Astro~Tattoo reviews



What are people saying about their experience?

“The reading that Dru gave me blew my mind! The dates that it outlined in my life were over the top accurate and elucidated vivid memories of the most significant events of my life. Dru is so sharp and compassionate and loving when she does a reading. The wealth of knowledge she delivers effortlessly is like a warm breeze you can’t believe you’re feeling on a cold day. So amazing to ride and so magical. A fountain of information and wisdom. What a gift! Future predictions also gave me much needed hope.

Next comes Jessika! After being present and witnessing Dru’s reading, Jessika reveals a drawing and text that she has prepared thoughtfully in advance. The drawing is beautiful. We talked about it’s meaning and significance for me and they both provide encouragement and empowerment when needed.

The tattoo is beautiful. I love it. What a lovely, warm and connected experience. These two are truly gems. It is an honor to participate in their magical, artistic practice. Thank you Dru and Jessika Fancy.” T.L.


“Ritualizing important steps and cycles has always been part of the human experience. Since the dawn of time, humans have used their bodies to mark various periods. Rites of passage have always existed and are an essential part of integrating the lessons and experiences in our lives.

I was very enthusiastic about this project and I really wanted to be part of it. The whole experience surpassed my expectations. A practicing astrologer myself, I didn’t expect the surprisingly clear insights coming from Druish. Her mastery of astrology combined with her ability to hold space and her warmth made it easy for me to open up.

Jessika was both perceptive, considerate and extremely skillful with the tattoo design and execution. I was really happy with the result and it healed quickly. I would definitely repeat the experience!” E.M.


“I had a very enlightening experience with Dru & Jessika and I would recommend it to anyone looking for guidance, meaning or great human experiences. Dru & Jessika are both calm and warm, they welcome you in their space with goodwill. Dru’s reading helped me identify what mattered most in my life, she managed to boost my self-confidence and clarify my goals. Jessika gathered all of that in a beautiful drawing which now stands as a comforting reminder of my strengths and desires on my wrist. Thank you again to the both of you :)” M.H.


“My experience was wonderful. I felt that you both were holding space for me the moment I walked into your home, and that we were all equally engaged in the unfolding together. Both the reading and the tattooing were calm, genuine, and supportive. And I personally felt that I received such strong and intentional insight into my self, life, and path, despite the reading only being 30 or so minutes, and then the tattoo, manifested through close listening and reflecting, captured it all so succinctly and thoughtfully. I’m actively applying what I learned, and am taking great solace in this new marker, reminder and little beacon on my body.” E.L.


“Hey Vancouver friends! I wanna share with you an amazing and unique experience I had last night! Mini Astro reading +++ an intuitive stick and poke tattoo combo. I feel blessed to have had such a magical encounter with 2 lovely and deeply talented humans. If you’re looking for a very personalized experience and a little extra magic and insight into your life, I highly recommend.” J.K.


” Jessika and Dru were warm, welcoming, lovely folk! Dru’s reading was well researched. Detailed, yet concise, and very on the mark. The tattoo Jessika drew for me was absolutely perfect. Encompassed everything that was important to me to remember about the reading. I am so happy with the experience, and I would recommend it to anyone that wants a beautiful, personal experience with a built in reminder!” S.S.


“The opportunity for an astro-tattoo session with Jessika and Dru arose just as I found myself in critical need of wisdom and guidance. I came away from my experience feeling invigorated by their insights and genuinely supported in my journey ahead. It helps tremendously to have come away forever marked by a symbol of my work in this lifetime. Thank you, Dru and Jessika, for all the love you give in doing your trailblazing work.” M.B.