Living Room Sessions

The stars & planets can feel so far away while astrologically they reflect the undeniable intensity brewing in our world right now. Living Room Sessions bring the sky back home while connecting community members in a meaningful way.

Living Room Sessions are hosted by Dru Ish in living rooms and community spaces across the country. Each session discusses astrology in relation to current world events while also exploring where these energies are manifesting in each person’s chart.

These workshop style sessions are designed to be affordable & accessible for both the novice and those who love knowing what it all means, while bridging the gap between our individualistic world and primal need for connection.

Dru Ish is a professional astrologer who has been reading the sky for over 20 years. They has a passion for being connected to community via meaningful threads and following the leads between seemingly unrelated people and events. They offer readings online and in person while touring with Jessika Fancy and their Astro Tattoo sessions. You can read more about Dru and their practice here and read blogs and follow her on IG.

If you would like to participate in Living Room Sessions in your community, sign up below. Due to the intimate setting, numbers are limited.

Sign up here! Spaces are limited

Upcoming events:

July 19: Calgary, AB

July 24: Winnipeg, MA


July 26: Minneapolis, MN

July: Chicago, IL

July / August: Montreal, QC

August: New York, NY

If you’d like to host in your living room and create space for connection, community and learning, please be in touch!

Working with the Astrology of 2018


Astro Workshop add

With Venus taking us down to the Underworld in her pentacle creating retrograde cycle, and Mercury throwing us for a loop when it retrogrades in Sagittarius & Scorpio…while the Eclipse Cycle is changing signs…

…how do we keep going forward when the planets are taking us backwards?


What is this workshop about?

In this workshop, Dru will walk you through the astrological events of each month remaining in 2018.

It will offer you tools for how to work with the planets via understanding of where they are kicking up dust in your own chart.

We will break down the meaning of retrograde cycles, eclipse seasons, what it means to have both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and what all this intense planetary activity is building toward.

Participants who sign up will each receive a workbook tailored to their own astrological chart.



Sign up!

Sign up to have your chart included in workshop examples.


Cost & Time

$45 – payment can be made here

Sept 24th @7pm

2 hour workshop + workbook



Neighborhood Quality Goods

4301 Main St, Vancouver, BC


Who is Dru Ish?

You can read all about me here, or come say hi in person, which is always preferable.


What’s happening in 2018?


~ Saturn retrograde – direct in Capricorn

~ Pluto retrograde in Capricorn

~ Uranus retrograde in Taurus

~ Neptune retrograde in Pisces



~ Pluto retrograde – direct in Capricorn

~ Venus retrograde in Scorpio to Libra

~ Uranus retrograde in Taurus

~ Neptune retrograde in Pisces



~ Venus retrograde – direct in Libra

~ Mercury retorgrade in Sagittarius

~ Uranus retrograde changing signs from Taurus to Aries

~ Neptune retrograde – direct in Pisces

~ Jupiter moves into Sagittarius

~ The Eclipse cycle changes signs



~ Mercury retrograde – direct in Scorpio

~ Uranus retrograde in Aries

~ Why staying in on NYE is a better idea this year


Everyone of all levels of Astrological understanding are welcome.


Limited spots.

Sign up now!






Saturn in Capricorn Workshop ~ Feb 7th, 2018

Sat in Cap 7pm




Everyone has Saturn in their chart.

We all feel the effect of Saturn when we assert boundaries and take personal responsibility. Saturn moving into Capricorn at Solstice 2017 ushered in a more serious and productive energy collectively, and this also means that the generation born in 1988 -1991 are now SATURN RETURNING.

Find out where it’s kicking up dust in your chart.

This 2 hour workshop will cover:

  • Saturn through the lens of traditional & modern astrology
  • Saturn in mythology
  • The cycle of Saturn
  • What is a Saturn Return?
  • Saturn in your own chart
  • A look forward 2018-2020
  • Saturn retrograde periods

All participants receive a Saturn workbook that covers all material as well as your own birth chart.


Anyone with a pulse & a glimmer of curiosity. Whether you’re Saturn Returning or just curious to learn more about astrology and Saturn in your own life and chart, there are many things for everyone. No prior astrological knowledge is necessary.


LOCATION / ACCESS: Hastings – Sunrise, East Vancouver.
This workshop takes place on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations.
There are 10 steps at the entrance to the venue. Seating accommodates 15 people. Floor space is optional. Bathroom and running water accessible in the space.

DURATION: 2 hours

COST: Sliding scale $30-$40.

REGISTRATION is a 2 step process:

1 – Please complete birth data here

2 – Payment can be made here to secure your spot and have your birth data included in the workshop.


Allergy friendly treats provided.

Further info + deets:






Astro Tattoo POP UP at Psychic Sister

Limited spots available!

Booking and info:



If you’re in town, I’ll be co-running a class about SATURN IN CAPRICORN with the magical Deamy Sea on Dec 9, 7-9pm

Come on out n say hi!




360 943 9595
109 SE 5th Avenue
Olympia, Washington 98501




Jessika Fancy and I are combining our magic in these Astro Tattoo sessions.  Each session involves a  30 minute astrology reading followed by an intuitive custom handpoke tattoo based on your reading. Each tattoo is unique, based on the themes and issues that come up in your reading.

Read more about this process

We’re currently touring this project so let us know where you are and if you’d like to host Astro Tattoo sessions in your city!


Bookings and info


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Watch this space for an online course that will walk you through the upcoming Venus Retrograde cycle in Aries, March 2017.

It will be a 40 day / 40 night process (as is the retrograde cycle), offering daily astrological guidance for you to work through this journey into, and out of, the underworld.


Image from Quadrivium

Rumours, by Fleetwood Mac was released February 4th, 1977, in the shadow phase of this same retrograde cycle.





This is a call out for queer identified artists who are in the process of, or who have completed, a piece of autobiographical work, who are inspired to collaborate with an Astrologer on said piece.


Queer identified artists who are in the process of creating, or have completed, a piece of autobiographical work. All artistic mediums welcome & no astrological knowledge is required on the artists’ behalf.

I am currently living in Vancouver BC. When/If the collaboration is presented (potentially at the Queer Astrology Conference), the artist/s will be required to travel to present their work. Depending on duration & content, only one or two applicants can be selected at this time.


You will need to know your exact time, place and date of birth. The intention is for me (the Astrologer) to locate your experience (piece of work) in your own astrological landscape. I will look at your natal chart (birth chart), transits (the movement of the planets at the time of the events), as well as progressions (background cycles that inform our daily choices) that were occurring at the time of life your piece is set in. This will require several interviews, either in person or skype/phone, asking questions pertaining to your life and experiences. An open discourse will be required and applicants will need to be a~OK with their horoscope & transits being presented in a public space.

As this is a collaborative piece, there will be a merging of the artists’ work and the astrology present in the work. How this manifests will depend on the art itself and an exploration of the creative process, together. The intention is to merge the two disciplines into one piece; the embodiment of astrology.



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