Crossing the threshold


Mars is in the final (critical) degrees of Sagittarius ~ the threshold between worlds. Here, we’re offered a view backward over the terrain of a the recent retrograde period, & forward into a time of making manifest our dreams.

✨Thresholds are interesting spaces. Like border crossings they have their own laws. We’re not here nor there yet…but we’ve f’sure travelled to get here & have arrived with intention for our travels on the other side. Thresholds are liminal spaces. What we encountered & asked for was necessary in the recent past, but is likely not so on the other side. You can experience this physically by standing in the doorway of your bedroom. What you do in your bedroom is likely not appropriate in the hallway or living room on the other side of the doorway. Both spaces have their purpose & function, & both are valid, but the threshold that divides them is a neutral space, transforming one space to the next. Thresholds are a space where we can stop, breathe, pause & asses. We change our energy & intention.

✨Mars entered truth seeking, adventure bound Sagittarius back in March. What adventures did you embark upon March-April? What dream seeds did you plant? What view of possibility did you have? From the end of May to the start of August, Mars waded into the deep, dark waters of Scorpio, slaying any misconceptions we had about ourselves, asking us to double check if we were being authentic in our expression & search for truth, & forced us to look at how we deal with our power, both personally & in the world at large. The sword was sharpened & it cut straight through any bullshit we tried to deflect it with.

✨From the start of August we re-emerged from the underworld back into the light & up to the mountain top for a vast view…a broad perspective. Sagittarius is familiar in this terrain. It scales the mountain with inspiration as its fuel. Adventure is part of the deal…& learning from mistakes is inevitable.

✨ As we stand in this threshold, dear Capricorn is standing at the foot of that same mountain. The picnic basket is packed. It’s been checked a dozen times already to make sure nothing has been forgotten. There is a map. There is a backup plan, & most importantly, there is a goal. Capricorn knows all too well of the rewards of hard work. It has no desire to follow in Sagittarius’s footsteps. It will dutifully place one hard working foot in front of the other from the base of the mountain to the peak. The journey will be thorough. The picnic basket will be checked…& checked again, for underlying Capricorn’s drive is a constant niggling fear of failure. If you have one eye on success & achievement, you best have the other eye close on the slippery slope of failure so as to avoid it.

✨ Mars entering Capricorn tomorrow allows us the opportunity to make manifest the dreams we dreamt in Sagittarius. We were given the opportunity to view ourselves in a new light, in a new way that in the past might have felt impossible, or too far out of reach. What do you need to implement in your life to make these dreams & visions of yourself a reality? What do you want to put in that picnic basket to make sure you have enough fuel & inspiration for the journey? Are you ready?

✨ Mars in Capricorn is a marathon runner. It’s in it for the long haul & has stamina like no other. If you give it a to-do list while standing in this threshold, you’ll be doing your future self a favour. Think of your best possible outcome & step through the threshold with all of your energy & drive & determination. Capricorn cares about quality & it wants to achieve your goals. Saturn, its ruler wants us to take responsibility & mature these parts of ourselves. Set your intention. Plot the map. Check the picnic basket AGAIN, just to be sure…& look up at the mountain you’re about to scale. Give yourself permission to be great & get busy on the journey of creating it.✨✨✨

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