Venus Retrograde 40 Day Challenge


Image by Tashiko

Every 8 years Venus turns retrograde in the same sign, highlighting issues of relationship, money, resources, self-worth and what we value. In the retrograde journey, Venus physically descends below the horizon, hidden from our view. At this time, she ventures into the underworld where we are collectively faced with our own darkness in these Venusian areas of life. We are offered space to confront the hidden aspects of ourselves that we keep from the light of day, bury old wounds and re-assess how we want to move forward in existing relationships – both with ourselves and with others.

From March 5th – April 16th Venus retrogrades from Aries into Pisces, as it did in 2009, 2001, 1993…

This 40 day challenge will offer you daily astrological tips based on the movement of the planets through this retrograde period, as well as guidance through weekly emails that aid you in tapping into your own personal Venusian issues and quirks. You will be able to track Venus’ movement through your own chart and see how themes have been arising throughout your entire life via this cycle.

This process can be as light-hearted or as deep as you need it to be. It’s up to you; you can step through the process with the daily guidance in the back of your head, or as a visual diary connecting with other participants on social media, or in your own personal world via journaling etc.

I’m here to guide you as we descend into and out of the darkness together.


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