Happy pandemic anniversary

Covid-19 was officially declared a pandemic under the 2020 Virgo Full Moon

It was under the Virgo Full Moon last year that Covid-19 was officially declared a pandemic. We are all 1 year old since the day the whole world changed…& what a shit show of a year it was!

Last year’s Virgo Full Moon was tightly bound to Neptune, blurring any sense of safety, clarity & ability to control the spread of the virus. It depleted our stores in more ways than one, & showed us just how far we are from living the ideals we imagine.

This year is a different beast, not without its own challenges. This Full Moon however is giving us another shot at dreaming the new future into existence. Virgo loves to organise, purify & release, & the liminality of this time favours acts of ritual & preparation. Set something new in motion & let it go.

The Moon is moving away from a trine with Uranus, through the eclipse portal & into a grand trine with Pluto & Mars, all before it reaches Libra! Whatever this watery, mutable Moon brought is only going to gain traction, or reach combustion!

The Pisces-Virgo axis reminds us of the delicate balance between control & leaning in to the flow of trust. How much control do you really have? Trying to force things can sometimes clog the pipes, so do the work set if free & step back. Easy right?! Said no Virgo ever.

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