One year ahead

4 seasons. Image by Jessika Fancy
4 seasons. Image by Jessika Fancy

One Year Ahead reading with Dru Ish

Some days are diamonds, some days are stone.

There is nothing static about life, and the ground you’re standing on can alter how you respond to the inevitable flux. This One Year Ahead reading allows us to look back at the terrain you have been walking through, as well as that which you will cover over the next year and beyond.

As life is not a series of isolated incidents, this reading offers a detailed analysis of your birth chart within the framework of Transits (planetary movement in the current sky), Progressions (background cycles that unconsciously inform daily choices), Planetary Phases (various techniques that reflect changes in the quality of time), and Solar Returns (birthday charts).

This 1.5 hour session will offer you a year long, month by month map outlining the energies and influences coming your way. I do a few hours preparation for this reading with the intention of you having a resource you can access and utilise all year.

Available as a video recording or online consultation via Zoom or Skype.

New Clients / Return clients with expired time map: $175 sliding scale / 1-1.5 hours

Return Clients within 3 months: $150 sliding scale (see below for details)

What to expect in a reading with Dru: follow this link.
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Return Client Year Ahead Consultation

This reading creates a new time map for the year ahead. We will focus on linking the dots between your Natal chart & cycles, your previous time map, and the year ahead. This reading utilises Transits (planetary movement in the current sky), Progressions (background cycles that unconsciously inform daily choices) and Planetary Phases (various techniques that reflect periods of time ruled by certain planets).

*Available to anyone who has had a Year Ahead reading with Dru before. Return clients are eligible for this discounted rate once a minimum of 10 months has passed since your previous reading, or no longer than 3 months has passed since your previous time map ended. Appointments outside this time frame are subject to full price rates (see below).

For example: If your last reading was in September 2023, you can access the discount from July through November 2024 (10 months after your reading and not longer than 3 months after your time map has expired). If your last reading was in September 2022, it is now longer than 3 months since your time map ended, therefore the discount is not applicable.

Available online via Zoom or Skype.

$175 sliding scale – for return clients 3 or more months after your previous time map has expired.

$150 sliding scale – within the 3 months after your previous time map ended. * Please contact Dru for discount code.

Duration: 1.5 hours

45 minute check in

This consultation is for clients who have had a Year Ahead reading (or any predictive reading) who want to check in about how their time line is unfolding. When consciously working with astrology, we can make decisions that land us in new terrain that is quite different from the terrain we were in when we had the previous reading. This is an opportunity to ask questions or clarify specific planetary dynamics, it not a pre-prepared reading with a new time map.

Available to any client who has an active time map. Eg; If your reading was in June 2021, then you can access this reading until the end of May 2022 – this is longer for Saturn Return readings. Does not apply if your time map has expired. It will focus on the active time map period.

All sessions are online via Zoom or Skype.

$60 / 45 mins

Testimony from clients about the Year Ahead reading

Dru is a great storyteller, and has such a kind and calming demeanor. Even in the booking process I can tell there’s a human behind the screen and I’m not just reaching out into the void. My favorite thing about readings with Dru is that they carefully construct presentations with top notch analogies, imagery, and key words that help me soak in and recall all the intricate details of the year ahead. I’ve worked with them for both my Saturn Return and more recently for my Year Ahead and I will definitely be back again when I need some support and grounding in a new timeline! ~ J.H. Saturn Return & Year Ahead

Dru is the greatest benevolent guide to walk you through your chart. I felt seen and validated by Dru in a way that I hadn’t expected. They not only helped me make sense of old old patterns, but suggested how to rewrite those patterns by using the strengths in my chart. Dru’s approach is insightful and compassionate, and they’ve left me feeling empowered and encouraged for the year ahead. ~ T.S.

I had my year ahead read by Dru for a second year. Firstly, Dru has a beautiful energy that puts you immediately at easy and in a great mood. That alone is enough for me to go back for a reading . Dru puts a lot of time preparing for the session including slides to better communicate the complexities and transits of astrology. They also try different techniques as they are always continuing to learn and share their gift with us. Dru is great at not just reading the year ahead but advising you how to approach it, the watch outs etc. Additionally instead of only analyzing my chart piece by piece, Dru has a gift to look at the story of your life unfolding and sees the interconnection of it all. Honestly one of the best astrologers I had a reading from : Deep, thoughtful, prepared, delightful and simply wonderful. thank you! ~ A.G.

The first reading with Dru in 2021 was so informative and insightful – it guided me for months. I just completed a second reading (2022) which was also jam-packed with information helping me in my life choices and journey. Dru has astonishing communication skills and incredible astrological wisdom but above all I felt the compassion of caring person wanting to help me live my best life. Dru has become a special gift in my life. ~ L.S.

Only good things to say about Dru. I had both a Birth Chart reading and Year Ahead reading with Dru on two separate occasions which I highly recommend. First of all, Dru has a very beautiful energy, an empathetic soul, and an endearing laugh.

Dru really takes the time to study your chart before the reading. They come very prepared, with power point slides, different concepts, and visuals to facilitate the consultation and really make it constructive for the client. The quality of their work is exceptional.

Dru is very accessible in their ability to communicate their points regardless of the client’s experience with astrology making it very digestible and applicable. Dru offers a very well-rounded reading touching on both the psychology as well as the more literal interpretations of astrology. And it was all spot on. I highly recommend Dru. ~ A.G.


Dru provided a relevant and meaningful year-ahead reading. Always professional and supportive, they provide clear, easy to understand explanations of abstract concepts such as progressions. Dru has an astute ability to assess my current situation and provide approaches to optimally utilize planetary energies. Excellent personalized visuals they provided were a useful macro summary of what’s happening but will be helpful for on-going quick reference in the coming months. I definitely plan to make this an annual reading to navigate the complex maize of astro transits. Thanks Dru! ~ F.K.

Dru has given me a couple of Year Ahead readings, and I just re-watched the video from my most recent one. At the time I really connected with what Dru laid out in my near future, but it was hard to picture past that. Now that it’s been 4 months, I am so glad I had the recording and chart to look back on! From where I sit now, I “get” so much more of what was being said at the time and and once again – it all feels like I’m following the right track. Dru’s work and their way of sharing it back made me feel understood and not alone, but also empowered me to remember that I’m the one in the driver’s seat, and it’s up to me to make the changes I need to support myself through this ride. Thank you again, and I am so glad I made the time to check back in with the reading! ~ L.H.


Dru explained my chart with great clarity and warmth, that helped me to understand the transformation that was available to me in my transitions through my solar cycles. Very authentic and detailed delivery which made my chart reading an exceptional experience and very transformative. I can not recommend Dru enough! I will definitely be back next year. Thank you Dru ~ N.B.


I recently had my second Year Ahead reading with Dru, 3rd session overall. Once again, I walk away feeling empowered, proud and excited for what’s to come. Dru gives me such an incredible sense of courage and an enormous feeling of pride at where I began vs. where I am today. They really master their craft and have an incredible ability to draw the most wonderful imagery when describing my year ahead so that I can see myself dancing with the energies of the cosmos and learning from the messages of the universe. This helps me feel more open to allow myself to be moulded and transformed by the coming transits. A sense of excitement is behind Dru’s words, they are able make everything that lies ahead feel like an adventure, something to be experienced and to reap the fruit of. Dru is a genuine and natural guide, supportive and enlightening. They have been an immense help to me over the last couple of years and I am extremely grateful to experience their gift and deep knowledge. ~ T.M.


As an astrology novice with a love of data, I’ve always been curious about my chart and if it actually portrays who I am. But, with my logical curiosity came a slight apprehension about getting dooped or wasting money with the wrong guide. My sister got me a Year Ahead reading with Dru for my birthday and I’m so grateful she recommended them! Through my chart, Dru already knew the underlying meridians that make me, me. They explained necessary concepts in a very digestible way and put an enormous amount of work into my deliverables (birth chart, year ahead timeline, visual aids). They encouraged my active participation and I think that the more vulnerable you can be with Dru, the more you’ll get out of your session. If you’ve found this page and are still mulling, you should go for it. You are in good hands! ~ L.B.


My Year Ahead reading with Dru was incredibly informative, validating, and thought-provoking. This was my first astrological reading and I learned SO much about my birth chart and the unique ways in which the cosmos impact me. It’s mind blowing to me how Dru could so accurately describe me and my circumstances during this reading. They explained things in a very easy to understand manner and we had excellent conversations about the ways in which the things they read in my chart have played out in my life. They have a true gift in understanding and sharing astrological information. The entire session was very warm and lovely and I truly didn’t want it to end. I feel that Dru shed major light on things for me, provided me with new ways of looking at life, and prepared me for a pivotal year ahead as I go through my saturn return. I highly recommend their services and will definitely be returning again in the future. Thanks Dru!!!!! S.L.

I was gifted a reading with Dru and it was a really unparalleled experience. I felt seen and supported in such a new, unique way. I feel braver at confronting uncomfortable situations and feel like I was given a road map to navigate the next year. No doubt the effects of this reading will positively impact my business and my heart and my relationships all year. It was such a treat to be given permission and encouragement to trust myself, trust the process, and trust the ride I’m on as long as I’m being honest and true with myself. It was just the signpost I needed and have never been given. Thanks Dru. You are a sweet and gentle talent. ~ E.B.

My second transit reading with Dru affirms why they are one of my go-to astrologers and soul-guides. Once again, they skillfully inter-wove several layers of interpretation (annual transits and profections, lunar progressions, and Venus progressions) into a narrative that was both coherent and complex. Richness of astrological interpretation notwithstanding, I had a strong sense that their technique was always in service of a deeper aim: to draw a horizon of meaning large enough to encompass future possibilities for my outer life, and intimate enough to recognize my deep-rooted, inner contradictions of feeling. I was also very impressed that they not only remembered stories and issues that I shared with them more than a year ago, but that they also knew how to course that lived information into possible arcs of action, based on their astrological forecast of this year. I felt their deft expertise as a joyful, companionable, compassionate witnessing – genuinely respectful of my autonomy. It’s no exaggeration to say that Dru helped me get through 2020 with my sanity and hope intact, and I’m sure that they will be a constant source of wisdom and encouragement as I embark on 2021, a totally different but equally life-changing year. You are such a gift, Dru! May you always be blessed and supported in your work. Looking forward to catching up with you again in 2022, and 2023, and…! ~ A. D

I just got my first natal chart reading with Dru, and wow! They’re so knowledgeable and insightful! I left feeling very seen and understood by Dru, and with a clearer view of myself and my own patterns and life path. I feel ready to take on the rest of my Saturn Return and my life with more insight and tools in my pocket! Thank you, Dru!! ~ E.S.

This reading deeply resonated with a lot of the current events of my life, giving me a more clear picture of what exactly is happening and helped prepare me for the future. Dru struck so many chords, and it was as if I was talking to someone who had known me for years, when in reality they had only read my chart. It was a beautiful session, and I hope to book another in the future. ~ P.J.

They’ve done it again! This is my second time meeting with Dru, this time for the year ahead reading. They are truly the master of their craft. They have a very clear way of communicating, and makes sure I understand what’s happening in my chart. They explained what’s coming up for me and what would be the most beneficial for me to focus on. Dru is so knowledgeable and incredibly personable. I can’t wait for my next reading with them! Also being american, you gotta love a good accent! ~ J.H.

I just had a “Year Ahead” reading with Dru and, like many others have stated, I felt SEEN. It was illuminating and validating. It was as though they could see the intricate colors of my life story. Their reading accurately highlighted what chapters have played (or will play) an important role in my next life cycle and explained why I have been blocked in some respects. Their warm and engaging personality had me blurting out my current struggles after only 4 minutes! There was understanding, easy laughter and gentle questioning that made it feel like a safe space – something of utmost importance if you are to truly reverberate with the multi-faceted layers of your own personality. Many times, in the past, I have found astrological jargon confusing and it would go straight over my head, but Dru articulated it in a way that I could digest and thoroughly relate to. I am grateful to have the recording to come back to, as it was a heart dose of information. What a gift, Dru! Thank you for being so genuine! ~ T.S.

I had expected my natal chart and Year Ahead reading to be insightful and moving, but what I got from them was more than that: empowering and emotionally validating. What I have felt were perplexing and sometimes burdensome parts of my personality and psyche were explained with brevity, compassion, and humour. Dru gently guides you to see that the things you beat yourself up about are part of your uniqueness, and offers advice how to manage and even nurture these along with your own natural gifts and talents. They neatly summarised their insights for me in practical language that I’m sure I’ll be taking to heart for years to come! Most of all, they led me to understand that underneath what has often felt like tedious years of sameness and mediocrity, deep healing and transformation has been taking place, preparing the soil for a season of renewal and abundance. Even in these strangest and most uncertain of times, Dru has given me much to look forward to and move ahead with. I will always treasure this precious time with her as part of my toolkit for what’s ahead. Thank you so much, Dru! ~ J.D.D.

This was my third reading with Dru, and as always it was amazing. Dru’s insights have a way of helping me feel grounded, and their readings always seem to be in sync with whatever is happening in my life which is so validating. Dru is so talented at holding space and offering astrological readings that are compassionate and inspiring. Moving forward, I will continue to have readings with Dru as they have become an integral part of my self-care and personal evolution. Thanks Dru! ~ J.D.

Amazing reading from Dru, I had never had a chart reading and didn’t really know what to expect, but I was blown away by the level of preparation. Dru has so much knowledge and their ability to lead me through all of the symbolism and significance of my chart and my cycle was truly a pleasure to experience. ~ M.R.

I’d heard about Dru’s readings through a few friends and was intrigued to know more about what the stars had in store for me. A week before my birthday, I was given the gift of a Predictive Reading and couldn’t wait. Dru was incredibly patient and diligent in preparing my reading, provided a comfortable space, and I especially appreciated the open dialogue throughout it all. It helped me better understand the reason my particular story played out the way it did, as well as equipped me with the tools to better take on the next year. I gained perspective and insight that I’d been searching for for years. It was a wonderful gift that I’d want to receive again in the future and gift my friends and family. ~ S.Z.

I had such a good reading for the year ahead with Dru. I nodded my head non-stop for the entire hour and a half the reading lasted because what they were saying resonated deep. Their guidance will definitely stay with me as it was profound and useful. They have such a great energy and is the kind of person you want to receive guidance from: open, kind and a beautiful human being. Thanks Dru! ~ E.C.

From start to finish, Dru treated our interaction for my Year Ahead reading with punctuality, courtesy, and uncommon warmth. Payment process is clear and straightforward, scheduling via Google Calendar prompt, and pre-session communication on different channels (website form, email, and Skype) with Dru themselves very reliable.  From the reading I got hard truths I needed to hear, given lightly and compassionately – the gifts as well as the burdens. I’ve been an astronerd for the last twelve years, and have consulted with many gifted astrological writers/readers. What makes Dru stand out is their immediate understanding of how chance and choice intertwine in their particular way for me. I unspooled parts of my life and they skilfully threaded those into their assessment of my chart, a “time map” of past, present, and future. She wove this wisdom into a practical and poetic list of themes that I’ll find easy to remember hereafter (I’ll never hear “sweater” and “swan” the same way again!). I appreciated her emphasis on my progressed Moon, delivering a message that I needed to remember badly at this time in my astro studies/”real” life.  What I appreciated above all was their genuine respect for the process I was in. They called it like it is, helped lay out my options, and encouraged me in just the right way. The conversation left me with a renewed sense of clarity and resolve. It hasn’t really “left” me though – quite the opposite. It’ll be staying with me for a long while. Thank you Dru! <3 ~ A.D.

Dru’s Year Ahead reading gave me incredibly empowering insight on the kind of work that I need to do this year to come into my own and to liberate myself from patterns that no longer serve me. It is so valuable and special to have an ally like Dru in my life and I’m so grateful to have benefited from her sharp, kind, and uplifting reading. From the first minute of the session, Dru exudes a warm and nurturing energy that lets you know right away that you will be held and that you are safe with her. They’re definitely an astrologer I will keep coming back to again and again at important turning points in my life for guidance, comfort, and support. It’s magical how their reading of my chart made me feel seen, heard and understood in a way that was completely free from judgement. Quite the contrary, I felt like the way Dru framed things about me (even the harder things to hear such as the challenges and the transformational work that I will need to do to grow) was tremendously positive and encouraging. Their affirmative language is so important especially because it is so easy for me to get bogged down and be hard on myself. In those moments, I can mobilize the thrilling and affirming vocabulary that Dru used in our session to be compassionate towards myself. 

I’m grateful that Dru lets us record the session — I will keep coming back to their words religiously. In fact, some of the things they’ve said have already become positive mantras that move me deeply. I also want to commend the way that Dru structured the session. They are so professional, and they communicate really profound and dense information in a clear and creative manner. They used lots of analogies to help me relate to what they’re describing, and these images helped me understand my patterns and behaviors even better. They also checked in regularly with me to make sure I was following what they were saying and I really liked that steady, grounding rhythm.  The word that keeps coming back to me as I write this is GIFT. Dru is a gift for your soul. Their session is like a big hug and a healing balm and an encouraging pep talk all at the same time. I am excited about my year ahead even though I know that there will be change and a hell of a lot of Uranus-related shake-ups because Dru framed it as *liberation* from patterns that no longer serve me. Thank you Dru, I cannot say it enough. I needed this. ~ S.N.

This was my second reading with Dru. I was pleasantly surprised when they remembered details from the first reading and it speaks volumes to how they approach working with their clients. This time around they answered any questions I had from the last reading (Year ahead) and helped me unpack and explore various themes found in my natal chart. Their words are kind, positive, and validating. I also recommend you record the Skype session as it is useful to revisit and reflect. ~ C.S.

I am SO grateful that I found Dru in this vast world – I am grateful that our paths crossed, grateful for Dru’s gift, and grateful for their view. My Year Look Ahead with Dru far surpassed any of my expectations – they wove an intricate story of my natal chart and my upcoming transits with beauty and ease. My reading was several days ago and I am still processing and digesting all of the amazing information that they shared with me. I so appreciate that Dru recommended I record our Skype session, so that I can review the information later, too! Dru has such a way with words – they were descriptive, palpable, and kind. I learned so much in my time with Dru and I will look back on my reading with gratitude over and over again. Dru – you’re simply amazing! Thank you, thank you for sharing your gift with the world! ~ L.B.

My year ahead reading with Dru was so helpful and encouraging. Dru was clear and vivid, down to earth and thorough in making sure I understood how everything worked and weaving together my chart, life phase, and current transits. I felt safe and supported, and it was so easy to be open with them and ask the questions that matter to me. I feel bolstered in my ability to address what’s happening and coming up in my life and I’ll definitely consult Dru in the future. However much I loved their writing, the irl (skype) experience was even better! So thankful. ~ C.S.

This natal chart and one year ahead reading with Dru was gifted to me by my lovely friend and has helped give me a map for my life thus far and where I’m headed next, through a big time of transition and change. It’s helped me to feel validated in why I am the why I am, why certain things are so important to me, and why I can’t suppress who I truly am in order to fit into a life that fits the mould. I recommend Dru for their gentle, caring presence, for their incredible insight & knowledge, and their ability to convey messages in ways that resonate deeply. Mind = Blown! ~ R.M.

My year ahead session with Dru was enlightening, empowering, and absolutely the best gift I could have given myself. Dru has a powerful way of seeing through to your core and handling that knowledge with a gentle touch. I have been recommending these sessions to everyone I know and can’t wait to do another myself. ~ S.B.

Dru gave me a Year Ahead reading a week ago and I’ve been thinking about it every day since. It was my first time having an astrological reading and I was impressed with how thorough she was and how much she taught me. Not only did I learn about my chart and my energies, but Dru took the time to make sure I fully understood the larger processes at play. I feel like I have such a greater understanding of myself, but also that I’m being more compassionate with myself too. Thank you so much for your time, Dru. You are a warm, sincere, wealth of knowledge! ~ L.H.

I found myself being quite astounded in Dru’s ability to ‘get me’ and to help me see and understand how my past relates to the present and to where I’m going from here. A few days after hearing Dru’s wonderful analogies of the ‘theatre of my life’ I texted her about a seemingly out-of-the-blue incident that showed me that indeed things were happening as she had described – that was soooo cool! It was such a gift to be able to hear her insights and the time I spent with Dru and those charts has helped in knowing what types of things are pending and some things are just meant to be. I found myself thinking about Dru’s session when considering important decisions about my future and it has really clarified my thinking about some important life events. I really enjoyed the excitement Dru has for her talents and how she soooo gets right into it. Thank you sooooo much Dru. You are such a sweet gem. ~ E.H.

Sliding Scale

All readings are offered on a sliding scale. Sliding scale options mean that you choose the tier of payment that suits your income. Life is not a level playing field and it is important to me that my services remain accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial situation.

The lowest price you see for each reading is the base rate. If you are in a financial situation that enables you to pay more than the base rate, please do. This is an honour system. There is no judgement in how much you pay, or difference in the service you receive. If you are unsure of how much to pay, suggested tiers can be found here.

If you are not able to pay the full amount upfront a payment plan is available in 3 instalments prior to the date of your reading, and a limited number of free check in readings are available each month for anyone experiencing financial hardship. Horary questions are free for refugees and incarcerated persons, or those facing incarceration.

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I have had my horoscope done a few times before I heard about Dru’s services. Those previous readings were overall good, and gave some insight in situations, but nothing compared to Dru’s work. I decided to go for the full reading (past, present, future) and never regretted doing so. When my horoscope was done, Dru took the time to read and explain my charts (you’ll get more than one chart – so great!) to me. Everything that Dru told me made sense. I was blown away by the accuracy, specially when we talked about some key dates in my life. They were really spot on – I could remember the important things that had happened in those time frames. Dru’s insight and explanations on what’s going on in my life right now (and into the future) has also given me clarity on some issues and helped me make up my mind on some big decisions. If you want a very detailed, spot-on (and fun!) reading, look no further. ~ P.W.

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Pay it forward: Gift Certificate