Embodying Astrology

This is a call out for queer identified artists who are in the process of, or who have completed, a piece of autobiographical work, who are inspired to collaborate with an Astrologer on said piece.



Queer identified artists who are in the process of creating, or have completed, a piece of autobiographical work. All artistic mediums welcome & no astrological knowledge is required on the artists’ behalf.

I am currently living in Vancouver BC. When/If the collaboration is presented (potentially at the Queer Astrology Cenference), the artist/s will be required to travel to present their work. Depending on duration & content, only one or two applicants can be selected at this time.


You will need to know your exact time, place and date of birth. The intention is for me (the Astrologer) to locate your experience (piece of work) in your own astrological landscape. I will look at your natal chart (birth chart), transits (the movement of the planets at the time of the events), as well as progressions (background cycles that inform our daily choices) that were occurring at the time of life your piece is set in. This will require several interviews, either in person or skype/phone, asking questions pertaining to your life and experiences. An open discourse will be required and applicants will need to be a~OK with their horoscope & transits being presented in a public space.

As this is a collaborative piece, there will be a merging of the artists’ work and the astrology present in the work. How this manifests will depend on the art itself and an exploration of the creative process, together. The intention is to merge the two disciplines into one piece; the embodiment of astrology.



Send a synopsis of your work with the reason you would like to participate to arrowsintheskyastrology@gmail.com

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