Chart chat

Let’s chat about your chart!

This reading is an opportunity to ask questions about your own chart, a specific transit, event, or a chart you’re working on.

Perhaps you’re curious about the current Venus retrograde cycle, or your Moon is in the 12th house squaring Saturn. If you have career questions, are embarking on new studies, or graduating to the next level we can look to see what works best for you based on the energies available to you. There’s endless options, so take the opportunity to fine tune your understanding of your own chart so you can better work with it. This session is conversational and educational, focused on the topic you pose and is not prepared in advance.

All readings are online and offered on a sliding scale. Suggested tiers can be found here. For understanding on what to expect in a reading with Dru, follow this link.

Let Dru know which themes you’d like to discuss here.

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