authority have dominated. Growth has been defined as capitalistic gain where “climbing the ladder” puts you above others and, therefore, more entitled to basic rights and security. In this time we have built more roads, pipelines and train tracks than you could ever put on one map. The old tricks and tools we are still carrying from the Earth cycle no longer apply in the new Air world. We can’t implement the old rules of manifestation, expecting that laying brick upon brick will offer us safety and security. This shift from Earth to Air is uncomfortable. It’s not an easy transition as they are not complementary elements who work well together, so it’s not surprising that life is a bit chaotic and unpredictable right now.

We are all connected in ways that are not electricity, internet, or word and thought dependant. We are not separate from the Universe, nor nature. We are the Universe and we are at the very early stages of a new cycle.

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Wadda y’know?

Well, wadda ya know?

We don’t know what we don’t know, and this Sagittarius Full Moon eclipse is a good reminder of that. Seeded with a square to Neptune back when it was a New Moon eclipse in December 2020, it now matures into a Full Moon eclipse with a square to Jupiter.

How much of what we think and know is hyperbolic?
What are your trusted sources for truth?
Who are you allowing to check your facts?

Sagittarius Full Moon eclipse: May 2021

Sagittarius tends to deliver the truth regardless of emotional investment, and yet the Antiscia points of this Full Moon fall across the hefty Mars-Pluto opposition, suggesting an underlying volatility that expresses with frustration and a splash of emotional manipulation. When is Pluto ever just a splash?

With Saturn already Rx, on its way back to clash with Uranus, and Mercury in its Rx degree, both say we’re going back over the details and the truth can be brought to light…but will you hear it? Maybe it’s too much and you’ll dig your heels into the investment in the dream or ideology. If nothing else this eclipse is, like every moment, a good time to check in with yourself about what you really think, believe and know, without any external influences shaping you. It’s a big call, but what is an eclipse in Sagittarius squaring Jupiter in Pisces without a stretch?

Sagittarius New Moon eclipse: December 2020

Jupiter Neptune co presence

I’m really loving these underwater images.

Views into life under the sea. wtf! Another world within our world. Maybe we’ll get to know the sea better through this transit.


Jupiter is dipping its big toe into Pisces. It’ll be back for the deep dive later. I’m curious to see how the infuence of water expresses as we get this new Air era going.

Rivers. Lakes. Water sources. Wells. Springs. The beach and the bottom of the Ocean.

Our connection with water…the thing that we are 60% comprised of. What vessel shape will we give it?

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Taurus New Moon carries Jupiter forth into Pisces

It’s kinda hard to believe that Jupiter is at the final 29th degree of Aquarius right now. It seemed like it took EONS to trek through Capricorn last year. Navigating the brambles of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction, Jupiter added enormity to all that was 2020. Breezing right through the entirety of Aquarius in less than 5 months, it’s about to switch gears again and dip its toe into Pisces later today.

The New Moon in Taurus is carrying Jupiter across the threshold from Aquarius to Pisces. Image by Ronald Cuyan

Jupiter moving into Pisces will emphasise just how MASSIVE everything is. Collectively we’ve been in pando town for over a year now. Through it we’ve been pushed head first into economic, physical, medical and political changes, and all of that combined now situates us at ideological war with one another. Since when did we have to agree on EVERYTHING to get along? Thanks, Aquarius!

If any sign can bring things back to earth, it’s Taurus. This New Moon is ushering Jupiter back onto home turf, offering us space to ask ‘what’s really going on?’ While we may not get the whole truth, we can be responsible for our own patch of earth and knowing where we stand. Looking each other in the eye, having face to face conversations instead of manic scrolling and reposting, and acknowledging the ways reality and media don’t align takes extra vigilance. If any two things combined know how to blow something out of proportion it’s Jupiter and Pisces…and that particular story will come to a head in 2022.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius happened last December. It marked the initiation of a new 200 year cycle of social change which means we’re only in the early days. We are the seeds of this new Air era. Our choices mean something. What we say, share, create and perpetuate will have consequences down the line. Fixed signs are called fixed signs for a reason. What we initiate now will stick.

Did you lose your key in Jarry Parc, Montreal?

I found this key in Jarry Parc on the night of the New Moon. If you lost one, it might be yours! Taurus season, while responsible for the colour and fragrance of flowers is also the other side of the Scorpio coin. The Spring bounty is an assertion of rebirth from decay and loss. This time of year always reminds me of Hekate, the keeper of keys. She was the only one to hear Persephone scream on her way down to the Underworld, and she is always there to greet her when she rises again in Spring (see Saffron Rossi for more).

Keys alert us to liminality. They open up and allow passage through from one thing to another, and today Jupiter is stepping through the threshold of Aquarius into new terrain of Pisces. That means it’s shifting gears for all of us. Watch your dreams this week, both sleep and waking, and look to where Aquarius and Pisces hold ground in your chart to see what’s shifting personally for you. Within this New Moon cycle both Mercury and Saturn will turn Rx, too, so while there is an ushering forward we will have to back track for realignment as we go.

In this New Moon cycle I will be utilising other ways of being connected with you without this 3rd party, Zuck-owned beast. My books open again tomorrow for readings, with limited availability due to studies and other projects, and I will also be creating a newsletter. If you wanna stay connected and swim in my astro insights with me, I will use that space to connect in ways that this platform doesn’t allow. Come hang out!

Taurus Season allows us to pause and reassess our resources, where we place value and what we’re contributing to for long term growth. While it can be rewarding to realign, it also means we have to be honest about where there is lack, where we have sold ourselves short and where our investments have little return.

Taurus Season allows us to pause and reassess our resources, where we place value and what we’re contributing to for long term growth. Image by Pawel Czerwinski

There has been a surge of backup accounts popping up around this New Moon, reinforcing where we have misplaced our personal and collective potential, reflecting scarcity and a lack of security instead of reliability and trust. Creating a back up account on the very platform that blocked you is like the bank stealing your money and you opening a savings account with the same bank just incase it happens again.

Don’t miss the opportunity to start something new. Collectively we have the power, resources and smarts to create something that works for us, and with us. If the last faux president of the United States can start his own online platform and the new prez can get elected on a “No Malarkey” slogan, surely we can, together, create new ways to connect that don’t require a 3rd party owned and operated by the shallow ethics of Mark Zuckerburg. Surely.

Together we are dreaming our new reality into existence. Each one of us is responsible for our own seeds of potential. If you’d like some personal guidance you can see the readings I offer here, and sign up below to receive my new newsletter next New Moon!

Scorpio Super Full Moon – Breaking of the dam

Taurus and Scorpio could be called “the give and take axis.” It’s here we’re confronted with what we’re holding onto and what we’re releasing. Taurus asserts into physical manifestation, produces results and seeks containment for consistency, while Scorpio rules the other end of the life cycle, taking compost and the deceased down into the unseen for death and renewal. This axis is no playground for the faint of heart. It’s intense and persistent.

This Full Moon is Super for a few reasons. A Super Moon occurs when the Moon is physically closer to Earth in its orbit, so we both see and feel it more intensely. This particular Full Moon is called the Pink Moon due to the flowers that bloom this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. Check out this Pink Moon design by Felix Felgo!

Pink Moon by Felix Felgo

Embedded in this Full Moon is an unpredictable, wild card energy. Since April 2018, Uranus has been plodding through Taurus, slowly destabilising our relationship to security, finances, resources and the planet. What we once relied upon is now being eroded and any weaknesses and vulnerabilities are being exposed. Change is the nemesis of the fixed signs, and right now it’s the only reliable constant we have. Tonight, Uranus fuses with the Sun as part of the light projected onto the Moon; the usual steadiness of Taurus and Scorpio is jolted into erratic bursts of fits and starts, wrapped up in the juxtaposition of deep feelings and emotional detachment.

Throughout 2021, Saturn is adding extra pressure to Uranus. We’re experiencing this as tension between old and new, restriction and freedom, in-person and online connections, to name a few. This is all being amplified under this Full Moon suggesting that something has to give. Where resistance is strong, the force of change is stronger. We’re moving out of old, stable patterns into an unknown new.

The Moon, while bright in fullness, struggles in Scorpio, as does Mars in Cancer who is hosting the Moon overnight. The Moon and Mars mutually receiving each other is not as fortuitous as it might seem. Neither are well equipped to deal with the, dare I say, dyke giving way that usually holds space for the moody, emotional waters that flood through grief. Pluto stationing retrograde only adds powerful potency to that which is unearthed and released from the emotional depths.

There’s a cracking open occurring under this Moon. Plans to let go are often wrapped up in a sentiment of readiness and voluntary release, but the light of this Moon will shine with piercing exactness on where we are kidding ourselves and what needs cleansing. It’s not the sweet smelling roses of Taurus Season past. It’s the thorns that pierce and activate the emotional trenches, and the tension of division that will reveal where we are stuck and resistant, in a tedious rut of sameness.

Taurus season offers renewal. It opens us up to what can flower from compost, what can be reborn after loss. To reap its rewards, however, we need to persevere through the challenges and move with the changes. Any disconnection we have with the Earth is reflective of the disconnection within ourselves. This scattered, sharp and restless Full Moon energy is rewiring us, making sure we’re plugged in to the right places for realignment. Any fears and emotional resentments lying below the surface will release as the dam breaks because we can no longer hold on to anything that is holding us back.

Felix Felgo is a self-taught artist based in Tiohtià:ke / Montreal, Canada. You can see more of their work on Instagram and Behance , or b-line to this amazing work aptly titled “I have painted you a tomb.”

Helen Back and the twice yearly Sun square Pluto

Life in the 2020’s sometimes feels like being squeezed through the eye of a needle. The blessing in it is that we are forced to shed what we can no longer carry. There is so much letting go right now that the recuperation time in between is shorter, catching up is no longer possible & ‘normal’ is simply acknowledging the chaos. It’s a lot. It’s been a lot for a while now.

What death & the fragility of life has shown me is that time doesn’t stop, especially when you really want it to. Life continues to assert itself, even through death.

We’ve just moved through the twice yearly Sun square Pluto cosmic chrysalis & through it have been offered an opportunity to purge. Did you move through something in the last couple of days? Was it kinda intense? Maybe something stirred in the slumbers of your unconscious to be dealt with, or a light bulb needed changing 😉. The Illumination of the Sun can expose what Pluto keeps hidden, so don’t brush the tension off with irritation. Dig in. However you release, now is a good time to offer that to yourself.

2020’s feel like we’re going to hell n back

There is SO MUCH flying around in the collective right now that it’s important we can listen to & trust ourselves, & support each other in making the best choices for ourselves. When we purge from the place of Pluto we’re more equipped for personal power. So, let go & power up!