Perseid Meteor Shower



The Perseid meteor shower was so stunning tonight! If not just for the blazing lights unpredictably darting across the sky…to be lying on the Earth, looking up at our ancestors, allowing space for all the ‘wtf is life all about?’ thoughts…& no thoughts at all. If you’re wondering how the fark you’re gunna stay up so late, just do what I did: lie down for a 45min power nap at 5.30pm…turn your alarm off when it goes off…& you’ll wake up again at midnight FULL. OF. BEANS!!! I rode out to a lake & lay on a dock in the middle, surrounded by jumping fish, fresh air & plenty of shooting stars to make many a wish upon. You have another opportunity tonight. Go on! Make it happen. Life is so short & amazing & capitalism is so fucked & distracting.


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Go with the flow.

Anastasia Kisse of Bulgaria performs with ball at 2011 Holon Grand Prix at Holon, Israel on March 4, 2011. (Photo by Tom Theobald)


There’s a lot of mutable energy in the sky right now. It’s adaptable, changeable & can go with the flow ~ so choose your direction. This mutable emphasis gives us the opportunity to bend instead of break…to reach for limits we might not otherwise…& to be flexible in the places we’re usually rigid. Give it a shot! Zone in on what you’re passionate about while the Moon is in Scorpio & Mercury is sending really clear messages to Pluto today, & be adventurous with your energy tomorrow when the Moon moves into Sagittarius.


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Retrograde v’s Capitalism


Retrograde periods are the universe’s way of telling capitalism to get f*cked. We have to slow down & stop. We have to look back, assess & refocus.

Mars the warrior, the fighter ⚔, the fierce protector ☠, the red hot lover 🔥 is in the last, most intense, degree of Scorpio 🦂. It’s been quite the journey, this retrograde cycle. From its home turf in no-fucking-around Scorpio (Jan/Feb/March), ol’ Mars did an about face turn and went retrograde in freedom loving, truth seeking Sagittarius (April/May).

The contrast in the terrain of this journey over the last few months has been of illuminating highs & confronting lows, light & dark, traversing the unknown depths of the underworld, to exploring the wide open view from the mountain tops in search of truth & meaning. The distant horizon has offered us insights into our deepest, darkest selves as well as a map for the future. We may be feeling exhausted after all this traveling. We might feel beat up by the parts of ourselves & parts of relationships that we’ve had to let go of, and by facing the reality of what we consent to in our world & how our lack of conviction & compassion hurts each of us…but the work we’ve done, & are doing, is what’s carrying us through this portal.

Be gentle with yourselves & each other over the next few days, loverz. The Moon in Cancer today & tomorrow brings us home to nurture us, dress our wounds & prepare us for the New Moon in ever loving Leo on Tuesday. From there, with Mars direct in Sagittarius, the fire in the sky can launch us back out into a way of being that is free-er, lighter & less burdened by things we no longer want to allow & carry around.

New Moons are a great time for intention setting. Be really clear about what you want & need. Aim true & be open to adventure & exploration. Remember your wounds. And keep going. There’s no going back but what you’ve learnt in the recent past is still close enough to guide you.


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What is a Rising Sign?


What is a rising sign?

Also known as the Ascendant, your rising sign is quite literally the sign (constellation) that was rising in the east at the moment of your birth. It can be thought of as the window you look at the world through. It influences the way you view the world and what you expect. It’s immediate. Right in front of us & present. It is an emergence & a doorway; a portal into the rest of our chart. It denotes an outward expression & the face we greet the world with before we introduce our more personal selves. Imagine yourself as a house. Is there a fence around it? A garden? An open door? No neighbours or do you live communally? This is a good way to understand your own ascendant/rising sign

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As smashed as Johnny Cash



MmmmmmmmMoon in Taurus today makes a semi annoying square to its ruler Venus while creating a delicious earthy grand trine with ol’ Jupiter & Pluto, fuelling the desire to have your cake & eat it, too. Indulge in the earthly pleasures, but that square might have you wishing you’d stopped at the first bite & savoured it. Know when enough is enough & grant yourself some time out to breathe & reconnect with your own truth & power, loverz. Be prepared for a discussion between what you want and what you need.


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Leo Season


With all this Leo energy in the sky & all around, there is great potential for the ego to take the throne. The journey of Leo is one of returning back to the self.
Our Leo-selves leave the safe nest that previous sign, Cancer, has cultivated & we set out to find something more…but it begins by seeking it in people & places & accolades that are outside ourselves.

In encountering life’s challenges & tests, feeling great & small, being seduced by the roar of the crowd & the constant chase for more, Leo grants us the potential to realise that all we’ve been searching for in external validation has been inside us the whole time. If we’re constantly chasing our own tail & are not satisfied, the ego has taken the wheel & our sense of self is no longer based in who we truly are.

Leo offers us the opportunity to recognise our own unique greatness & power while not being distracted by the needs of the ego. Are you searching for the roar of the crowd or are you owning your Leo lion & letting us hear you from your most vulnerable, authentic parts?

Leo is great. Already. Our entire solar system revolves around its ruling ‘planet’, the Sun. 🌞 The Sun doesn’t need a reminder of how powerful it is, how its warmth lights up a room when it walks in & how hot it looks in that new outfit. Balanced Leo energy walks around knowing…because we have gone the distance & have arrived back home & respect our own continual creative expression of ourselves.

Dive deep loverz. Don’t turn your back on yourself.

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