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We live in a time where fact checking is a necessity, but redundant due to semantics and a general expectation that those in positions of great power have to be dishonest to get there in the first place. We also live at a time where we’re debating whether fair trade is really fair and free trade really free…and how can we trust the source of our news anyway?

Trade, negotiations, communication, transmission and media all fall under the governance of Mercury, who Surprise! Surprise! is at the helm of this Gemini Full Moon. As full moons are times of illumination, clarity and fruition, this particular full moon might hold some hard nuts to crack before getting to the seeds of intentions you planted in the past.

Mercury naturally wants to be swift and light in its dealings, but there will be benefit gained from sitting in the sombreness of this moon.  Allow space for the pains that want to be aired. If something is niggling inside you to emerge, give it voice. If there’s an idea you’ve been sitting on but too shy to try, give it a shot.

The gift of this full moon is that swift changes can come about with the help of some real talk, some personal fact checking, and honesty about what you’re negotiating in your life at this time, within yourself and with others. If you’re telling yourself one thing but know deep down it not to be true, now is the time to align with your clearest vision of what you want. If you’re entering into a deal with your fingers crossed behind your back, are you trying to fool yourself or someone else? All the information is right in front of you now, and all of your integrity is inside of you, waiting for you to trust and utilize it.

If you can harness the energy of this moon, the roots of your intention-seeds can grow deep and secure, with the potential for dynamic change, so go forth with your best intentions and clearest vision…and don’t read the comments. Trust yourself.

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