Lunation Cycle

To everything there is a season.

Working ritualistically with the Moon

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The Lunation Cycle

The relationship between the Sun and the Moon is dynamic and cyclical. The Sun is associated with illumination and the daytime. It influences our personal journey toward wholeness and that which is conscious, seen, known and clear. The Moon is associated with the night and shadow. As the Moon is in darkness, reflecting the Sun’s light, it influences our body and basic needs, our emotional landscape and that which is unconscious.

The Sun & Moon have an approximate 29.5 day cycle with each other. The Moon moves through each sign approximately every 2.5 days. Setting intentions in accordance with the Lunation Cycle is an ancient ritual that allows us to consciously align our deepest needs with the rhythms of nature. Done on a regular basis, patterns in our lives can appear that aid us in navigating the often seemingly unpredictable terrain of life.

There are 4 main phases to the Lunation Cycle:


Seeding Phase.

The New Moon phase is the beginning of a new cycle. The Sun and Moon are at the same point (sign and degree) in the sky. It is an initiatory energy that benefits fresh starts & new ideas. It’s not a time of action as there is not enough moonlight yet. Think about what you want to grow in your life over the next month. Plant seeds of intention when the Moon is visible as a Crescent – when there is a bit more light. Brainstorm. Envision. Make a list of wishes. Dream big.


Waxing Phase.

The predominant theme of the Waxing phase is building and assertion. The Moon has moved ahead of the Sun and they are now at right angles to each other, creating a tension that produces action. Information coming forth from the New Moon intentions may be revealed and can be acted upon. Put energy into your ideas, dreams & intentions of the New Moon for manifestation during the Full Moon Phase. There is now more moonlight and, therefore, more light on your life situation.


Culmination Phase.

A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly opposite each other and the Earth lies in-between. The Moon is at its brightest. It is a time of culmination and ripening. It can act as a spotlight on the seeds of intention laid at the New Moon of the same sign 6 months earlier. Plans, dreams and unwanted issues can all be fully realized and exposed at this time. Nothing is hidden; the Moon is fully exposed. Enjoy the ripeness of your fruits. Feel the fullness in your body, your internal garden and in all life around you.


Waning Phase.

The Moon is now 90 degrees behind the Sun in a Waning phase. There is again the need to take action, but with regard to reviewing, evaluating & taking stock. Check your Full Moon harvest for what can be utilized and what needs to be discarded. Release anything that is compromising your desired forward motion. Acknowledge and release the past. Prepare your internal garden for new life as this cycle ends and a new one approaches.


The Sun takes approximately 30 days to travel through one sign, and the Moon approximately 2.5 days. Changes in energy and vitality are magnified during the 30 days the Sun transits through a sign. As the Moon moves through each sign, emotional needs and desires are highlighted and altered. These changes will be personalised by the relationship between the Sun and the Moon as they move through the various Houses of your birth chart.

In addition, each element has a specific temperament that will affect the mood of the day/month, and each Sign has specific characteristics that favour certain modes of behaviour and activities.

Following is a brief outline of both Sign and Elemental characteristics that can inform specific ritual, intention setting and daily actions.

Fire Signs

When the Moon is in a Fire Sign, the Spirit of inspiration and enthusiasm is shaping the way we feel.

When the Sun moves through a Fire Sign creativity, expression, joy, haste, with the potential for burn out are emphasized.

Aries grants us energy to initiate, to act, to be inspired, to begin, to assert and act with haste.

Leo reminds us of our personal journey, encouraging us to shine brightly and be unique in our personal creative expression.

Sagittarius lifts us up into the highs of inspiration, philosophy, optimism, adventure and excess.

Earth Signs

When the Moon is in an Earth Sign, physical pleasures and needs, along with structure and longevity, are shaping the way we feel.

When the Sun is in an Earth Sign there will be a focus on cycles, organization, planning, manifestation and the potential for getting bogged down.

Taurus offers us longevity, understanding of resources, determination and loyalty.

Virgo reminds us that nothing great can manifest without hard work and an attunement to natures rhythms and cycles.

Capricorn lands us back down into the reality of daily life and puts chaos in order so that success can be achieved and hard work rewarded.

Air Signs

When the Moon is in an Air Sign the intellect influences the way we feel. Emotions may not stick, but it can be a great time for communication and sharing ideas.

When the Sun is in an Air Sign our actions can be strongly influenced by a need for freedom and change, and the desire to process, understand and share ideas.

Gemini reminds us to be quick on our feet in thought and in speech, to be dynamic and versatile.

Libra takes our hand and walks us through the terrain of relating outside of ourselves and into the world of appreciation of art & aesthetic beauty, pleasure.

Aquarius reminds us that a rising tide lifts all boats; sharing your personal creativity with the world benefits everyone.

Water Signs

When the Moon is in a Water Sign our emotions and sentimentality are shaping the way we feel.

When the Sun is in a Water Sign it benefits us to go with the flow, acknowledge our emotions and make space for our dreams, nurturance and sentimentality.

Cancer brings us back home to our hearth, family, roots and emotions.

Scorpio ushers us down into the underworld where secrets, mystery and taboo topics are on the grill.

Pisces encompasses the All, oneness, the ocean of emotion, with the constant desire to fuse and escape to other worlds.

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