6 sessions – 6 months

Working with an Astrologer ~ 6 sessions / 6 months with Dru Ish

Life is not static and events often impact us longer than their actual duration. This 6 part process offers you astrological insight into your life over an extended period of time.

Working with your birth chart together, we will use various techniques to give you a clear understanding of the characters that exist inside you; it’s not unusual to have internal conflict, but it can be difficult to have understanding of our conflicting needs. Having the space of a month between sessions with ‘everyday life homework’, you will bring your chart to life and to the forefront of your awareness.

This is ideal for anyone who wishes to have astrological understanding in their life without having to take an entire course. The learning is focused solely on you, your chart and planetary activity activating your chart. This is available in person and via skype.

Cost TBD.

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Astrology readings and workshops with Dru Ish

I offer a range of consultations in person in Melbourne Vic  –  Vancouver BC –  Portland OR and online anywhere in the world. I facilitate astrology workshops on a variety of topics and continue to travel with Jessika Fancy and our Astro Tattoo sessions.


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I am based between Melbourne AUST & Vancouver, BC with frequent visits to:

Byron Bay, NSW

Olympia, WA

Portland, OR

San Francisco, CA

Los Angeles, CA


Contact: druish.info@gmail.com