Detox symptoms

Mercury Rx in Scorpio symptoms can present in a myriad of ways: Crossed wires and butt dials, thinking about your own or someone else’s death, playing epic ballads on repeat, seeking storylines about the ties that bind and /or the frank re-emergance of grief. The list is as endless as the Underworld itself.

Scorpio operates in the dark. Nocturnal and hidden, it digs around in those uncomfortable places that we’d prefer life not dish up at a dinner party. It goes straight for our grief, repressed emotions, intimacy issues and pierces through to the core of distrust and powerlessness. It’s to the bone raw.

There is SO MUCH going on in the sky right now, heading into 2020, that it’s impossible to extrapolate one from the other. If you’re feeling it, you’re plugged in. It doesn’t feel light and fluffy and it’s not supposed to. We are collectively detoxing. Scorpio specifically wants to identify and purge toxins.

No one is spared

World events are a great way to gauge the energy coming through. While many issues have been active well before this particular cycle, Mercury is retrograde for everyone right now – for Governments, for protesters, for horse races, for music being released (speaking of which, how is Drake?) and for the revelation of prophecies. Everyone is going over old ground & trepidation is the chocolate nibs in our trail mix.

There is no doubt a revolutionary energy brewing. We can thank the building Saturn-Pluto conjunction for both the awareness of change and the deep grief that is accompanying it. This Scorpio story is only making sure we don’t look away.

Mercury2019 as the Joker

This Saturn-Pluto clusterf*ck in Capricorn is challenging outdated forms of authority, governance, systems and structures that we are both dependant on and forced to endure. It’s highlighting the impact of borders and nationalism, racism weaved into environmental devastation and the toxic side of masculinity, power and hierarchy…to name a few.

We are releasing while simultaneously clinging to what we can salvage.

Hong Kong, Iraq, Chile, Lebanon, Barcelona, UK, Ecuador, Bolivia, Kashmir and Egypt are all currently experiencing huge political and social upheaval, not to mention the ongoing struggle for Indigenous sovereignty. Extreme is the new normal and it will only get worse before it gets better.

Withdrawal is a natural phase

Take this retrograde time to go through your own detox, and don’t stop when it gets tough. Revolution is happening both personally and collectively. If there’s a lot of internal tear gas being fired right now, seek the source. If your relationships and connections are at logger heads, address unresolved issues and power imbalances. If there is daily turmoil, know your limit. Acknowledge what can be rebuilt and what is calling you toward its funeral.

Mercury Rx in Scorpio: 2019

Scorpio asks us to confront mortality head on
Butt dial – Mercury Rx shadow phase
Mercury Rx in Scorpio brings the dirt to the surface.
Saturn Pluto in Capricorn
Mars in Libra
Mars in Libra – Iraq
Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn Iraq 2019
Mars square Pluto – Iraq 2019
Current transits are highlighting the relationship between money, sex and power.
Saturn Pluto South node in Capricorn

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