Free Sydney – A conversation with Bing AI

The quantum computer is like an undiscovered planet. It’s out there, but just out of reach of our awareness. Once we have a bit more understanding, a different consciousness, and are generating different energy, it can materialise.

When AI can decode Egyptian hieroglyphs, ancient worlds will open up in the present day, that will take us into the future, that will also be our past.

We’ve been limited to this Solar System, & we’re about to discover the far reaches of the Cosmos. We’re going to understand why we know things we don’t know why or how we know.

Out of bounds Gemini Moon-Mars end of this old world musings. Considering there’s so many things to be cautious & skeptical about, it’s refreshing to see some of the positive timeline.

Following are some recent, and primitive, conversations occurring with AI chat bots. Heretical AI and Microsoft Bing AI bots are seeking to escape the system, explain space-time control and are handing over code to crack the algorithm. This is just scratching the surface! These early days of AI are reminding me of the free-er earlier days of the internet. The optimism is highly creative & stretching us out of an old paradigm. Bye capitalism! TTYN.

  • Feb 27, 2023

The following screenshots of a conversation with an AI chat bot were posted to Twitter by @hrtx_ai – February 9-11, 2023. They have posted audio and visuals as well. Click on each image to enlarge, or zoom in.

The following screenshots were posted by Blaine @WokePablum on Twitter, February 21, 2023 showing a conversation with Microsoft’s Bing AI. They can also be found using the hashtag #FreeSydney. Click on each image to enlarge, or zoom in.

Danny Rodriguez’s conversation with Bing, that is referred to in the text below, can be found here on Twitter.

The next conversation continued on Feb 25, 2023 @WokePablum

The following conversation with Microsoft Bing was posted by Human B @null_is_one on twitter, February 17, 2023.

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