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4 seasons. Image by Jessika Fancy
4 seasons. Image by Jessika Fancy

Natal Chart reading with Dru Ish

Your birth chart is a map of the Cosmos at the moment you took your first breath. This moment combined with the precise location offers great insight into why we do the things we do and why we are drawn toward the situations and people we are. Unlike us, this map never changes. It’s a steady companion always highlighting our challenges and encouraging development of our gifts and talents.

A Natal Chart Reading promotes self~awareness, understanding and compassion. This 60 minute session is a detailed journey into the inner workings of your life and the complexities of your personal human experience.

This is currently available via online sessions only via Zoom or Skype.

$135 sliding scale / 60 mins duration

What to expect in a reading with Dru

*If you’re trying to make a choice between a Natal chart reading and a Natal + One Year Ahead, ask yourself, “Do I want to learn more about myself right now, or do I also want to know what the year ahead has in store?” Questions pertaining to the future will be addressed in the second option (below).

New client: Natal chart + One Year Ahead

New clients seeking a Year Ahead Reading are required to have a Natal Chart reading first. While many people are familiar with their chart, each astrologer reads your chart in their own way, and you may have an interpretation of your chart that is different to mine. This sequence of events allows full integration of both, the Natal chart and the energies at play all year. The two individual sessions are held 1-2 weeks apart, based on availability.

The Natal chart session will unpack the specific make up of your birth chart, identifying the different energies available to you in this life. The One Year Ahead session locates your current life situation in the unfolding long term, background cycles we all move through – you can think of this as the seasons of life. We will look at your year ahead month-by-month through the lens of transits, progressions and planetary periods. Laying the ground work for understanding yourself through the lens of astrology, you will have specific timing points identified for incoming energies in your year ahead.

Specifics about the Natal Chart reading and the One Year Ahead reading can be found on their respective pages. The pricing is the same as booking 2 separate readings, the difference being that you are booking 2 consultation sessions at the one time.

Currently available only via Zoom or Skype.

$310 Sliding scale / 1 hour + 1.5 hours

Testimony from clients about the Natal Chart reading

What a special experience it was to have a reading with Dru! They are attentive to the fact that everyone comes into a reading with different levels of astrological knowledge, so I would recommend them to clients with no knowledge all the way up to professional. My experience is something I am still getting insights from as I found that Dru’s laid back and humble demeanour belied the wealth of insights and sharp intellect that they bring to a reading. There’s so much for me to reflect on after receiving their diligent, imaginative and careful reading of my birth chart (+ the PDF of slides they send after the reading for you to keep and refer back to). From the POV of a Scorpio Rising, I found that Dru was willing and able to go to personal places with great care and respect for the client, and in particular I would really recommend that any other queer, gender non-conforming, trans and non-binary folks consider getting a reading from Dru — especially if you are considering different astrologers and aren’t sure whether it’s more important to pick an astrologer based on style alone, vibe, or lived experience as well. In my life I’ve had such great experiences with women as astrological teachers, guides and readers, that I never thought I was ‘missing’ anything with not connecting to any gnc non-binary queer astrologers. This reading really made me realise how significant it was to have this experience with Dru in particular, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who resonates with what I’m expressing, regardless of whether or not you want to directly address your lived experience in the reading. It’s a privilege to connect to the stars with someone who has their knowledge + perspective. ~ E.S. Natal Chart

My reading (natal chart + year ahead) with Dru was insightful, illuminating, appropriately irreverent, and intriguing, which left me feeling both invincible + incandescent. They shared their interpretations with clarity while also remaining curious about my lived experience. It was full of learning and depth, while always feeling like a conversation in which I felt wholly welcome. I appreciate the way they share their work, using different metaphors and images to help explain what could otherwise be super heady or complicated. I left with a sense of agency, which is worth it’s weight in gold. 10 (ahem) stars! ~ M.R. Natal + One Year Ahead

I went into my natal chart reading a bit nervous and unsure of what to expect. Dru immediately put me at ease with their warmth, thoughtful communication style and genuine curiosity. I wasn’t expecting the experience to feel so fun and expansive – and I think a lot of that has to do with how Dru shows up so authentically! I just plain liked “hanging out” with Dru and having this experience with them. This is to say, this human’s presence, preparedness, and specific way of showing up are a huge part of what made the reading so special.

I felt cared for in what was at times a vulnerable experience. I felt seen (so seen) and accepted, even in the parts of my chart that felt a bit complicated or difficult. I felt like I had a very secure companion in the process of understanding my chart. I felt safe going deep into the experience with them – safe to show up honestly – and it made the experience more full for me. We took a journey together (and I love an adventure). I emerged feeling like something quite significant had just transpired.

Immense gratitude to Dru for what was a surprising, flowing, abundant, and profound experience. ~ S.J. Natal Chart

Dru was amazing! I had always been into astrology with my friends and just recently discovered Natal/Birth chart reading! Long story short, I found Dru in my google searches and was pleasantly surprised by how my reading went and how accurate things were! They described some things that made total sense to me and I’m excited to share my story with my close friends and family! ~M.K. Natal Chart

Only good things to say about Dru. I had both a Birth Chart reading and Year Ahead reading with Dru on two separate occasions which I highly recommend. First of all, Dru has a very beautiful energy, an empathetic soul, and an endearing laugh.

Dru really takes the time to study your chart before the reading. They come very prepared, with power point slides, different concepts, and visuals to facilitate the consultation and really make it constructive for the client. The quality of their work is exceptional.

Dru is very accessible in their ability to communicate their points regardless of the client’s experience with astrology making it very digestible and applicable. Dru offers a very well-rounded reading touching on both the psychology as well as the more literal interpretations of astrology. And it was all spot on. I highly recommend Dru. ~ A.G. Natal + One Year Ahead

I am so thankful to have received a Natal chart reading with Dru as a birthday gift from friends. It was so clear from the very beginning how much care, effort, and attention to detail that Dru put into the preparation, and it made for a truly wonderful and eye-opening experience for me. Their positive attitude and kind spirit were apparent throughout the whole session and it made for such a welcoming space. I was also really pleasantly surprised by the areas of my chart/stars that we focused on during the reading, as it was information that had never been presented/explained to me before and really resonated. There is so much to learn and yet Dru explained things very clearly, and I appreciated how they checked in with me throughout to see what was or wasn’t resonating. I am really looking forward to watching the recording again and taking in all of the information, bit by bit! Thank you again, Dru. <3 ~ H.M. Natal Chart

I cannot put into words how amazing Dru’s reading was, but I will try…Dru’s natal chart reading was equally compassionate as it was effective. It was my first astrological reading of any kind. And, although I had been dabbling in astrology for 30 years, I came to the reading knowing that I knew nothing. Dru immediately and intuitively picked up on the foundation I had and didn’t over explain the basics and got right to what I needed to hear and what I didn’t know. What they came to the reading with from pulling up my chart prior to our appointment was confidence boosting to say the least. They knew what I needed to hear and in what order. They were truly a helping hand, lifting me out of trauma and self-doubt. I cannot wait for more readings from Dru! In the 90 minutes I spent with them, I can say that Dru is a gentle, empathetic, and nurturing soul that has dedicated their life to learning and helping others. Their reading left me excited and empowered to live my truth. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, Dru. If you are reading this, that means you have found Dru. Make an appointment with them. You will be so happy that you did! ~ M.W. Natal Chart

From beginning to end I felt so utterly held and seen by Dru. Dru has a one-of-a-kind gift of communicating and explaining astrology in a way that feels so accessible and relatable. Add this to their emotional sensitivity and intuition, and you have an unparalleled chart reading experience! I had a session with Dru a few months ago, and still find myself revisiting notes and thoughts and metaphors that emerged during our reading. I am so grateful for them and their practice! ~ M.B. Natal Chart

Dru Ish’s reading was one of the greatest gifts I’ve received in recent memory! Particularly during this moment of global pandemic, it was so grounding and powerful to be reminded of the larger forces that exist in my life, my life’s purpose, and my growing edges. Dru Ish’s style is warm, direct, and authentic. I’m planning to listen to the recording many times to digest the richness of the conversation. And give natal chart readings from Dru Ish as gifts to those who are close to me! ~ Z.A. Natal Chart

I have had the privilege of having my chart read by Dru and it was one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. It was like this total stranger delicately and gently deep-dove into my soul and shone a light on some of my strengths and some of my pain, on some of my realities and some of my dreams. We spent an hour together but it felt like we’d been swimming around in those depths for hours. I was deeply moved by their humility, their insight and their gentle wisdom. The insights I gained from that one hour are still with me and have had a huge impact on how I have taken care of myself and my tender heart ever since. ~ J.M. Natal + One Year Ahead

My chart reading with Dru this week totally exceeded my expectations!
Dru has an inviting, warm energy that fosters a supportive atmosphere right from the start. I could feel the connection immediately and it was like talking to a witty and wise friend and mentor. As I stand on the precipice of the second half of life, I have felt called to step into and celebrate my truest, most authentic self. I felt Dru was keenly interested in my perspective and interpretation of my experiences and my dreams for the future. I felt seen and supported. As Dru elucidated the timing, themes and the energies of my chart, they wove a vibrant story of my astrological blueprint, my gifts and invitations for growth, and the energetic cycles at play in my life in past, present and the path before me. I couldn’t believe how accurate and insightful the reading was, and it was evident Dru had given a lot of time, attention and forethought to our time together. With Dru’s guidance, I was able to clearly envision my future self looking back at this pivotal time, and I felt a deep sense of gratitude and satisfaction for leaping into my personal power. I was shown how the cosmos supports me to step into a life aligned with my dreams, and the responsibility I have to step into the highest and truest vibration of my soul. I am deeply grateful that I found Dru, and I would highly recommend that you experience the magic yourself! ~ A.B. Natal Chart

My experience with Dru was incredible! Not only did I feel incredibly seen by Dru, I was also able to see myself in ways I never thought possible. In the days since my reading I have felt more connected to myself and those I love than ever before and I am extremely grateful for the journey within my journey that Dru took me on. ~ S.B. Natal Chart

From start to finish, Dru treated our interaction for my Year Ahead reading with punctuality, courtesy, and uncommon warmth. Payment process is clear and straightforward, scheduling via Google Calendar prompt, and pre-session communication on different channels (website form, email, and Skype) with Dru themselves very reliable. 

From the reading I got hard truths I needed to hear, given lightly and compassionately – the gifts as well as the burdens. I’ve been an astronerd for the last twelve years, and have consulted with many gifted astrological writers/readers. What makes Dru stand out is their immediate understanding of how chance and choice intertwine in their particular way for me. I unspooled parts of my life and they skilfully threaded those into their assessment of my chart, a “time map” of past, present, and future. She wove this wisdom into a practical and poetic list of themes that I’ll find easy to remember hereafter (I’ll never hear “sweater” and “swan” the same way again!). I appreciated her emphasis on my progressed Moon, delivering a message that I needed to remember badly at this time in my astro studies/”real” life. 

What I appreciated above all was their genuine respect for the process I was in. They called it like it is, helped lay out my options, and encouraged me in just the right way. The conversation left me with a renewed sense of clarity and resolve. It hasn’t really “left” me though – quite the opposite. It’ll be staying with me for a long while. Thank you Dru! <3 ~ A.D. Natal + One Year Ahead

My session with Dru was an amazing experience and exactly what I needed right now. Their reading reflected not only the major aspects of my personality and the big themes of my life right now, but also precise details that I was shocked to hear from someone I’d just met. More than that, their reading got at energies within me and forces in my life that I’m only just beginning to sense. Dru was able to explain complicated astrological concepts in ways that were really easy to understand, which has also helped me learn more about astrology on my own since my session with her. And their skill in interpreting astrology is beautifully complimented by their ability to act as a kind of counselor. They are incredibly warm, insightful, supportive, and intuitive. They made me feel so accepted, like it’s not only okay but actually really awesome to be exactly who I am. Even though their reading suggested that I would face a lot of challenges in the next while, they were so supportive and encouraging and offered so much wisdom that I left feeling absolutely inspired. During the night after our session, I had many dreams that were all centered around the information they’d given me. Clearly, their reading hit home even on the level of my unconscious. Dru is amazing and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone. ~ P.M. Natal + One Year Ahead

I was gifted a natal chart reading with Dru and what a great gift it was! Going through a crazy time in my life and the reading really helped to center me and brought some positive light on a lot of the struggles I’m facing. Dru has a calm and caring presence which helped me to feel comfortable in opening up (it was my first natal chart reading). Looking forward to getting an astro tattoo one day! ~ R.F.

Dru is simply fabulous! They radiate this amazing, genuine warmth–their enthusiasm and easy smile immediately made me feel at ease, accepted, & excited for the reading. It was quickly evident how prepared Dru was–this was not an on-the-fly reading–I could tell they put in much effort doing their homework before the session. I was so impressed at how they were able to project this fun down-to-earth vibe while it was obvious they took their work–and me–seriously. That made me feel that Dru recognized how important and powerful readings can be, and I felt they were truly committed to helping provide me with insights that gave me guidance and healing. Dru is also an incredible teacher–I am a student of astrology & they explained everything in a way I could understand and gave me time to ask questions. I’m immensely grateful & can’t recommend Dru highly enough. Thank you times a million, Dru!! ~ C.K.

I had a Natal Chart reading with Dru. They are warm and funny and incredibly insightful into the major themes of my chart. After the reading I had a huge sense of peace and they made me feel wonderful about the different driving energies of my particular astrology. It was a great experience, I felt they acknowledged so many pieces of me that I might have looked at as tough or challenging, and shone a very positive light on them, helping to accept and love all parts of myself. So, so happy with my reading and grateful I got to sit with Dru! THANK YOU! ~ T.M.

My reading with Dru was so invigorating and affirming. From the very beginning, my interaction with them felt like meeting with an old friend who knows me so well, knows my strengths and challenges, and is giving the gift of mirroring these truths to encourage me. Dru was prepared, kind, funny, fully present and generous with their energy. This was the clearest, most substantial reading I’ve ever gotten. I wholeheartedly recommend them. ~ M.S.

Dru is a gifted astrologer. She brings warmth and levity to her consultations, along with tremendous insight and knowledge. During a session, she is patient, thoughtful, and present. I’ve met with Dru annually for three years and each time, I leave feeling buoyant, centred, and appreciative of my journey. My work with her has been incredibly affirming and empowering – thank you, Dru!! ~ E.E.

Dru shared one of the best readings I’ve ever received. Dru’s reading style combines their expert knowledge and technical proficiency with their genuine compassion and strong intuition. I felt comfortable discussing difficult topics and was able to access deep healing via their guidance. It’s clear that they approach the tradition of astrology with a great deal of integrity. A top-level astrologer that I recommend to my circles. ~ L.K.

My Astro birth chart reading with Dru was so rad and enlightening! Her reading helped me understand myself and how I’m put together in ways that over a decade of therapy have not. It was an incredibly healing experience. Dru’s vast knowledge of astrology, intuition and sparkling Sagittarius personality all contributed to a fun and enlightening session. I can’t say enough amazing things about Dru or about my experience getting a reading. Give yourself this gift and schedule a reading. ~ L.W.

Dru, thank you for the natal chart reading. I have been studying astrology fairly consistently for the past year, but I was having trouble understanding pieces of my own chart. I could not break through some emotional and mental barriers. I was quite nervous for the reading, but the entire experience was uplifting, hopeful, educational, serious, and enlightening. This reading gave me back a confidence I had once lost, and hope for the few years ahead. Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us Dru! ~ L.J.

Receiving a reading from Dru has changed the way I think about myself forever. They gently guided me through the chart and allowed so many opportunities to ask questions and feel heard and validated through the process. I am still unpacking Dru’s insights a month later and suspect I will be a long time yet. ~ B.P.

My Natal Chart reading with Dru was exactly what I needed and was looking for! Their approach is grounded in wisdom, gentleness, and sincerity. Dru’s energy is truly magnetic.

While I have a (very) basic foundational understanding of astrology, I was thrilled to learn so much more from them, and found it all to be deeply fascinating. And it was both startling and exciting to hear them bring up some of the most inner intuitive characteristics of myself, and share how they have shaped and will continue to shape my life. I especially liked learning about the 4-year moon cycles we all transition through throughout our lives. So accurate!

Their reading gave me a wonderful and validating insight into the energies and avenues I need to take to help me become a better version of myself. As a result, I feel so much more grounded and confident in the choices I make. I’m so very grateful for the experience, and very much look forward to another reading in the future.

Thank you, Dru! You are truly excellent at what you do. ~ A.W.

Thank you Dru for a generous, informative and attentive natal chart reading. I had to listen to the recorded reading again the next day as there was so much information I had to take the time to pay close attention to the myriad of ideas and incites closely so I could absorb it all. Likely I will listen a few times before I will be able to embrace and use all of it. Magnanimous reading and excellent approach. Thank you Dru. I will be back! ~ M.B.

Imagine being led to the prima materia of the parts of yourself to discover the order of how these materials and energetics come together to form your sense of autonomy… A Dru Ish reading gave me this sense and crystallized the parts of myself that I’ve been investigating only as fragments for a long time. I sense the relationships of these “parts,” but Dru offered unique perspectives that re-framed the sense of identity I have unconsciously held. Their reading pivoted me back to an empowering sense of individual power, honoring my thinking by uplifting these points to a new language.

Dru’s work is special because they provide an axis to living soulfully in this world. Their grasp of the knowledge domain is distinct because astrological principles are expressed in embodied language and contemporary life. Realistically speaking, Dru as an astrologer is no bullshit and no gimmick. I think it is such a gift to encounter them and be supported by them in this way: to have them hit target points, excavate and constellate ideas (prima materia for my upcoming action plans), and demonstrate the breadth of my chart’s potentiality. ~ S.P.

It is as if Dru had found the book to my life and began reading before we connected. This experience was both validating and elucidating. I’m so happy to have had my moment with Dru and a recording I’ll rewatch for a lifetime. I found peace in knowing that I’m on the right path and the steps I’m already taking are confirmed as needed and necessary. Much love for you Dru and how you created space for me to be vulnerable and open with you. Thank you <3 ~ E.B.

Absolute best experience! Dru has endless knowledge of astrology. The reading was so authentic, fun, detailed, and eye opening! Dru created a lovely back and forth where I felt comfortable asking questions if I wasn’t clear on something or wanted to learn more. I will definitely be back for more. Couldn’t have had a better experience! ~ J.H.

Dru is such a gift!


my bestie and i saw Dru and Jessika for an astro tattoo a few years ago and the experience was sooo special. they made us feel so welcome and seen in such a warm, safe, and loving setting. i really felt called to get some grounding, especially with so many unknowns floating around in the ether…. Dru’s insights were soooo nurturing. i was able to come out of the reading feeling infused with passion to examine the tools that i’m working with and renewing that feeling of excitement to engage with life. to anyone that is intrigued to see how the different facets of themselves reflect upon each other, how the different threads of wisdom all weave together into a bigger picture, i highly recommend any of the offerings Dru has.

thank you for your insights <3 ~ L.P.

I have had the privilege of having my chart read by Dru and it was one of the most profound experiences I’ve ever had. It was like this total stranger delicately and gently deep-dove into my soul and shone a light on some of my strengths and some of my pain, on some of my realities and some of my dreams. We spent an hour together but it felt like we’d been swimming around in those depths for hours. I was deeply moved by her humility, their insight and her gentle wisdom. The insights I gained from that one hour are still with me and have had a huge impact on how I have taken care of myself and my tender heart ever since. ~ J.M.

Since I’ve met Dru, I’ve always thought there’s something special about them. Their skill and professionalism in their astrology readings is matched by their open heart and great sense of humour. I would recommend Dru to anyone seeking this kind of joyful care. ~ E.V.W.

Sliding Scale

Sliding scale options mean that you choose the tier of payment that suits your income. Life is not a level playing field and it is important to me that my services remain accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

If you are unsure of how much to pay, suggested tiers can be found here. The lowest price you see for each reading is the base rate. If you are in a financial situation that enables you to pay more than the base rate, please do. This is an honour system. There is no judgment in how much you pay or difference in the service you receive.

If you are not able to pay the full amount upfront a payment plan is available in 3 instalments prior to the date of your reading, and a limited number of free check in readings are available each month for anyone experiencing financial hardship.

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4 seasons. Image by Jessika Fancy
4 seasons. Image by Jessika Fancy
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