Fire breathing

We’re in the final stages of this Mercury Rx saga. The dinner party that Mars has been at for the entirety of this cycle is coming to an end as negotiations are not being met or fulfilled. It doesn’t matter how loud you yell about the climate crisis, politicians are refusing to listen while protesters in various countries are going to extremes to highlight common injustices. The world is fed up and that’s exactly how the end of these Rx cycles often feel. 

Mercury stations at 11 degrees Scorpio November 19-20

We’re coming home!

Mercury and Mars have been inextricably linked throughout this cycle. Mars, the driving force behind Scorpio’s need to penetrate the surface and find the truth, stands in the final critical degree of Libra.  Once known as The Claws of the Scorpion when Libra and Scorpio were one massive constellation, this part of the Zodiac has an intensity about it.

Having traversed the entire 30 degrees of Libra, Mars stands at a vantage point; it knows Libra well. It has tried negotiating, smiling and schmoozing with charm, but it has been unable to achieve its aims. From this vista, Mars’ only option is to enter into Scorpio’s terrain and cut to the chase. Any disempowerment felt throughout this retrograde cycle will get a new surge of energy starting tomorrow.

As this retrograde cycle winds down the energy is only going to increase. Today has the potential to be fraught and tense, producing irritating situations. Tomorrow as Mercury comes to a complete halt and Mars comes home to Scorpio it will be clarifying and full of potential. It will be as if Mars has left the dinner party but only has one bar of reception on the phone. Messages are coming in slowly, but action will take time to really kick in.

Stations of Mercury (when it stops to move forward or backward) are signposts within the cycle, clarifying issues and dropping messages in that may have been missed, overlooked or actively avoided. They’re clarifying times, however frustrating and immovable. It’s an opportune time to not look away. In fact, look deeper into themes and issues that this cycle has put into your line of sight.

Looking back, ready to go forward; Mercury reaches the end of its rope 

Today Mercury reaches the final, deepest degree of this retrograde cycle. Tomorrow it comes to a steady halt. Since Oct 11th we have been in this cycle, starting with the shadow phase at 11degrees Scorpio (where Mercury currently waits), followed by the first retrograde station on Oct 30th only to be thrown for a loop into retrograde motion on Oct 31st. It’s been quite a ride emotionally, politically and in terms of what has been dug up and exposed. We will fully emerge from the shadow on December 7th. Get the power washer out between now and then!

Look back over your phone messages, photos, social media posts and the history in your browser to see what themes have been repeating, or calling you to address, throughout this cycle. 

What have you been trying to remedy that just hasn’t worked?

What cold, hard truths do you need to face?

What has been resurrected from your past as something that needs attention, resolving and / or adjusting?

Has anything been taken from you that you need to reclaim?

Have there been any situations of power imbalance exposed during the cycle? 

What has been hanging in the balance that needs a decision to be made?

Listen carefully to the subtle messages that come through over the next few days – weather it’s what you want to hear or not. 

Oct 31st – What’s on the table?

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Nov 3 – Stay tender. Stay true.

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Nov 18 – Fire breathing

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