I offer a range of consultations for individuals, couples and groups. Whether it’s those burning question or the need for clarification and guidance in the year ahead, I’ve got you covered!





Natal Chart Reading 

The birth chart is a snapshot of the cosmos at an intersection of time and space. The time of your first breath combined with the precise location offers great insight into why we do the things we do and why we are drawn toward the situations and people we are.

A Natal Chart Reading promotes self~awareness, understanding and compassion. This 1.5 hour session is a detailed journey into the inner workings of your life and the complexities of your personal human experience. This is available in person, via skype & FaceTime.

Sliding scales starting at: $120

Duration: 1.5 hours

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Predictive Astrology Reading

Somedays are diamonds, some days are stone.

There is nothing static about life, and the ground you’re standing on can alter how you respond to the inevitable flux. Predictive Astrology allows us to look back at the terrain you have been walking through, as well as that which you will cover over the next year and beyond.

As life is not a series of isolated incidents, this session offers a detailed analysis of your birth chart within the framework of Transits (planetary movement in the current sky), Progressions (background cycles that unconsciously inform daily choices) and Planetary Phases.

This 1/1.5 hour session will offer you a year long, month by month map to gauge when the best times are to leap and when it’s best to sit tight and take stock. This is available in person, via skype & FaceTime.

Sliding scales starting at: $120.

Duration: 1.5 hours

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Specific Question or clarification

Sometimes all we need is some clarification on a certain issue or area of life. This session is not a full Natal Chart reading, instead, we focus on the issue at hand and extrapolate all of the obstacles, open roads forward and the terrain of life you’re currently standing in. This is available in person and via skype.

Duration: 45 min

Price: $50

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Relationship Astrology

When we begin to unpack our own internal processes and understand the dialogue that occurs between the characters existing within us, it’s amazing to think that we actively seek relationship!  Whether it be an intimate relationship, a professional dynamic or family patterns, relationships always challenge us and force us to see ourselves reflected.

Relationship Astrology is a powerful tool for being able to zone in on the inevitable tension and gain understanding as to why and where these tensions, and ease, exists. We can’t change other people, but we can understand where the points of intersection lie. and learn how to navigate relationships with care and understanding.

This session is catered to two or more people, who are either present at the reading or give prior consent to have their birth chart read. Both/all charts will be compared to assess synastry (how the planets interact and how each persons’ needs are enhanced or challenged by the dynamic). As well, all charts will be combined to create one chart that is your energy together. This chart is sensitive to transits occurring in real time and gives greater understanding as to your purpose together.

This service is available in person, via skype & FaceTime for all variations of relationship.

2 people: Sliding scale starts at $200

3+ people: $40 per person

Duration: 2 hours

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Month by Month Personalized Forecast

Depending on your learning style, some people prefer a tangible booklet they can refer back to. This Month by Month Forecast is a written document detailing your Transits and Progressions in the year ahead. It offers insight into long term processes occuring in your current life as well as highlighting when the planets are merely inserting a passing funk in your day. You will receive guidance for how to work with incoming energies and suggestions for processing specific life phases.

6 months: $60

12 months: $100

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Working with Astrology ~ 6 sessions / 6 months

Life is not static and events often impact us longer than their actual duration. This 6 part process offers you astrological insight into your life over an extended period of time.Working with your birth chart together, we will use various techniques to give you a clear understanding of the characters that exist inside you; it’s not unusual to have internal conflict, but it can be difficult to have understanding of our conflicting needs. Having the space of a month between sessions with ‘everyday life homework’, you will bring your chart to life and to the forefront of your awareness.

This is ideal for anyone who wishes to have astrological understanding in their life without having to take an entire course. The learning is focused solely on you, your chart and planetary activity activating your chart. This is available in person and via skype.

Cost open to negotiation.

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