Saturn Return

Saturn Return Reading with Dru Ish

Saturn returning to the position it was when we were born marks a time of maturation when we’re 28.5, and an initiation into the position of Elder when 57-60.

This reading is for those entering or submerged in their Saturn Return. It outlines your Saturn Return step by step. We will look at your natal chart, how Saturn shapes up, how and where your SR will play out, the things you’re being asked to step up and into, and identify the things you’re being asked to leave behind.

I will lay out a month by month map for you so you know when to apply the gas and when to consolidate and wait. I will give you key dates and timing points. This will be framed in the landscape of both progressions, transits and planetary periods.

Available in person and via Skype.

Price: $180 – $350 sliding scale.

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Pay it forward: Gift Certificate
Pay it forward: Gift Certificate

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