Children’s charts

Dynamics between parent and child can be navigated with greater compassion and awareness when viewed through the lens of astrology. Understanding the nuances of people so close to us means we co-create our relationships and commit to understanding ourselves better in the process.

This 60 min reading is aimed at parents wanting to understand their children’s needs, behaviours and potential, as well as inter-personal dynamics between parent and child.

If you don’t have an accurate birth time, please contact Dru before booking. This reading is open to using the charts of both parent/s and child. Available as a pre-recording or via Zoom.

Duration: 60 mins

$200 sliding scale – this includes one child + 1 or 2 parents

Additional parent / caregiver / child / sibling: $100 per person

Testimony from clients about the Children’s Chart reading

Dru is a gift. I will never be able to explain my true gratitude to them. It is not an easy task to take on a Child’s natal chart, but Dru did so twice (For my son of 9 months old and my 3 year old daughter) through a frame of nurturance and care. They talked me through my children’s charts with more insight and brilliance than any child psychologist could. Dru provides you with what every parent wants, a blueprint of how to care uniquely for your child in the way that they yearn to be cared for. Like receiving an instruction manual on how to navigate your child’s emotional state, instead of floating through space, as a parent you will be keyed into your child’s inner psyche. Their reading will imprint on the many mountains we climb as parents, from sleep issues to discipline to encouragement – their reading will forever inform how I interact with my children.
Dru helps you understand what your child’s needs are, how to help them grow, and the right way to catch them when the fall. The amount of time and preparation they do is literally astounding. Beyond expectation, worth every dollar. A true gift, and I will be forever thankful. ~ C.S.

Dru is exceptionally skilled at reading a chart, synthesizing the information and sharing it in a digestible way. I was so inspired by our reading together (we did a reading looking at my child’s birth chart). Their observations and insights were resonant and they offered ways for me to apply the insights to my daily life, which was one of the goals for my session. I am in such a deep gratitude to Dru’s skill to support my journey as a parent. Highly recommend. ~ m.c.

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Sliding Scale

Sliding scale options mean that you choose the tier of payment that suits your income. Life is not a level playing field and it is important to me that my services remain accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation. If you are unsure of how much to pay, suggested tiers can be found here. The lowest price you see for each reading is the base rate. If you are in a financial situation that enables you to pay more than the base rate, please do. This is an honour system. There is no judgement in how much you pay or difference in the service you receive. If you are not able to pay the full amount upfront a payment plan is available in 3 instalments prior to the date of your reading, and a limited number of free check in readings are available each month for anyone experiencing financial hardship.

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