Cycles of Life

Cycles of Life – reading with Dru Ish

To everything there is a season.

Astrology is a wonderful timing tool. It can clearly indicate times to assert ourselves and times to consolidate and wait. There are peak times that we wish would never end, and hard times that feel like there is no end in sight, but as life is in a constant state of flux, everything changes eventually.

This reading focusses on a 30 year cycle that dictates the terrain you’re currently walking through. Being such a long cycle, there are times of sewing new seeds, helping these new endeavours grow in your life, stepping into a peak time of fruition, harvest, sharing your wisdom and finally, completion.

We will identify where this takes place in your life alongside key dates, while observing patterns that have emerged over time. This reading is helpful in those times of feeling disoriented from our life path, or when the outside world demands don’t correlate with what out inner landscape is asking of us.

This is available in person and via skype/FaceTime.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $100

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