Half way up is half way down



Both big guns #saturn and #pluto have been hanging around the 15 degree mark; #saturninsagittarius & #plutoincapricorn . Each sign is comprised of 30 individual degrees that have their own vibration, personal expression & necessary contribution to the 360 wheel, & the midway point is always illuminating as to what the transit is really about.
Saturn is trudging through adventure loving, truth oriented #sagittarius . It’s been on this climb since December 2014. At this 15* midpoint mark we’re in need of a break. We can stop, turn, & see how far we’ve come because we can…& because we need to.

When I look around, everyone seems tired 😔. Most of us are exhausted from the systems that govern us & the oppression we’re continually resisting. It’s well known in activists circles that burn out is a reality, & this 15 degree mark is the perfect place to stop & reassess our journey.

The political climate in many countries is volatile. Economic security is not something most people know the feeling of. The “environment” is no longer the air that we breathe & the ancestors we walk with, it’s a buzz word followed by a dollar $ign. The world feels pretty fucked & those at the helm are not representatives of everyday life because they don’t live the realities of the 99%.

Saturn wants us to turn our fears into our mastery. It wants us to mature our vision, honour our dreams & speak our truth. The only potentially positive thing to come out of oppression is the creative force that can’t be contained. At this midway mark, where do you still feel inadequate? In what ways are you underselling yourself by listening to the voices that tell you you’re unqualified? What does it look like to really take up your personal authority & power & finish this journey the way you want to?

Like each degree in a 360 wheel, we all need each other to be all that we are…& to be that we need to rest & restock. The truths we’ve had to face on this climb both personally & globally are enough to make us reassess our future direction. Take your time & rest your weary body if you need to. ✨GUILT FREE✨. A key ingredient in longevity is pacing ourselves, so don’t rush a good thing!

The #sabiansymbol for this degree of Sag is: A calm ocean; a motionless ship; lazily soaring seagulls. “The moments of pause which sustain & presage change. Alert readiness to act; or distress at not knowing what lies ahead.” Dane Rudhyar



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