Jessika Fancy and I are combining our magic in this Mercury Retrograde time, offering 30min Astrology readings + small flash / custom handpoke tattoo based on your reading.

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Retrograde times allow us to review life & ♉️ Taurus wants us to land back in our bodies, being present with our own rhythms and cycles. This unique project is catered to you and your process, current and ongoing. Scroll down to read FAQ‘s and what people are saying about their experience.

Currently we’re in Vancouver, BC, but plan to take this project on the road. Let us know where you are and we might just swing by!


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What are people saying about their experience?

“My experience was wonderful. I felt that you both were holding space for me the moment I walked into your home, and that we were all equally engaged in the unfolding together. Both the reading and the tattooing were calm, genuine, and supportive. And I personally felt that I received such strong and intentional insight into my self, life, and path, despite the reading only being 30 or so minutes, and then the tattoo, manifested through close listening and reflecting, captured it all so succinctly and thoughtfully. I’m actively applying what I learned, and am taking great solace in this new marker, reminder and little beacon on my body.” E.L.


“Hey Vancouver friends! I wanna share with you an amazing and unique experience I had last night! Mini Astro reading +++ an intuitive stick and poke tattoo combo. I feel blessed to have had such a magical encounter with 2 lovely and deeply talented humans. If you’re looking for a very personalized experience and a little extra magic and insight into your life, I highly recommend.” J.K.


” Jessika and Dru were warm, welcoming, lovely folk! Dru’s reading was well researched. Detailed, yet concise, and very on the mark. The tattoo Jessika drew for me was absolutely perfect. Encompassed everything that was important to me to remember about the reading. I am so happy with the experience, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a beautiful, personal experience with a built in reminder!” S.S.


“The opportunity for an astro-tattoo session with Jessika and Dru arose just as I found myself in critical need of wisdom and guidance. I came away from my experience feeling invigorated by their insights and genuinely supported in my journey ahead. It helps tremendously to have come away forever marked by a symbol of my work in this lifetime. Thank you, Dru and Jessika, for all the love you give in doing your trailblazing work.” M.B.



Q. How can I be a part of this?

A. Easy! Contact Jessika and Dru with your interest and we will let you know when we have availability. Once your booking is secured we will send you all the information you need to know.



Q. What happens in the session?

A. Dru will read your astrology chart for half an hour. If you have specific issues you’re working on, or want clarification around a area of life, this is no problem. Email Dru prior to your appointment to get the most out of your reading.

Following your reading, Jessika offers you the opportunity to draw an oracle card to add another dimension to your session. The cards are very healing and offer gentle, compassionate guidance. Jessika explains the symbolism of your personal drawing that she has created intuitively, based on the issues you’re working through and what came up in your astrology reading. You decide where on your body you would like it placed.



Q. Do you do group sessions?

A. Yes! Group numbers are limited due to the amount of time each astro~tattoo takes. Not everyone in the group is required to get both a reading and a tattoo, but the group must consist of people who are all participating (getting either a reading or tattoo, or both).


Q. Can I have a bigger tattoo if I pay extra?

A. Absolutely. Arrangements need to be made with Jessika when you make your booking.


Q. Can I have a reading without getting a tattoo?

A. Absolutely. Contact Dru or select “consultation” from the drop down menu above.


Q. Can I get a tattoo without having an astrology reading?

A. Absolutely. Contact Jessika to arrange your appointment.


Q. Can my partner and I come for a joint session.

A. Yes. Please let us know this is your intention when booking your appointment. We offer joint astrology readings (whereby your joint chart is read), or 2 individual readings. Both have the option of getting the same tattoo or individual pieces.


Q. Can my friend / partner come while I have the astro~tattoo?

A. If your friend/partner is not participating in the astro~tattoo session, we ask that they do not join you. Considering the nature of the work and how personal it is, having someone present who is not involved changes the dynamic quite considerably.


Q. Can I purchase the Visions Crystal Oracle Deck?

A. Absolutely. You can either order through Jessika’s website or pay cash/e-transfer in person at your session.

The following stores currently stock the deck also:
Neighborhood Quality Goods ~ 4301 Main St, Vancouver, BC.  (604) 876-2000

Good Omen ~ 34 Sixth St, New Westminster, BC. (604) 525-0901

Likely General ~ 389 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON. (647) 351-4590

Sea Grape Soap ~ 319 NE Wygant St, Portland, OR. (419) 972-1792

Homestead Apothecary ~ 486 49th St, Oakland, CA. (510) 541-5225

Field day ~ 329 19th St, Oakland, CA. (510) 338-6624

The Vajra ~ Broadway Ave E, Seattle, WA. (206) 323-7846

Rose Gold ~ Seattle, WA.



Q. Where are you located? I don’t think I’m in the same city.

A. Right now we’re in Vancouver, Canada. We will be taking this project on the road, so if you are interested let us know where you are located and we just might swing by. International ventures are highly possible!


Q. Will the Sun come out again in Vancouver?

A. We sure hope so!