Don’t turn your back on your power.



Heads up, #lovers – the #sun is conjunct #pluto today! • Delve into the mysteries, look beneath the surface, put your energy into your creative endeavours with all this Pisces action in the sky…just don’t turn your back on your own power!

• Shout outs to everyone working in the #serviceindustry ~ you’re so often the easy out for unexpressed tension in the air…& when Pluto is in the mix, often we don’t see it coming. It works in undercurrents, lurks in our shadows & likes to poke around in places where we need change, but find it hard to admit.

• If you can step outta the house with your compassion slippers on today, you’ll likely do yourself and everyone a huge favour. & if you’re a fortunate one who doesn’t need to leave the house, set yourself up with books/movies/articles/tarot ~ anything that inspires your grandest vision of yourself, or helps you overcome some fear or energy block. Take yourself down the road of #mysteryandmagic

• Pluto has great transformational power & today is a great day to dive deep.
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