Closing out the year with an open heart

Following are excerpts from my December Museletter, released Dec 31st, 2021.

Closing out the year with an open heart can feel like a tall order. There are so many reasons to shut down, close off and protect ourselves from the impending unknown, but there are actually more reasons not to. 

Last night I was told, “Tomorrow we go back into lock down.” We’ve all heard these words before, and we’ve all experienced what it means. This time, however, I felt our apartment immediately shrink in size as I heard the words lock down.

I found this curious as literally nothing had changed. Here in Montréal, we have a 10pm curfew starting New Years Eve and different restrictions for shops and essentials. It made me more aware of how high the fear factor is right now; intensely high, which makes me even more curious to scratch below the surface to find that which sustains.

As the pressure mounts again, it’s an opportunity for us to get stronger in ourselves, to hold our ground and maintain vigil in the parts of ourselves that don’t waver from external impositions.

In true Aquarius fashion, this impacts everyone, everywhere.

It’s impossible to not be connected

Eclipse Gear Shift

2020 was a game changer in many ways. In May 2020, the Nodes moved into Gemini and Sagittarius. On a mundane level this means that the eclipses have been occurring across the axis of these signs and therefore, intensifying the areas of life these signs represent. Think: information gathering and sharing, facts and truth, data, media, technology, thoughts, algorithms, social media, AI, airborne illnesses, lung issues, grief, silencing and censorship. It’s not hard to see these issues taking centre stage in that time frame.

Since then we’ve all been bamboozled. It’s hard to ascertain who or what to trust, leaving many feeling silenced, or censored, from being able to ask questions and have open dialogue.

Via this information saturation, we have also experienced the negative impacts of division and hierarchical pecking orders, but the truth is, we know better than that. We’ve spent the last few years in a collective intensive unpacking our relationship to the land we live on, the privileges we each have in race, gender, class and sexuality, and we’re still here. We’re all still capable of living our lives with respect for fellow humans, and we can continue to learn about ourselves through our shared existence with each other, not in resistance to each other.

As we step into 2022 this eclipse script will again flip, this time into the Taurus-Scorpio narrative. It will likely be another radical shift in gears. I made this video detailing what the change into Taurus and Scorpio eclipses will potentially bring about. If you’d like some visual stimulation just follow the link or click the image below.

Taurus – Scorpio eclipse video by Dru Ish

Love is a resource

There is a lot of talk circulating about the heart; people having heart problems such as myocarditis, being alerted to heart conditions that have been dormant since birth, having their heart broken by loss and upheaval, changing relational dynamics. Apparently even Big in the new Sex in the City is carrying this current heart narrative. 

The hearts natural mode of operation is openness. Warmth, acceptance, generosity and connection is the seat of the heart. It speaks through togetherness. Our collective heart is being cracked open through the stress of the energy coming in right now and like an open wound, it hurts. An attack upon the heart is enough to reorient anyone toward what’s meaningful in life. So, what’s meaningful to you? What has the stress of the past few years alerted you to in terms of your hearts’ desire?

This focus of attention on the heart coupled with the intense division is connected. To live in our hearts is not just remaining open to hearing the other side. It means we are receptive and assertive simultaneously. Actively listening to what our own truth is means we can avoid acting in retaliation to what we feel threatened by, and act out of love consciously. While this might sound difficult, it’s easier than we’ve been led to believe.

Pink Lake love. Image by Dru Ish

Pruning for growth

Running alongside the Gemini-Sagittarius eclipse narrative has been the tense stone throwing between Saturn and Uranus. They are both throwing stones, but Saturn lives in an Aquarian house of glass.

This dynamic has shaped 2021, stripping away any facade of control that stood between us and chaos. It hasn’t necessarily brought more chaos, it has simply removed the blinders that act as buffers, comfort and ease between us and the mystery that envelops life. Just as it can be hard to see the edge of the storm while standing in the eye, this dynamic is actually removing barriers between us and a world we want to live in. We just need to participate in heart-centred action.

The last exact instalment of this tense dynamic was on December 24th, 2021 (yay, holiday season!), but while the three exact connections are contained within 2021, the narrative will spill over into 2022. In October, both planets will meet again to complete their story.

The astrological symbols of these two planets says a lot about their approach to conflict. Saturn’s symbol is similar to the sickle. Traditionally associated with agriculture, we may in our modern capitalistic reasoning of “resource = $” think of agriculture in terms of production. However, Saturn is offered this rulership due to the association with toil, timing, hard work and reaping what you sow. To reap, we must cut off what has grown.

Uranus, on the other hand, is made up of two half circles facing away from each other, divided by a vertical line, united by a horizontal line, with everything underpinned by a whole circle.

Vertical lines symbolically speak of ‘as above, so below’, while horizontal lines intersecting a vertical line form a cross; a symbol of manifestation, earth and physical matter.  Through the destabilisation of Uranus this year, we are all standing in the same situation, yet pressured to turn away from each other. With the function of illumination, Uranus is offering us the insight to see how united we are in our differences, pointing out what unites us through division.

Astrological symbol for Uranus

The new world can only be approached through the heart.  We won’t move forward facing away from one another. To remain open while there is such pressure to cave, close the shutters and stick to your own, will inevitably give shape to your core. It may seem easier to shut down, but doing so only inhibits one from the inside out. 
The external shapes itself around a strengthened core, not the other way around. We’re collectively doing core strengthening exercises through these challenging times. When we allow the external pressure to shape how we socialise, share energy, communicate and think about each other, we are allowing something else to dictate the shape of our world. No matter the external narrative, we all have a core connection that is based in nature, natural rhythms and love. And it’s free.

Care is currency

I recently did some readings for a fund raiser and it was a million times better than I anticipated. Each reading was approached from the spirit of generosity and care; the person I was reading for had donated and I was donating my resources as an act of care, also. What’s not to love about a win-win!? 

Image by Jessika Fancy

As Uranus makes its way through Taurus, and the eclipses enter the Taurus-Scorpio domain, it’s obvious that currency, the financial system, and our relationship to power and resources, are all about to go into turbo-overdrive. Heads up!

When the current financial system does buckle, there will be space for change. I’m far from qualified to offer crypto / financial advice, but astrologically it is obvious that there will be a scramble for power to fill the void with something that affords more access to data and control. Doing your research before this happens will have you in better stead to make decisions when that particular pressure mounts. There are likely many ways to prepare and buffer from the fall out, but many people will inevitably suffer from this change, and you can be sure it won’t be the 1%.

A lack of food or access to resources won’t be the reason people suffer, however. It will be a starvation of love and care that has the potential to render us dependant on unsustainable sources. The Earth produces enough food to feed and sustain us all. It’s when we add the premise that one must have money to eat that we encounter poverty, lack and suffering. It doesn’t make sense, and it never has.

JFancy Blooms by Jessika Fancy

We’re always going to trade. What we trade with is the thing that keeps changing. Throughout history we’ve traded with salt, cocoa, bread, gold, copper and cattle to name only a few. If you have something I need, and I have something you need and neither of us have money, or inflation has made things inaccessible, how will we trade? What resources do you have? What do you consider valuable? How will you remain open when they change the locks?  To be without is to know what you truly have, and hoarding will only separate you further.

We will have opportunities to trade with different currencies. There may be various crypto currencies and Government regulated digital coins, but there is also the food we grow, services we offer, knowledge, wisdom and talents we’ve inherited…and love. We already trade in this way, such as when someone smiles at us, or cares for us, we are more inclined to offer generously in return. This is trade with no less value.

During times of intense pressure, the one thing we all can do is sit in our hearts. We can all generate love. There is no external device required. No other person needed, nor a subscription to some spiritual BS. When we exchange in love there is an openness, a generosity and it’s contagious. It feels like laughter, to me. There is no reason why care can’t be a central part of our currency moving forward.

As nature is my nearest teacher, I made some videos recently on each of the elements, as reminders of the basic lessons. You can click on the images below to watch them.

The Elements videos by Dru Ish
The Elements videos by Dru Ish

Let’s do the time warp again in 2022

The psychological impact of living through a pandemic landed for a lot of people in 2021. Working from home, child-care and family dynamics, safety needs, curfews & mandates, increased social restrictions, and job loss meant that how we utilise time changed dramatically. When something as reliable as time shifts, it’s inevitable that things around us also get wonky.

2022 doesn’t look much better, to be frank. Grasping to the hope of returning to normal is living in a distant past. Whether we want to or not, we are stepping into a new world, a new era, another time and we are the architects who will shape the world for our future ancestors. 

The biggest astro-event of 2022 will take place in April when Jupiter and Neptune meet at 23-24 degrees Pisces. I will write more about this as the year unfolds, but as an overview we can expect themes of exaggerated deception, big visions, high hopes, unrealistic goals and waves. Lots of waves; waves of consciousness, waves of insight, waves of emotion, waves of grief, and waves goodbye. 

This conjunction has the potential to both fuse us together and separate us further.

Remember when Shaq announcing that the world was flat was (potentially) a bit different to how you viewed the world, but far enough away that it didn’t encroach on your own sense of reality? The coming together of Jupiter and Neptune in the last, watery sign of Pisces has the potential to breach the damn of ideology and belief, blurring the lines of reality further. Get out your floaty so you can at least enjoy the ride becasue we’re all going out to sea with this one!

Remaining open to the possibilities before us takes immense courage when there’s less and less to rely on externally, but we’re never lacking in love and care if we keep in contact with our true selves, and each other.

I offer you this newsletter in the spirit of generosity and paying it forward to our future selves, with gratitude to the living, breathing rock we live on and the unbreakable threads that unite us.

With love, 

~ Druza

Dru in the Alberta Badlands just after Sunrise

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