Chart chat

This reading is an opportunity to ask questions about your own chart, or a chart you’re working on.

Maybe your Moon is in the 12th house squaring Saturn, or maybe you’re heading into your second Saturn Return with Mars as your Time Lord. There’s endless options, so take the opportunity to fine tune your understanding of your own chart so you can better work with it.

It’s also an opportunity to talk about a specific aspect or technique of astrology that you’d like further clarification or understanding on. It could be understanding squares or oppositions, progressions, or what it means when a planet is said to be in Detriment. If you’re learning astrology or are a seasoned pro, there’s always more questions and room for learning.

All readings are online and offered as sliding scale.

Contact Dru with your request here.

30 mins: $45 sliding scale

60 mins: $90 sliding scale

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