November 11 marks the midway point of this Mercury retrograde in Scorpio cycle. 

Today the Sun, the great illuminator, takes Mercury under its wing and protects it. Shielded by blazing light, all of Mercury’s qualities, all of the back tracking and digging, all that has been unearthed in the first part of this Retrograde cycle pause for a moments grace. This day holds the potential for razor sharp clarity, if only fleeting. From this point onwards Mercury is moving away from the Sun toward the deepest degree of the retrograde cycle where it will stop and move forward again. We have 9 days remaining to clear up, realign and sort out what Mercury has brought our attention to.

Mercury CAZIMI 18* Scorpio, 11/11/2019

Mercury Rx in Scorpio Horoscopes

Each of us has Mercury kicking up dust somewhere in our charts. Whatever house Mercury is currently passing through will indicate where our attention is being drawn and what issues we’re being dragged down into the Underworld to deal with. This is not the only cycle coming to an end, and it’s not the only way in which we’re being asked to let go. But like any detailed work that needs to get done, it will sit there glaring at us until we do it.

The following horoscopes are based on Rising Signs. If you’re unaware of what your rising sign is you can a) read your Sun or Moon sign or b) plug in your deets at for a quick and easy calculation.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio 11/11/2019. Source: NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory


Fire design by Jessika Fancy @jfancydesigns
Fire design by Jessika Fancy @jfancydesigns

The Fire signs are taking this Rx journey to the depths. It’s no small fry what emerges through this cycle & it’s best not ignored. While the Fire signs are digging deep they don’t get the luxury of sign posts. You gotta feeeeeel your way through. It’s like getting up to pee in the dark when you’re staying at someone else’s house. You can’t find the light switch so you have to feel around because there’s something important to be released. You won’t be able to rest until you do.

Aries, you are confronting your fears with a death stare. It’s difficult for a sign so driven by the survival instinct to be debilitated by the unseen, but that’s the point. If you have every deflection in the book in use, you never truly look fear in the eye. You can never truly outgrow the baggage that weighs you down. Use your full power energy to lean into any lingering grief or thoughts about death and what happens beyond this plane of existence. You have a key right now to unlock some pretty powerful energies inside of you. 

Leo, you are returning home this Rx cycle because there’s hidden treasure under the house. Pull out that box from under your bed – what memories have you stored in there and how do you veiw them from the pov of who you are today? What does family look like: is it chosen family, blood relations, community? Are there things you still don’t talk about, adding to the pile already under the rug? Are you keeping someone else’s secrets and feeling the weight of the burden? You get to unlock family stories this Rx cycle. You’re born to shine bright but first we need to address what’s hidden from view. Get out your shovel and unearth the house and family you grew up with, or longed to have. It might take some hard, vulnerable conversations, but standing clear in your intentions of being freed from the past will serve you well. You don’t have to do it all this week, but at least shake the foundations to get it rolling.

Wandering Sagittarius, you might find that all flights are grounded, or delayed, or just vanishing from the screen during this cycle. It’s time to stop running for a moment & have some time to yourself, incubating & thinking about what you’re going to embark on next. This Rx cycle can feel a tad uncomfortable and throw you into automatic pilot running for the hills. If you are going to run for the hills, take some psychology books or actively meditate each day. Keep a pen & paper next to your bed & write down your dreams; the messages will come to you in unexpected, subtle ways. Don’t expect to get too much done on the physical plane this cycle, but you can make leaps and bounds in understanding your family neurosis and what you accept and what you actively let go of as this cycle nears its end.


Earth design by Jessika Fancy @jfancydesigns
Earth design by Jessika Fancy @jfancydesigns

The Earth signs are dealing with other people in this cycle & that means it’s also a good time to double check our own projections. Be it siblings, housemates, partners, colleagues or besties there’s potentially some things that need to be said, or re-said, to get the relationship back on track. Have your feelings changed? Are you harboring resentments about something or someone? Do you want this friend hang to actually be a date? Do you need to reinstate some boundaries with colleagues? This Rx cycle is asking you to look at yourself through the lens of other people.

Taurus, this Full Moon in your sign and Mercury Rx is illuminating how you balance ME time with WE time. You’ve had SO MUCH change over the last year that what you want & need out of relationships is so different that even you don’t recognise it. This is great! Embrace it! Take this rx to lean in. Get used to this newness, this change & find different ways to seek security than you did before. Discuss boundaries, negotiations, agreements with your significant other/s or have those real conversations with yourself around how trust & betrayal might be keeping you from really building what you so desire. This is the time when you get to have a moment to breathe in and acknowledge all the changes from the past year and breathe out looking forward to what you will build as the future unfolds. Trust your hunches and release old wounds in this Underworld detox . If something suspicious is niggling at you, don’t ignore it, but don’t let it stick and grow into a resentment. You are remodelling your relationships and the basement is not going to store past hurts and destructive behaviours.

Virgo, before you read this, pause a moment to envision a scale. On one end you have your mental output; the hamster wheel of thoughts you can churn through in a day with the relentless over thinking and analysis that accompanies most interactions. On the other end sits your body, containing all of its abilities and restrictions and the web of frustrations that start in the mind and trickle down. When you envision this scale, who gets more attention or output? My hunch is that this retrograde cycle has urged you to be acutely aware of how much air time your thoughts take up. Your precious body is inextricably connected to your intellectual capacity and requires equal output. While all bodies have varying abilities, this Rx cycle is urging you to find your place of balance with this scale. Roll on the floor when you’re stuck on a loop, go for a run if you can, get a massage. Whatever balance between body and mind looks like for you needs to be implemented and utilized for your own well being. If issues arise with siblings, aunts and uncles or the noisy neighbour you haven’t dealt with but you’ve sure cursed under your breath, use your body to help guide the frustrations out. Visualize where the blockages are and release them physically. This is a deeply vulnerable time of purging toxins stored in your body that seeded as negative thoughts. Plan it out and follow your regime step by step, then repeat!

Capricorn, this Rx cycle is a great time for you to really assess your social circle. Who are you giving your precious time & energy to & who is or isn’t reciprocating? Who comes to mind when you think about having those ‘I’m scared!’conversations that will deepen your relationships to a more real & vulnerable level? There are innumerable justifications for you to not open up, but nothing will be gained behind a hard shell; you’ll just end up being cruel to yourself. You know all your own defenses and you’re having weekly meetings with your own demons this past year, so rely on your friends as they rely on you. Lean into trust with those who have earnt it. Reach out to someone you’ve slighted and own your shit. Have those hard conversations with friends or colleagues that drain your energy. You’re very particular about who you let in, but sometimes your standards are more reflective of your own fears and barriers to vulnerability. This is the time to address that and unlock some personal patterns.


Air design by Jessika Fancy @jfancydesigns
Air design by Jessika Fancy @jfancydesigns

The Air signs have their work cut out for them, literally. This retrograde cycle is knocking on the office door asking how much over time you’ve been doing, how those deadlines are coming along & how you value and implement a work-life balance. Air loves to move, but not be contained. It needs to move to stay alive. This retrograde cycle digs in its heels & asks you to think about what is really being asked of you – professionally, financially & physically. 

Gemini, you need to focus both twins in the one direction right now! Can you do it? Weather it’s in the direction of your homeopath, the gym or back out into the garden to put your hands in the soil this cycle is calling you back to your own rhythm & timing. If you bought a gym membership & haven’t used it, start slow with the treadmill or a sauna. Your well-being is your primary focus right now so don’t deny what your body is telling you. Ritual & organisation is your key. File papers, shred outdated bills and burn old love letters. Do it now so you have a clean slate to launch from when Mercury goes direct on November 20th.

Libra, is this Rx cycle putting a wobble in your orbit? There’s a lot to consider…& reconsider. You’re no stranger to this. Weigh up all your options, be mindful of what you value & what you’ve built to get where you are now. You don’t need to tip the scales entirely but a few adjustments to what isn’t sitting right will help you see the way out. Identify all the pieces that are grinding your gears & imagine each of them with roots beneath. Some will have strong, deep roots that nourish many aspects of your life & others will have shallow, dispersed roots. Some things might need to be repotted or planted elsewhere; others are asking for your care in a deeper way. Start with the roots & work your way up. The stronger roots will reflect things you’ve invested time, money and energy in; they’re part of the foundations of your life. With so much stirring, don’t be afraid to thin out the garden so you can plant new things when Mercury goes direct, but don’t be too hasty in pulling up things that nourish you, too.

Aquarius rising! You’re really having a time of it. These last 2 years have been quite the emo roller coaster & it’s taken you to some deeply uncomfortable places in yourself. Good news is, the dawn will start to break next year. There is no bad news so put that umbrella down. What is important during this Rx cycle is that you don’t neglect the projects and work you put out into the world while so much is going on internally. If a project on the back burner keeps popping into your mind, set things in motion for it to become more prominent. If you’re doing something that doesn’t really align with your values or the reputation you want to build, look at other options. When you show up at work are you sure about why you’re there and what you have to offer? If your job is pissing you off, or your boss, or the weight of capitalism is crippling your creativity, get clear on who you are and what you have to offer. If you were to quit tomorrow, how would you like to be remembered? You can only be remembered in the ways that you show up. Walk your talk and stay true to your visions, and keep plugging away behind the scenes so that you’re ready to run when the Sun rises again.


Water image by Jessika Fancy @jfancydesigns
Water image by Jessika Fancy @jfancydesigns

The Water signs are feeling this Rx cycle close to home. In fact, you’ve been feeling each and every Mercury Rx cycle this year quite profoundly. We started with Mercury Retrograding through Pisces in March, through Cancer in July and now Scorpio is here to take out the trash before we bow out of 2019. It’s motivating you to think about where you put your energy, what and who you have invested in, and which of those things you have outgrown. Whether it be relationships or your own self-interests, this Rx cycle is a solid, unwavering look into what is truly motivating your choices and realigning you with what gives you ultimate joy and meaning in life.

The hard shell, soft meat polarity has really washed Cancer rising through the emotional tides this year. Boundaries and reconciliation don’t always come wrapped up together, but this year you’ve had to dig deep to own your own shit while simultaneously laying solid boundaries in relationships. This Rx cycle is asking you to breathe OUT! Relax, unwind and enjoy those things you used to love doing before the apocalypse knocked on your door. While so much has changed, you likely can’t do any of them how you used to, so take this as a positive sign. It means you’ve changed things up and shifted with the currents. What you need to focus on during this cycle is how you take care of yourself as proficiently as you take care of everyone else. What is pleasurable for you now? What floats your boat and makes you laugh uncontrollably? What creative outlets could you weave into your schedule to bring more balance to your life? Go on a date! Paint something no one will see! The point is, this time is a reminder for you of what you enjoy, not anyone else.

All those Scorpio Rising folks agreeing that everything will come to an inevitable end, say Aye! You know it, Scorpio. You know that for something to be reborn it must first die. That simple, yet ultimately terrifying (to every other sign) fact, is where your power lies. The power required to become is seeded in potential, which is seeded in vulnerability, which is seeded in the non-intellectual knowing that the Universe operates in Divine timing…and your time is now. You are being offered the key to unlock the past; past versions of yourself, past relationships, past behaviours. In so doing, you step into a new personal cycle of growth and renewal. During this retrograde cycle you’re stripped back raw; your deep sensitivity to the world is exposed as both ally and enemy. You are walking through the fire, through the heart of the Sun in Scorpio and returning, again, to yourself. While from the outside it appears that life just keeps going, for you the layers are endless. No rebirth comes easy and there are no fair and balanced scales for what we gain and lose. You get to stand here, in the midst of this retrograde cycle with consciousness about how you have constructed your life, with understanding of how themes repeat and see clearly what needs to be released. Step out of this fire with new skin. Step out with all of your power supporting you, not sabotaging you, and use this new awareness and vulnerability to fuel your visions going forward. 

What do you think about all this, Pisces; the last sign of the Zodiac who contains All? This Retrograde cycle has asked you to hold your visions with the respect they deserve. What is it you believe in exactly? Who are the ancestors of the knowledge you devour? This Scorpio journey into Underworld has taken you to some far-reaching places in yourself. Some hard realities may have been confronting but they ultimately aligned that which you believe with who you are in the world. While this is a moment to moment, ever changing expression it’s important that you seek the source and have direct contact so that you understand the depth of your own power. Humans have migrated since we could walk and your DNA holds all of these stories. Don’t deny yourself the access you have to the stories we can’t always see but are carried within us. Take this Rx cycle as an opportunity to chat with your ancestors from distant lands and time and reconcile something lost inside of you. Trust the visions, trust the voices. You don’t need to hold onto it out of fear of loss because it’s already contained within you. You’re both ready to have dialogue now.

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