Saturn Return package

Saturn Return Package – with Dru Ish

Nothing happens in isolation. Your Saturn Return is happening amongst an array of both personal and generational transits that will support and challenge throughout the three year period. This package is broken down into THREE consultations.

The first 1.5-2 hour consultation outlines your Saturn Return step by step. We will look at your natal chart, how Saturn shapes up, how and where your SR will play out, the things you’re being asked to step up and into, and identify the things you’re being asked to leave behind.

I will give you key dates and timing points framed in the landscape of both progressions and transits (background cycles and planets moving in real time).

The following TWO 45 minute readings will take place throughout your Saturn Return as a check in, re-orientation and “WTF was that?!” These two readings are an opportunity for you to revisit what condition your Saturn is in and what is being asked of you. It is a time where you can ask questions about specific past events in your SR, direction for upcoming decisions as well as having astrological dialogue about what your Saturn Return has been about.

Available as a pre-recording or via Skype. Cancellation and refund policy can be found here.

If you don’t have an accurate birth time, please contact Dru before booking.

$350 sliding scale

Duration: 1.5-2 hours + 45mins + 45mins

Testimony from clients about the Saturn Return reading

My gratitude for Dru’s astrological wisdom, gentle heart, and soul-shaking ability to communicate knows no bounds. As a fellow friend and astrologer, I’ve always been impressed and inspired by Dru’s dedication to their craft and desire to make powerful, meaningful, heartfelt work. Yet, it wasn’t until I reached the precipice of my own Saturn return and craved an objective view of my chart that I really got to experience Dru’s shine firsthand. They have a way with words and imagery that flows directly to your core, illuminating the secret story that needs telling within all of us. I can genuinely say that I feel like their guidance and support through astrology re-wired parts of my brain that get stuck in damaging loops or rabbit holes. Dru helps you make the unconscious parts of your chart conscious, so that you can integrate all the disparate parts of yourself and dislodge any thorns in your side. I will truly cherish the Saturn return reading Dru gave me forever because of the effort, love, and humanness so deeply imbedded into their craft. If you’re willing to open yourself up to doing the work that Saturn presents, and are looking for a one of a kind astrological experience, it would be a mistake to seek out anyone else but Dru. ~ M.D.

I truly don’t have the words for how influential my readings with Dru have been. I first connected with them a few months after my Saturn return began in 2018 and their reading was nothing short of incredible. The themes were consistently spot on and shockingly accurate. I continued to listen to my recording of the reading throughout the three year period, which massively helped me to stay grounded throughout the moments that felt chaotic or uncertain. Dru’s presentation and insight is profoundly helpful and makes you feel completely understood as a human. After my Saturn return finished at the end of 2020, I did a year ahead reading with them and was again blown away recapping my recent Saturn transit and looking at this new year ahead. Dru essentially hands you a little guidance map of pure gold information and all you have to do is trust the feelings and lean into the journey ahead. ~ L.G.

What a transformational, re-affirming, and pleasure of an experience it was working with Dru! I had a Saturn Return reading, and was so impressed at their knowledge and presentation. Their ability to really sit down with folks and connect the dots while simultaneously providing tools for personal growth, insight, and development is unparalleled. Dru, thank you for listening to my story with kindness and empathy, all while laughing with me along the way. You answered all of my initial questions before I had to even ask! I am beyond relieved to hear a lot of what I’ve been feeling to be reaffirmed and elaborated upon by Dru with how the SR energies manifest. I highly recommend this reading to everyone navigating these coming of age waters, and am super looking forward to working with her again. ~ B.E.

I had my Saturn return reading with Dru. As someone who knew very little about astrology, I found Dru’s insights very enlightening. They have a very calm and inviting presence and an accessible and appealing way of understanding concepts. The framework they gave me for uncovering my birth chart and Saturn return have sparked my curiosity and given me a different perspective. I 100% recommend Dru. ~ J.K.

Dru is AMAZING! It was the perfect combination of chart reading and education on astrology, and feeling heard so that we could interpret my reading together and how it relates to my life and upcoming Saturn Return. For anyone aiming to gain more clarity around their life’s purpose and direction, I highly recommend a reading by Dru!! Thank you thank you thank you. ~E.B.

I left my Saturn Return reading with extreme joy, profound relief, and a strong sense assured guidance. I felt then and still feel now that I have a stronger understanding of my challenges, my strengths, and how I can lead myself through situations that life will seek to throw at me. It was such a positive experience; I highly recommend it for anyone who’s considering!! ~ A.B.

My reading with Dru came at a time where I was hungry for a better understanding of patterns occurring in my life, as well as how to prepare for my upcoming Saturn Return. Dru was knowledgeable, affirming and honest about what to expect. She provided me with tools regarding how to navigate various situations, and helped increase my confidence around internal and emotional capacity. I especially appreciated her continued reminders to embrace personal qualities that others sometimes consider to be too intense, and use them in ways that will positively contribute to my goals, values and beliefs. Overall, I feel as though I ended our session having more clarity about both myself and how I want to be present in my own life. ~ K.D.

I just got my first natal chart reading with Dru, and wow! They are so knowledgeable and insightful! I left feeling very seen and understood by Dru, and with a clearer view of myself and my own patterns and life path. I feel ready to take on the rest of my Saturn Return and my life with more insight and tools in my pocket! Thank you, Dru!! ~ E.S.

I had a Saturn Return reading with Dru and I am looking forward to my future after our reading. They are SO knowledgeable and explains everything thoroughly, I had all of my questions answered before I had an opportunity to ask. They literally mapped out how to navigate these Saturn waters and is so easy to talk to. I am looking forward to getting other readings from them in the future and recommend them to everyone. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and helping on my path Dru. You are a gem. ~ J.D.

I just entered my Saturn Return and had no idea what that meant or how this time in my life was related to Astrology. A friend recommended I connect with Dru and I am so glad I did. Dru patiently, kindly and knowledgeably taught me about my chart, gifted me space with which to view myself on a cosmic level. All the while, they thoughtfully allowed for practical ways to keep myself open and grounded. I’m am SO stoked to now have a bit of perspective while I lay the foundation of who and how I am to become during this whole Saturn Return journey. ~ M.

I’ve been sitting with insights Dru brought forth during my reading for a few months now, feeling affirmed as i edge closer to my saturn return + seek to root myself in trust/honesty. i’m grateful for my first reading + certain it won’t be my last! ~ N.

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